Pairing: Bakura x Ryo

Warnings: AU, mentions of bloodletting, slavery, forced imprisonment

Summary: He could run. So why isn't he?

Dedicated to Serenitysfaith

A/N: I'm really mad at myself. I've been meaning to get ALL of the Yami x Hikari pairings done and all I've got is two tendershippings done. bangs head on desk Must - bang - stay - bang - on - bang -task! bang bang owwww that hurt!

He could run. It would be easy, Bakura-dono was gone. The door was open.

He could run. Go home; back to the parents and sister he hadn't seen since his abduction two years ago. Go home to his school and his gaming friends.

Run from the memories of that humiliating auction. Run from the memory of being BOUGHT like a valuable antique by a collector.

He could run. Forget that vampires exist. Forget about the owner and trainer that had taken his innocence saying, "I paid for it after all."

Abandon his life as Bakura-dono's pet, blood letter, servant, and consort. Abandon Bakura-dono…

Why did his stomach lurch at that thought? Bakura-dono had always said that if Ryo could escape the manor he would not be pursued. He didn't want to think about what would happen if caught before he made it out but it was unlikely.

So why was he hesitating?

He could run… run from Bakura-dono's seductive presence and haunted past. Run from those sensual touches and days clutched to his master's chest as the vampire slept in an attempt to ward off terrible memories. Run from the fear of being sold again and of losing the protection Bakura-dono's legendary possessiveness gave him.

Run from the brutal pain that erupted in his mind when he displeased Bakura-dono and nearly perpetual light-headedness from between meal 'snacks'. Run from the sporadic doting and pampering of a master pleased by the services rendered and the occasional companionship 

provided by the slaves (and in one case the barely sane werewolf lover he was forbidden to be alone with) of Bakura-dono's vampiric associates. Run from this twisted little world and everything to do with it.

He could run. So why did he still hesitate?

Because his master needed him.

Ryo gently closed the door, the fresh breeze that had been blowing into the manor abruptly halted.

Some detached part of him realized what had happened; he had bonded with his captor, he was delusional to think that Bakura-dono truly cared.

But the rest of him ignored that part and retreated to the parlor to read and wait patiently for his master to return.

He could run…

He just didn't want to.


Ryo: Wait a second. WHY didn't I leave again?

Silver: You have Stockholm Syndrome.

Ryo: That's ridiculous! He's been treating me like trash for TWO YEARS! I should have been gone!

Silver: That was the request! You bonding with your captor! He's the most regular human (kinda) contact you got! Of COURSE you formed a bond with him!

Ryo: He's a friggin' vampire! He probably wanted to eat me!

Silver: Well he didn't so there!

Ryo: Why do you pick on me?

Silver: shrug Cause it's fun.

Ryo: o.O Something is seriously wrong with you.

Silver: Thanks!