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The Mental Guy

Chapter 10- Random Revelations

Nobody's POV-

"Come on, I just wanna show you something."

With one look into his warm eyes, she couldn't say no.


Gabriella gently tugged on his hand, once she saw where they had ended up. "This place again?" She asked, referring to the park they had came to just a couple of days ago. "I'm starting to think there really is a big white van somewhere." She joked, nudging him lightly.

He chuckled and shook his head at her. "Trust me, there isn't. Now come on."

Troy led the way, and she followed without any hesitation or any questions. She knew that what he was doing was going to be of importance. The brunette's eyebrows crinkled together as she felt him starting to lead her out of the park. She was really curious as to where they were going now. She had just thought they'd stay there, but apparently, they weren't.

The brunette stared at him, watching his movements. She watched as his brow crinkled when he was concentrating on where to go next, and gave a slight grin. Her hand still hadn't left his, and strangely, she liked it that way. It was really unsettling for her to be so comfortable around him, when she was usually uncomfortable with most of her guy friends. She shook her head of all these probing thoughts and let herself be pulled along to where ever he wanted her to go with him. She tried her best to keep in step with him, and not to fall behind and make him slow down. The look of determination on his face was enough evidence to her that where ever he was taking her, was important.

Troy smiled faintly, when he saw the building that he'd spent most of his childhood in, come into view. It had been too long.

"We're here."


"You made this?" She asked in amazement. "This is just…just…" She trailed off; gingerly fingering the painting he was holding up.

"Amazing?" He grinned.

She nodded, taking in all parts of the painting, her eyes focusing on a specific area. She laughed inwardly, shaking her head at him. "You loser."

"What? I thought you liked what I painted."

"Yeah, I would…if your name was Lucille Tyler." She laughed, gesturing to the signature that was indeed written on the bottom corner of the painting.

"Okay, you caught me." He chuckled, shrugging and putting the piece of art down before picking another canvas up. "Lucille is the one who painted this. But I did, make this one."

"Wow." Gabriella breathed, her eyes moving back and forth, trying to absorb in the entire abstract picture. "It's almost as good as her's, if not better." She complimented.

He smiled softly. "Yeah. I guess my mom gave me the trait after all."

"Lucky ducky." She complimented, as he looked up at her, and gave her a strange look.

"Lucky ducky?" He raised an eyebrow. "You really are a card, Gabriella."

She giggled. "Oh really? Fine. You don't get to be lucky then." She thought for a while, before grinning. "How about Chunky Monkey?" He mock gasped.

"Are you calling me fat?" He asked, his face in surprise, as he raised a seemingly damp smock to throw at her. She raised her hands in defeat, shaking her head.

"Nah, I was only kidding." He grinned.

"You better be." He told her, turning back to collecting his paintings.

Gabriella looked thoughtful for a moment, before she spoke. "How about Hunky Monkey, instead?" He smirked at her.

"You think I'm hunky, ey?" He questioned smugly, winking at her. She laughed at his silliness, nodding.

"Sure, let's go with that." He rolled his eyes.

"Hey, why can't I be lucky, and hunky?" He asked playfully after a moment of silence between the two.

She laughed again. "Fine, you can be a Donkey then."

He turned back towards her, and gaped at her. "What did I do to deserve being called an ass?"

"Plenty." Gabriella laughed, as he actually threw the smock at her. "Hey, I was only kidding." He poked his tongue out at her.

"You know, I'm starting to like Pukey more than ever." She grinned at this, before retorting.

"Good. You can be Pukey the Donkey."

"Oh joy." He replied sarcastically. "I get to be the puking ass."

She smiled playfully at him. "Good, I'm glad you've finally found your identity."

"Oh, hey! The throw up can be considered as poop!" Troy stared at her in shock, and shook his head, laughing at her. "You really are, weird Gabriella."

He bent down to tie his shoe, freezing in fear when he heard a ripping sound, followed by the brunette's muffled laughter. His face began to radiate a bright crimson red, as he closed his eyes tightly, turning his body to face the other way. "Gabriella…please tell me you're using that smock to mess with me."

"Umm…not…necessarily." She muttered in between her giggles, as she bent down to pick up the piece of fabric. She kept her crouched position, moving over to stand eye to eye to him.

"I think you might need this now." She grinned teasingly, handing him the cloth.

Troy immediately took the smock from her, standing straight up as fast as he could. He shook his head, tying it around his waist and covering himself. "You never saw that." He breathed in embarrassment.

"Mhmm." She giggled. "I never saw your spiderman boxers."

He rolled his eyes, shoving her arm lightly. "Moving on…" She shoved him back and shook her head.

"Oh, no you don't. This is payback now." Gabriella grinned, crossing her arms over her chest. "You called me weird, remember? And me being my weird self, I just have to talk about your underwear."

"Really, now?" He chuckled, smirking at her. "I'm thinking you want to talk about what's below them."

She blushed a deep red herself, before slapping his arm. "I hate you." She muttered in embarrassment to his look of triumph, as she looked away from him, seeing a doll that caught her eye.

Gabriella walked toward it, smoothing out the doll's dress as she kept her focus on it.

"You know, it won't break if you pick it up." She heard him telling her moments later. "It's not like it's some fragile child doll." She nodded, and picked it up carefully, looking at the tag that was attached to it, grinning.

"It is made in China though. So technically, it's a China doll." She teased playfully. "Can I ask why you have this?"

He took a brief moment to think about it, before reluctantly nodding. "Yeah, you can."

"And are you going to tell me?" Troy shrugged.


"Well, could you decide soon?" She asked once she saw him starting to ponder it. "Cause you know, we grandmas tend to age real quickly." She joked, giving him a smile.

"Fine." He sighed. "But only because I don't want you to get arrested from growing any older." He poked his tongue out at her and flashed her a small wink. "It was my mom's, she gave it to me."

"Your mother was onto something then." She laughed. "I knew you were a girl underneath all that clothing."

He rolled her eyes at her, taking the doll from her hands. "Sorry Einstein, but that's not why. I was her only child and she loved me enough to give me her most prized possession." He told her, raising the doll up. He looked at the toy that was in his hands and smiled at it. "I was proud to have Skyler as my buddy."

"Oh. So this is the infamous Skyler Chad was talking about." He laughed and shook his head.

"She's not infamous." He retorted, setting her down. "I'm not ashamed of her or anything, but it's not everyday you hear a seventeen year old guy having a doll in a pink dress."

"It's not that bad." Gabriella patted his back. "I think it's sort of sweet that you kept her, even if she wasn't the ideal play thing."

He turned around and gave her a small smile. "Thanks. The only reason I really kept her was because I didn't want to disappoint my mom, but I've kind of gotten used to her."

"Speaking of your mom…where is she?" She asked tentatively, her eyebrows crinkling together when she saw his eyes darkening.

"I'm not going to say, but she's around." His sharp tone of voice told her that she shouldn't push the topic any further.

She shot him a sorry look before going back to her browsing of the small room. "So…does Chad have a Skyler too?" She questioned moments later. "Because that'd be a great piece of blackmail."

"Well, he does have Ernest." He grinned, thankful for the change of topic in their conversation.

The brunette raised and eyebrow and looked at him in surprise. "And the poor thing that is misfortunate enough to be named Ernest is…?"

"His lucky underwear."

And with that, the two teenagers commenced their joined laughter.


Their trip back to the park was sort of satisfying. There was a hint of comfort in the silence they had suddenly obtained as the two's legs brought them where they were. The two looked up toward the sun, and saw that it was almost long gone. The park was nearly deserted aside from the joggers getting in their last couple of laps for the day. The children that had once occupied the playground had all gone home with their parents and into their respective homes.

Troy began walking toward the entrance of the park, until he felt a small tug on his hand. He looked over at Gabriella, and turned his vision to the area she had her own eyes focused on; the set of empty swings.

He laughed inwardly, before calling her name. "Gabriella-"

"Do you wanna go on the swings with me?" She asked, pouting her bottom lip out slightly.

He rolled his eyes playfully before letting go of her hands, and sprinting to the swings. "Last one there is a rotten egg!"

Gabriella laughed at his statement, before running along to catch up with him.

"Hey, look. It's the egg that's gone bad." He teased, panting slightly. "What took you so long, Grandma?"

"Oh…I don't know. I was too busy recovering from my state of shock." She gave him a sly smirk, pointing to the fallen smock a couple of feet behind them. "Spiderman on a butt can really scare, you know?"

He growled at her playfully. "I happen to like him there, thank you very much. He protects me from pedophiles. I mean, have you seen my face? It's exactly like a baby's." He laughed, and made a face, motioning to his facial features.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, Pukey." She laughed, as placed herself on one of the swings. "Let's see who can go higher?"

"Sure. You ready to lose?" He teased, situating himself on the seat.

Troy began swinging himself when she nodded in response. The two of them pumped their legs to the best of their abilities to try to reach a higher height than the other, both keeping the same grin on their face. As the seats started going higher and higher, they both poked their tongues out at each other, both assuming that they were winning before Troy broke their stare, looking past her shoulder.

"What the hell is that guy doing?!" He exclaimed suddenly, catching her attention. She raised an eyebrow, and stopped her leg movements, looking in the direction Troy had pointed out to see what he was talking about.

"What are you talking about? I don't see anyone."

He snickered at her confused tone and grinned when he saw her swing losing momentum. "Huh, I must've been seeing things. But look at that, I'm swinging higher. I win!"

"That's so mean!" She yelled, gaping at him as he laughed and shrugged.

"Sorry. You were an easy target though."

Gabriella rolled her eyes, beginning to swing again. "Whatever, Pukey."

The two teenagers kept swinging, just enjoying the moment and each other's presences. It didn't matter who swung higher anymore. They were just happy that they were there together, acting like little kids again. They looked around at the scenery between them, periodically looking and catching the other's eye contact. They'd smile when that happened and briefly kept it, before looking in a different place. The cycle continued until they got bored of just swinging up and down.

"Do you want to go on the carousel?" He asked moments after both of them had stopped their movements, and were just sitting there.

She grinned at him. "Of course I do. You're pushing though."

"I can handle that." He laughed, getting up and walking over to her. He grabbed her hand, as he helped her off the swing, pulling her toward the metallic attraction. "Sit in the middle, and I'll handle the rest." She nodded and did what he said, watching him sit halfway on the contraption while pushing with the half that wasn't situated on it.

And as the merry-go-round began its rightful job, and spun around after being pushed by Troy, the two teens sat closely in the middle of it. They let the spinning of the area sooth them, before looking at each other to escape from being dizzy. Both stared at each other with such intensity, suddenly trying to figure out what the other was thinking, and who they really were. Each of them unconsciously scooted closer to the other, as Troy balanced himself with one of his hands. He leaned his forehead just a couple of inches from hers, as the intensity of their eye contact increased by volumes.

"I just don't get it." Gabriella whispered softly, voicing her thoughts for once.

His eyes clouded with confusion, as he nodded for her to go on.

"You go through so much trouble to hide yourself." She continued, looking down, at anything, anywhere but his eyes. "Why don't you show them? Show everyone what you've shown me." She gingerly brushed a stray hair away from his face. "Express yourself, show them the real you."

Troy shook his head leaning more into the caress she was now bestowing on his cheek. "They won't understand." He spoke softly, taking in a small breath, as his eyes flickered from her own and to her lips and soon back up to her eyes.

"They never did."


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