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When I met Tom Riddle the first day of my first year, there was instantly something that attracted me to him. He was so...I really can't explain it. Let's just say that even though it was his first day, somehow he already had the second and third years doing everything he said. I don't know if that would make most people attracted to him, but for me it was amazing. And I loved it.

Throughout the year, I noticed him getting even more control. I also noticed that, unlike everyone else, he never hung out in the common room, or by the lake. He was always in the library. His face was always in some sort of book, but whenever anyone would try to see the book, he would give them a look so fierce that they would instantly disappear.

Until my third year, Tom didn't even know I existed. I was in Slytherin, and I WAS a pureblood, of course, but I wasn't one of the people who flocked around him. Actually, I was the only Slytherin that didn't. But, nobody even noticed. Tom wasn't the only one who didn't know I was alive. Actually, I think the only people that DID were the girls I shared a room with- though they didn't know my name. I was just…there.

Halfway through my third year, I was walking toward potions when someone smacked into me, sending my books in all directions. I scowled, as any good Slytherin would do, and bent to pick up my books. I was still muttering to myself when handed me a small pile of my stuff. I looked up, startled, and saw Tom Riddle himself.

"Sorry about that." Tom said quietly. "I didn't see you."

What a shock. "It's alright." I grabbed my books from his hands and started walking once again, not even looking at him.

I was startled byTom once again when he fell into step beside me. "Where are you headed?"


Tom's brow furrowed. "What house are you?"

"Same as you."

This time Tom completely stopped. "You're in Slytherin?"

I also stopped. "And I'm in your year. Alexa Holloway."

Tom blinked. I really HAD managed to shock him. "Please don't tell me your in all of my classes too."

I nodded. "Everyone since first year."

He blinked once again and started walking silently. I followed. When we finally made it into the classroom, Tom headed toward his usual desk in the front corner of the room, while I took my usual seat in the back corner. Then I watched the show.

Every Gryffindor sat on the right side of the room, and every Slytherin sat on the left. The Gryffindor's, good as they were, sat in the same seat everyday, while every Slytherin fought to see who would get to sit next to Tom that day. Usually, it was the first Slytherin in the room. The last Slytherin in the room had to sit in the worst seat in the class. The one next to me.

Today the first Slytherin into class was one of my roommates, Ellie. She practically ran to the seat. She started to talk to Tom, but he didn't answer. I just sat watching, well until his eyes suddenly snapped over to mine and held. I looked down quickly, a blush spreading across my cheeks. What the hell was that?! Nobody looked at me! Especially him!

That was it though. Nothing else happened. The next two years flew by. I was still hardly noticed by anyone. I say hardly because one Slytherin DID notice me. Guess who?

I caught Tom watching me often, though we never spoke. It was really odd actually. And a bit annoying.

"Miss Holloway?" my eyes snapped up and I saw Professor Slughorn staring at me. "Are you finished dear?"

I nodded quickly and handed him a vile of my finished potion. He beamed at me.


I gave him a small smile, then looked at my fellow classmates. All were still working on their potion, except for Tom. As usual, he was the first one done.

"Miss Holloway, and Mr. Riddle, please see me after class. Everyone else may go."

I walked up to Slughorn. "Okay, I think the two of you need an advanced potions class. I already talked to the Headmaster, so from now on your potions class is in this room at seven."

"So this is now our free period." Tom stated, making things clear.

Slughorn nodded. "Be here tomorrow at seven. You better get to your next class."

Tom and I both gathered out things and headed off to Divination. I was ahead of Tom, and was surprised when caught up and fell into step beside me. "So..." Tom started. "How are you?"

I raised my eyebrows and smirked. "Fine. And you?"

Tom smirked back. "Great. Glad to finally get out of that class with those idiots."

I let out a small laugh. "I bet there wont be so happy when they find out."

Tom smirked once again. "Probably not." he agreed.

We both climbed up the ladder, then strode into the classroom. I headed to my normal seat, and Tom, to my and everyone else's shock, followed me. He took the seat next to me and started taking out his book. I just sat, staring at him. Finally, he got out his book and looked up at me. He raised his eyebrows. "Yes?"

I just blinked. "What are you doing?"

"Sitting." Tom replied, grinning sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes. "Why are you sitting HERE and not over there?"

Tom shrugged. "Why don't you ever sit next to me? In five years I have sat next to everyone at least eight times. Except you. So, I figured I needed to see what was missing out on."

I shook my head. "I'm not even going to disgrace myself by replying to that."

Tom laughed and started taking notes.