The common room was silent as she turned to face him, pausing in the portrait hole. Harry looked between them, at Ron's pleading face and Hermione's shocked expression as she just stared at the red head, too stunned to say anything. Had Ron just said what he'd thought he'd said?

"What did you say Ron?" the red head looked down at his feet, his cheeks flushed with colour and his ears turning red as he shuffled his feet, suddenly nervous and very aware of the fact that the whole Gryffindor common room was staring at them.

"What did you say Ron?" Her tone wasn't strict or harsh, it was very clam and quiet, almost whispering to him, and coaxing him her to tell her what he had half shouted half mumbled at her back as she'd walked away from him.

"I said that I was sorry, that I love you. Hermione, I mean that, I really do."

Ginny's gaze flicked between Ron and Hermione, her breath held in her chest as she waited for her friend to answer. Everyone in the common room was holding their breath, waiting for Hermione to answer him.

Slowly, Hermione started to come back to her senses, walking towards him, as he stood there, frightened of what she would do. Scared that she would pull out her wand and obliterate him, destroy him. He wanted to sink into the floor, melt away. His ears felt ready to burst into flames and his cheeks were burning so hot he was sure that you could toast bread on them.

"Oh Ron, I'm sorry too." She wrapped her arms around him. He grinned slightly, his arms wrapping themselves around her waist, lifting her up in joy as she didn't let go of him.

"So beautiful." Ginny sniffed. Harry looked at her, raising his eyebrow slightly as the whole common room broke into cheers as the couple kissed.

"What to go somewhere slightly more private?" Hermione nodded, grinning up at him. He grinned back, leading her out of the common room.

"Okay, there's nothing more to see, go back to what ever it was your were doing." Harry turned to Ginny who was still sniffing. "Well, about time he did that." Ginny just nodded, happy that her brother had stopped being a prat and got the girl that he deserved.