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Summer's finally over, and Gabriella gets to see Sharpay again.

Shows Gabriella talking on the phone with Sharpay

"Yay! We'll finally get to see each other again!"

"I know Gabs. And guess what?! I have big news!"

"Really? What is it?"

"I found a new boyfriend in New York! He's moving to East High with us!"

Gabriella meets her new boyfriend.

Shows Sharpay introducing them

"Gabs, this is Jacob. Jake, this is Gabriella."

"Nice to meet you."

"You too."

Their senior year brings back many memories, and a new face

Shows Gabriella, looking at a guy

"Hey, who's that guy?"

"Who…him? He's my brother, Troy."

After a week in school, Troy gets labeled as 'The Mental Guy'.

Shows the girls telling Gabriella about him

"What do you guys know about Troy?"

"Didn't you hear? He's mental. I mean look at the way he dresses."

There was something about him that attracted her to him.

Shows Gabriella staring at Troy

"Gabs… Gabriella?"

"Ughh, here we go again with the spacing out."

The only thing she didn't know is that he was attracted to her too.

Show Troy drawing a picture of her in art class

"Mr. Bolton, I think it's the best work I've ever seen in all my years of teaching."

"Umm, thank you Mrs. Bleak?"

After a period of time, she decided that she wanted to at least talk to him,

But people wouldn't allow it.

Shows Jacob pulling Gabriella back

"I just want to talk to him."

"No Gabi, he's my brother. He's only trouble."

"Yeah Gabs, listen to Jake."

She didn't listen, when the perfect opportunity came,

She took it and she went to for it anyway.

Shows Gabriella following Troy

"Hey, umm Troy?"

"How do you know my name, Gabriella?"

"I- umm. I just do. Wait, how do you know my name?"

She spends a whole day with him, and asks him what she wanted to know…

Shows Troy and Gabriella talking at a park

"Hey Troy…"


"Why do they call you the mental guy?"

She finds out many things about him,

Including the fact that he's really misunderstood.

Shows Gabriella looking at pictures of him

"He's had a really bad childhood…"

Shows Gabriella looking through multiple drawings

"Troy, did you draw all of these?"

"Well- umm, yeah.. I do those in honor of my mother."

She's determined to get everyone to know the real him,

Show Gabriella dragging Troy somewhere

"Please, would you do this for me Troy?"

"Only for you Gabriella, only for you."

The more time she spends with him planning it out, the more they fall for each other.

Shows Troy and Gabriella leaning in



They start going out, and everything is perfect.

Shows Gabriella and Troy holding hands, and walking together

"I'm glad I'm here with you."

"I'm glad too."

When her plan's finally ready, there's a huge misunderstanding.

He thinks that their relationship is all a joke,

And that she's helping Jacob plotting against him.

Shows Troy glaring at Jacob, Gabriella, and Sharpay laughing

"I can't believe I ever trusted her.."

He ends up not showing up at all

Shows Gabriella standing on a stage

"Umm, he should be here soon. I think."

And even ignoring her.

Shows Gabriella trying to talk to him

"Troy! What's wrong? Wait, why aren't you talking to me?"

"I just don't want to be a pawn in your stupid game, Gabriella."

She doesn't know why he's acting that way…

Shows Gabriella crying with her friends comforting her

"I j-just don't k-know what I d-did."

"Gabi, stop crying. He's not worth it."

"B-but I love him."

Until Jacob told her the real reason the two brothers don't hang out.

Shows a nervous Jacob, fiddling with his hands

"I think I know why Gabs. You see…"

Will Troy ever find out the truth and forgive Gabriella?

Shows Troy shaking his head

"I don't believe you Jacob."

"God damnit Troy! She loves you for god's sake! Why would she ever plot against you with me?"

"W-wait. She loves me?"

Or will he just run away from his problems like he did before?

Shows Troy running

"What do I do Mom?"

The Mental Guy

Shows Troy hugging Gabriella

"I love you."

"I love you too, my Mental Guy."

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