Chapter Four. Big Big Kid

We ride big big cars
And big big rims
And we rock big clothes
With them big big timbs
Got big cribs
Cause we got big crib
Im a real big kid
cause we do it real big

Sam squinted her eyes in the harsh daylight. "That must be him." She said to David, who was fiddling with a dissembled radio. He twisted his screwdriver ceaselessly. "Who?"

"Joe's cousin, you know, Kyle, the one who's coming to live with him! Joe's been talking about him all week!" She sighed, He's the one who…you know, lost his parents." She added quietly.

"Oh, that one." David said, more interested, he looked up and saw Joe and a tall dark haired boy walking with him. They were still out of earshot. "I wonder if he's nice." Sam mused aloud.

"He probably is." Was David unconcerned reply.

"It'll be weird having him around, it used to be only Joe and Mrs. Talbot at his house, and if he isn't nice, it won't be fun to hang out there anymore." Sam worried, they were coming closer.

David thought about that for a second. "You're right." He decided, and then he scrutinized Kyle more closely. "He looks mean." David accused. Sam rolled her eyes, but for some strange reason, her stomach was in a funny knot. "Why am I am excited?" she asked herself. Then, she patted her hair, and ran her tongue over her teeth.

Joe strode across the grass, and knelt by them, and the so-called Kyle next to him.

"Hey, guys! Kyle, this is my two best friends, David Barnes, and Sam Kepler. Guys, this is my cousin, Kyle Landen, whose come to live with my mom and I." Joe's speech seemed a little rushed and awkward.

However, Kyle didn't seem to care, he extended his hand out to David cordially. "Hey, how ya doin'?"

David shook Kyle's hand a bit apprehensively, and then Kyle turned to Sam but didn't offer a handshake.

"I'm good, how about you?" Sam said, "Oh my gosh! That was stupid! How was he? Bad, of course! His parents are dead! Oh, I am so insensitive! What a jerk!" her mind screamed.

Nevertheless, Kyle showed no hurt, he just smiled pleasantly. "Very well, thanks." He glanced at David's radio. "Whatcha working on?" he asked, comfortably situating himself on the grass next to Sam.

David looked thrilled that someone had taken a notice, so he proceeded to rattle on about the different modifications he was making to the radio. Sam barely heard a word.

She was looking down, at Kyle's hands. They were tan and his nails were short, slightly chewed on. His hands looked heavy, warm, strong. Sam had never looked at a man's before really but she was sure that Kyle's were the most beautiful hands in the world.

He was still listening to David, nodding politely. Sam marveled how interested he seemed. She personally couldn't stand it when David rambled, especially about stuff she didn't get.

Then, something odd happened. Kyle turned a little back as he leaned back on his arms and glanced at Sam lazily. She smiled, and suddenly, he winked at her. Sam was shocked. She had never been winked at! She wasn't sure what to do, she knew that winking was flirtatious, but she certainly never thought about it really being done to her before. The boys at school and at soccer liked her too much as friend to consider her as anything else.

Then, as quick as it happened, Kyle snapped his attention back to David was now talking about electrical currents, and even Joe was looking bored.

Sam tried to concentrate but her brain was reeling. She waited, wondering if he would do it again. Several minutes passed, he didn't. Sam didn't know why but she wanted him to do it again, she wanted to wink back. She had never tried it. Maybe she would today, on Kyle.

She kept waiting, David kept talking, Joe kept shifting, Kyle kept nodding, and Sam was sure that never had ten minutes lasted so long.

After David paused to catch his breath, Joe jumped at the chance. "Hey, David, let's go to your place and show Kyle your awesome gaming system!"

'That sounds awesome." Kyle said, and David was agreeable so they set off to the Barnes' house. Sam lagging behind, watching Kyle walk. He swaggered, she liked his back pockets.

She wondered why she felt so shy around him. She had always been so assertive before.

But things were different now.

"This is my PlayStation, and I got Star Craft and Jazz Jack rabbit!" David bragged, hooking up the cords to the hand controls.

Kyle nodded but appeared unimpressed. "Where's your computer?" he asked, Sam sat on the bed, and watched Joe begin the first level of Crystal Caves, Sam's favorite.

Kyle wandered over to David's PC and sat in the swivel chair. "Got internet?"

David nodded as he picked up the second controller and began playing with Joe. Since the multi player only could have two, Sam stood up and feeling a bit awkward, went and stood next to Kyle as he typed in, "Black Sheep" into a search engine.

"What's that?" Sam was curious. Kyle looked up at her smiled, and she felt suddenly short of breath. "Oh, he's a rapper." Kyle said easily.

"Oh." Was all Sam could say without panting. A series of song lists and lyrics and photos of an African American man popped onto the screen. Kyle clicked on, "Listen now!"

"Where are your speakers?" Kyle looked around. "On the left," David's answered, his eyes never leaving the flickering television.

Kyle found them and switched them on. Heavy rap pounded out, Sam was surprised, she had never listened to this kind of music before. None of them had, it was older kid stuff.

"I turn on the radio
Be a prime time to a late night rap show
Here, the same old, same old
And that's on your, new single
Your product, is a product, of no productivity
Can ya, see G?
You kick a wack style
And claim to have brains
Take the funky drummer and give him back to James
I'm dope, I'm dope
Heh, I can't cope
Keep your cordless, cause you bore this
You say you're sure, yeah
but I'm the surest
That, Black Sheep are unique
Funk clever brothers that will
make the church girl freak
Out, without a doubt
You have no wins in a '91 bout
So shout, pout,do what you want
But you're out the picture
And I'ma get you sucka
Cause youse a dumb mothafucka
Better off as a tractor trail trucker
But movin right along to the Woodstock
Stop, remember when the band was on rock
Negro music, heh, seperated
It blew up and became rap
and you hated it
That's of course till you see
A motherfucker that, could be in your family
Drop lyrics then you hear it
With glee, then only thing it tells me
Is that you know a good thing
when you see it.
You run to get a ten
Cause you cannot be it
So, off the top off my head
I guess I keep it rollin
Till aaaaaaah... the rap gets stolen
Like so many other things called theft
And when it's gone what will be left
YOU sucker, dumb fucker don't turn blue
You know what?
Talkin' to you
You know what?
You know what?
You know what?
You know What?"

Kyle bobbed his head to the beat, and Joe and David looked up, startled. "What is that?" David demanded.

"Rap, what else?" Kyle replied, he clicked download and began loading other pages on.

Joe listened for a minute, and then grinned. It was cool music, if Kyle liked it, then it must be cool. 'I like it." He said.

Sam started to say something and then she heard the man say, "Muthafucka," she gasped. "He swore."

"So?" Kyle didn't seem to care. Joe's smile dropped, and David looked nervous. "Turn that down, my parents will hear it." He said. "So?" Kyle said again, but he turned it down anyway.

Now all three younger kids stood huddled around Kyle in his chair, watching him download and play numerous obscene rap tunes and watched music videos with men in baggy pants and women in tiny skirts.

Sam watched Kyle's reaction; he seemed transfixed by the dirty dancing, as were Joe and David.

"That's hot." Kyle said, and Sam was shocked when she heard Joe and David agree. 'Yeah, that is."

"Those girls! Did you check out there boobs? Damn." Kyle drawled. Joe flushed and looked at his shoes but David looked as if he was fueled by it. "Yeah," he said again, his eyes glazed over. Sam remained mute, too embarrassed to say anything. She didn't understand why the boys had been so into those women, they were just dancing and moving their rears. It wasn't cool, she didn't get it. She was confused and humiliated. She said nothing.

"Kyle, we should get home." Joe said finally, red faced and shy. Kyle nodded, "A'ight," he clicked out of the music video and stretched.

"Nice meeting y'all." He said, transforming into the very image of politeness once again. When David and Sam neither replied, he leaned in and said to David quietly, "Dude, ya like that stuff?" David could only nod hungrily.

"Then type naked college babes in. That'll bring up way hotter stuff." Kyle slapped David on the back genially.

Sam recoiled in horror but David ate his words up, "Really?"

Kyle winked, "Trust me. Cya later." And he and Joe shut the door quietly behind them.

David looked at Sam again, she couldn't meet his eyes. "Don't look at that stuff, David. It's weird." She pleaded. But David didn't hear her. "I should do my homework. Bye." He said, his tone detached.

Sam nodded and fled, tears burning her eyes.

"Bye Sam! Take care!" Mrs. Barnes called from the kitchen.

"Thanks, Mrs. Barnes! I won't!" she said, slamming the door and running for her life, towards home.

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