Title: Too Late To Apologize

Summary: Joe's older troubled cousin, Kyle, comes to live with the Talbot family, after the death of Ellen's sister. Now strange things are happened, Wishbone is suspicious and is unfriendly to Kyle, Damont was caught smoking, David's grades are failing, and now Sam is wearing make up and acting weird. Joe's piecing it together and the facts all lead up to, Kyle his cousin! Drama/Angst/Romance

AN: This fan fic was inspired by the beloved children's program, Wishbone, and by various music artists, including but not limited to, Timberland, Allison Krauss, Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Switchfoot, and Guster. The poetry belongs to me, and much of the lyrics were provided initially by my inspired music. The chapters you may have noticed are the names of songs. In addition, I own Bess, Rick and Kyle Landen, Ashley Fitzgerald, and Chet Ansley, and any other characters that are not from the Wishbone series. There are many references to various real television shows, products, and real locations and people. Additionally, this piece does not contain any of portions or summaries of "A classic tale" as they have in the episodes. Like example, "Twisted Tales" was an episode where Joe's new friend Max is being bullied by a thief, and interwoven with it is scenes from Charles Dickens, "Oliver Twist." This fan fic is purely the modern setting and tightly focuses on the Talbot family and Sam Kepler. One last note, this is not from Wishbone's point of view. He throws in some commentary once in a while, but the entire story switches back and forth between various human characters.

Warning: Rated Teen. Drug abuse, sexual refrences and encounters, language, and adult themes

Thanks to: Wishbone first and foremost! And to fan for allowing me to express myself. And to my best friend Krista and my brother Thane for making life a lot clearer and to anyone who reads and enjoys my work.

Too Late To Apologize

Chapter One. Happy Ending

You were everything, everything that I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
And all of the memories, so close to me, just fade away
All this time you were pretending
So much for my happy ending
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh...

The early autumn air was warm and comfortable. The leaves were still as green as they had been in June, though it was September. And people were treating life it was still summer. Barbecues, bike rides, flip-flops.

Joe Talbot, David Barnes, and Sam Kepler were riding their bikes home from school, Wishbone trotting around the wheels. Their conversation was enthused and childish.

"Mr. Prewett gave practically no homework and you know what that means!" Joe exclaimed happily.

"Movie night!" David and Sam said in unison.

"Movie night! Yes! Movies means treats!" Wishbone thought.

They rolled into Joe's driveway and parked their bikes. Joe saw that his mother's car wasn't home. "My mom's out, let's get something to eat." He said, and six pairs of feet, plus four paws stampeded up the front porch and trooped into the kitchen.

Then, while they were munching on cookies and lemonade, David said, "What should we watch?"

"Something scary!" Joe said instantly.

"Ahh! Run for cover! The thrills of thriller movies!" Wishbone thought, lapping up water in his bowl.

"But what's scary that we haven't seen?" Sam joked, and the trio laughed, having cleared straight through the children's section of scary movies at local movie rental.

"Frankenstein?" David offered. Joe shrugged. "Seen it."

"Spooky!" Sam cooed in pretend fright.

Then, the phone rang. Joe went to go pick up.


"Hey, who is this?" the voice on the other end was a teenage boy's voice, older than Joe. He sounded panicked.

Joe felt confused, "Joe Talbot" he answered.

"Joe, this is Kyle, your cousin." Kyle said somewhat frantically.

"Oh hey, how are you?" Joe said warmly, wondering why Kyle sounded so upset.

"I'm awful, listen, where's your mom? I need to talk to Aunt Ellen." Kyle was impatient.

"Uh, she's still at work, I think. She'll be here in awhile. Why?" Joe felt nervous.

Kyle was quiet for a moment before he said weakly. "My mom and dad just died."

Joe felt like someone had punched him hard in the gut. He almost dropped the phone. He couldn't say a word, he just stood there, frozen, and breathed into the phone. David and Sam put down their glasses, and looked at him in concern. "What's wrong, Joe?" Sam said.

"Uh, Joe, you ok? You look like you're about to be sick." Wishbone thought uncertainly, circling around Joe's sneakers.

"Are you sure?" Joe said into the phone.

Kyle swallowed. "Yes, in a car crash. Their bodies are at the hospital. I now have no one. You guys live the closest. I need to talk to Aunt Ellen." he seemed to have a hard time talking.

"Yes, yes, of course." Joe said automatically. "I'll, I'll call my mom at work, and have her come home. But, but it may be a while, how can we reach you?"

Kyle gave Joe his cell phone number, Joe scrawled it down on a piece of yellow stationary paper than his mother kept by the phone. "Hurry." Kyle begged.

"I'll try." Joe told him, and hung up. And suddenly he realized that he didn't even offer words of comfort to Kyle, didn't even say he was sorry.

He turned and stared at his two best friends, who watched him anxiously.

"What is it? Tell us!" David pleaded.

Suddenly, the once perfect Friday had been destroyed; Joe's small world became much older and grayer.

"My Aunt Bess and Uncle Rick just died in a car crash, that was my cousin Kyle on the phone. He was totally upset and wants me to get my mom to come home and call him. He's all alone now, he's sixteen, and I guess he's an orphan. Maybe, someone will adopt him." Joe said blankly, watching David and Sam's face twist in horror.

"Whaaaaa!! Bess, Rick, gone? They always used to give me baloney! And now, Kyle's all alone? Impossible! There must be some mistake!" Wishbone thought wildly, prancing around the kitchen. The three kids ignored him.

"That's awful!" David gasped. "Joe, I'm so sorry!" Sam told him earnestly.

Joe shook his head, "Thanks, ahh, I don't know, I guess I should call my mom." So he did, he told her all he knew of the situation. She didn't say much. "I'm coming home." She told him.

Then Joe said quietly to his friends, "You guys should go home. No movie tonight."
David and Sam didn't argue.