In the Pit of Your Stomach

Part 1 Seto and Jou

Summary: This is a plot bunny dumped on me by Casaragi in the following IM conversation.

Casaragi: You know in puppyships? They always put Jou like something with "he felt bats in his stomach" or "he felt butterflies"?

Silver: yeah...

Casaragi: I was thinking it was a simple qoute that came to me but if you think about it you can write a collection of oneshots out of it or even a whole story , it was like this "You know that feeling you get in your stomach? The one that people said you feel it when you see your true love? Well that's a bunch of bullshit, that feeling in your stomach is your body trying to tell you that something horrible is about to happen and you better run before it grabs you and fucks you over" It is simple but the more I thought about it I was like damn that could be a cool fanfic.

So blame her for this emo-y angsty stuff, or thank her if you like it.

Puppy shipping or Remember

Warnings: Yaoi, implied violence, and something else that will ruin the story if I list it here, nothing explicit

It wasn't long after high school graduation. I remember running into him at the beach, he was swimming.

I remember admiring the way he moved through the currents, he was like a sea serpent, effortless. I remember how strong he looked.

I remember that fluttering in the pit of my stomach.

When he got out of the water he wasn't happy to see me.

The fluttering got stronger.

I remember the way the water rolled off his body. I remember wanting to lick it off of him, even if it was salty sea-water.

It was like he read my mind when he walked toward me. He grabbed my chin in his hand and kissed me roughly. He held me tight and close, he didn't care that he was getting my clothes wet.

I remember whimpering when his grip on my chin tightened to bruising force, I don't remember ever wanting to pull away.

I remember asking Yugi about that fluttering feeling; he said it had to be love.

I believed him.

I got that fluttering feeling again when we went on our first date. He got drunk that night, I remember bleeding from where he bit me when we were making out in the back of his limo.

I remember that it wouldn't stop for a half hour.

I got that feeling again the first time we had sex. It was my first time period so I didn't know he was supposed to prepare me and use lube and all that stuff, that fluttering kicked into overdrive when he didn't.

I remember the last time I got that feeling. He'd just come home; I remember he was furious. No, I don't remember smelling alcohol then. The fluttering was so intense I felt like I was going to hurl.

I remember turning to rush to the bathroom to do just that. I remember a hand in my hair pulling me back, hurting me. I remember a grip on my arms so tight I was afraid they were going to break.

Then the next thing I remember is waking up here.


No officer, I don't remember a rape. Just that same fluttery feeling in the pit of my stomach.


A/N: MWUAH HA HA! Fear my angsty inner emo!

Seto(clutching Jou to his chest): YOU MADE ME RAPE MY PUPPY?!?!

Silver: XD yup.

Seto: You disgust me.

Jou OO I feel used...

Silver: Awww don't worry Jou-kun! I owe you and Seto-chan a happy lemon with a dog collar in Seto-chan's office.

Jou: 'M not a dog.

Silver: Who said you were wearing the collar?

Seto: OO

Silver: Anyway this may or may not turn into a collection of angsty stories involving abusive relationships. But my money's on yes. What'd ya think casaragi?