DISCLAMER- I'm sorry to say that StephanieMeyer stole the idea for twilight from me and wrote the book. I OWN EVERYTHING. Now, if you'll exuse me the men in the white coats are waiting for me...

Emmett was thinking about Rosalie…again. I really should tell him to start blocking out his thoughts when he was with her, all I ever got from his mind were disgusting thoughts about her. But I was about to stop listening when I heard

Rosalie, my Rosalie. I don't think even Jasper can sense what I feel when I'm around her. I can't help but love her. Whenever I see her, I fall in love again. I think Edward thinks our love is slightly shallow, but he's wrong. He just doesn't see what she's really like. I look forward to every day with her, even though there will probably be infinite many of them. I just love her so much. Rosalie, my… Wait. Edward can probably hear me- um… video games, hunting trips, wrestling…

Emmett continued his rambling, but I already heard what he had said. I looked across the hall into his room, and he glanced up.

Did you hear everything?

I nodded my head, and even though he hung his head inn embarrassment, I had a new found respect for Emmett and Rosalie's relationship.