"You know, I wish I had a dog," Space Ghost said while rubbing his fingers on a peach.

"What for?" Zorak stated as he sipped his coffee.

"...because he is a dog I can always rely on." Space Ghost reassured with a smile, folding his arms together.

Suddenly, Airbud barked as he appeared on the set, panting as he wagged his tail.

"Well, there he is." Moltar commented while flipping through his green book.

"Splendid!" Space Ghost stated as he then placed a basketball hoop nearby, bending down to see Airbud. "How about you and me get a little practice, dog?"

Airbud barked, and he then grabbed Space Ghost by the ankle, spinning into the air and sending the space ghoul super hero through the basketball hoop, with Zorak and Moltar cheering on.