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"I'm going to do it, Mom" Lily said confidently. "This year, I'm going to give James Potter a chance" Rose smiled at her daughter. After six years of capably averting every offer that James gave her, Lily was finally going to give in. "I mean," she started again. "I went out with Amos, but that didn't work out because I was comparing him to James! Can you even believe that? I was comparing him to the bane of my existence, but mom-" Lily looked at Rose. With a dreamy smile, she tilted her head and closed her eyes. "I am going to say 'yes' to James!"

"Oh, Lily" Rose said happily. "I always wanted James to be your boyfriend! This is going to be wonderful!"

She frowned. "You only know James from my stories. How could you even tell that he's boyfriend material?"

She snorted at her daughter's question. "With the way that boy kept asking you out, it could only be love. No man would go down on his knees, begging you to say yes for SIX years!"

Lily blushed. "I'm such a horrible person. I should have said yes the first time he asked me"

"Lily, darling, If James Potter is as devoted to you as I think he is, he won't let you go"

She giggled. "I have to go get ready. We're going to Diagon Alley today right? Maybe the Potters will be there!"

She skipped up the steps and slammed her bedroom door shut. Rose smiled up the stairs. "Finally" She whispered before walking into the kitchen and getting a cup of coffee. She looked around quietly and picked the phone up.

"Hello" The person said on the other line.


"Rose? Is that you? Oh, Harold! You're right! The phone does work!"

"Laura, listen, I have the best news for you" Rose laughed.

"What's that?"

"Lily has finally decided to give James a chance"

"What?! Harold! Harold! Get over here!"

"What is it?" Rose heard on the other line.

"Rose said that Lily is going to give James a chance-Hey!"

"Rose, Rose? Is that you?" Harold asked. Rose hummed in reply. "You say Lily is going to give my boy a chance?"

"That I did"

"Well I'll be damned…I'll be damned!" Harold laughed joyously. "Are you two going to Diagon today?"

"Yes, for her school supplies"

"Wonderful! James, Remus, Sirius and Peter will be there!"

"That's heavenly" she responded with a sigh. "I'll see you there! Lily is going to be so excited!"


Lily kept her head down as she passed by the ice cream shop. There he was, James Potter, standing tall and laughing at what Sirius said. She sat on a bench quickly and picked her book up. When she was sure that he was looking away, she looked above the book stared at the tan Adonis. Sure he wasn't buff, but he had muscles from years of being a chaser. He had glasses, but behind them were hazel eyes that made your knees weak. His hair, jet black and tousled giving him a 'I just got shagged, what now?' look.

She sighed before turning her gaze back to the book so she wouldn't be caught. She looked up when someone sat next to her. "Hey there, Evans" Lily frowned. She folded her hands on her lap and looked away. Kevin Chang scoffed. "Oh come now. Don't ignore me. How would you like to go to the bookstore with me? We could talk and stuff"

She shifted in uneasiness before standing and looking around, wondering where her mother was. "I'm sorry, Kevin" She said. "But I don't want to-" He pulled her down onto his lap and began stroking her hair. "What are you doing?!" she cried. Many people looked towards them. She looked at them, wondering why they weren't helping.

"Come on, Lily," Kevin cooed. "I know you want me"

"You're sadly mistaken!" She tried to squirm out of his arms. "Let me go, you jerk!"

"She said, let go" Lily looked up, expecting James, but there stood Remus Lupin.

"What're you going to do, Lupin?" Kevin taunted. Lily screamed as the boy fell forward. The two fell off the bench and onto the ground. Kevin was gripping her waist tightly. Above them stood a furious James Potter.

"Let. Her. Go." He growled. Kevin quickly jumped off of her.

"See you later, Evans" He shouted over his shoulder.

Lily felt tears jerk out of her eyes. She was trying so hard to impress James and now, here she was, sitting on a dirty, cobblestone ground. Her cheeks were red, her hair a mess from the way Kevin brushed it, and her thighs ached from when she fell. Remus shot her a sympathetic look as James helped her up. He brushed the tears from her cheeks and smiled at her softly. "You okay, Lily?" he asked. She nodded, wiping her eyes roughly.

"Sorry for crying like a baby, fellas" She sniffled. "I just look like a mess!" She forced out a laugh. "Gosh, I worked so hard to look good this morning"

Sirius tilted his head. "Trying to look good for someone, Evans?" he asked. She glanced up at him and blushed. "Aww! She was! So who's the lucky man who gets the hand of beautiful Lily Marie Evans?"

"Lily?" She turned to look at her mom.

"I have-"

"James!" Remus, Sirius and Lily looked up to see Maggie Hart throw her arms around the said boy. "I've been looking all over for you!" Lily's eyes widened. Maggie was a good friend of hers in the beginning of Hogwarts. The two separated, however, after not seeing eye to eye. James cleared his throat and gave a sheepish smile. Remus and Sirius were looking at him expectantly.

"Guys, this is my girlfriend. Maggie, these are my friends, Remus, Sirius and-"

"Hi, Lily!" Maggie exclaimed. "We haven't seen each other in forever! We really must catch up! Come on, James, I want to go to the candy store"

He frowned. "But wait, Lily are you-"

"I have to go" She muttered before turning, grabbing her book, and running back to her mother.

James shot a glance towards his friends before he was dragged off by Maggie. "What's wrong with her?" Sirius asked. A quiet Peter walked up to them while James and Maggie walked away.

"M-maybe sh-she's finally fallen for him" He stuttered.

Remus and Sirius laughed loudly. "You must be joking, Wormtail" Remus grinned. "Lily Evans would never fall for James"