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Fifty themes on Fakir/Ahiru.

By; Maddie; (blowingafuze.)


#01 - Air
The air feels heavier, and suddenly, it becomes harder to breathe when she's around.

#15 - Alone
So this is how it feels to be alone in a crowded room... she thinks with no Fakir in sight.

#03 - Apples
"How could you like green apples... they're so much sweeter when red. But then again... green does match your nasty attitude!"

#04 - Beginning
Doubt, regret, faults--- turned to hope, faith, and the most important of all... love.

#05 - Bugs
Wonder always strikes him as he sees her squeal and sprint half a mile away from an insect one thousand times smaller than her.

#06 - Coffee
"It's just like you to rush into things," you smirk as she glares at you, her tongue sticking out from a sudden yet blistering burn.

#07 - Dark
"Fakir... can I sleep with you... I-I'mafraidofthedark."

#08 - Despair
"And I'll definitely wallow in a pit of despair when you die." he says rolling his eyes at her.

#09 - Doors
"Ahiru! if you slam that door one more time I swear I'll---!"

#10 - Drink
There was a sudden stinging of the heart when she saw him give thatsmile he reserved for her, to this human vegetable in front of him, as he toasted with her and mumbled something unheard to her clouded mind.

#11 - Duty
Being his knight was always a duty... but weren't most duties just hassles?

#12 - Earth
"The last thing she can be called is 'down to earth.'" he sighs as he gives her a hand.

#13 - End
"I guess this is the end then..." and she instantly interrupts,"There's never an end, because to every end, there's a new beginning,"
and hopefully, he thinks,this time it will end in a happily ever after...

#14 - Fall
She trips and all he could do was laugh, knowing she's the most predictable person on the place of the planet.

#15 - Fire
And you know the only place that can make you feel like no one can hurt you is his arms.

#16 - Food
After every dinner Ahiru cooks, there are odd findings under the table of napkins filled with burnt food as she narrows her eyes at the culprit.

#17 - Foot
"How could you be so clumsy!" he scolds angrily, but she knows it's because he was scared of losing her.

#18 - Grave
Thoughts of her death almost put himselfin a grave.

#19 - Green
"Fakir... what does it mean when they say, 'the grass is greener on the other side...?' "

#20 - Head (Relation to #02 ; after!effect )

#21 - Hollow
As she stood against him, hugging his hollow body, screaming his name.

#22 - Honor
'It's an honor,' she says, handing the pendent towards Mytho but Fakir knows better faking a smile;
"No..." he mutters, "it's a surrender."

#23 - Hope
"If there was ever anytime to contain such high hope..."

#24 - Light
The light in her eyes can light the town, He wrote... before crumbling the paper and ripping it to shreds, Ahiru didn't need to see just how corny he could be.

#25 - Little things
It's the small things he does for her that causes her smile on a daily basis...

#26 - Lost
He holds her hand often while walking through the town no matter how small it was for fear of losing the one he cares about most.

#27 - Metal
The thin but heavy sword had never looked so tempting since she passed.

#28 - New
New story, new ending; enough with tragedy, because Fakir knows he certainly had enough of it.

#29 - Past
'I'm still... still so weak... just like before...' He murmurs, falling to the floor and Ahiru gracefully held out her hand, "You're not weak, and you never were... Your the strongest person I know... believe me..." she says with a truthful face.

#30 - Peace
"There was never really any peace... just haywire, mess, and chaos when she's around..." he sighs, eyes twitching at the sight of a wet floor, in which the culprit lie on the spot unconscious.

#31 - Poison
His glares was like deadly, eventually making you in a frozen, iced-like state, only to have him make a cold smirk, his final blow to crush you like glass.

#32 - Person
Fakir didn't fall for 'Princess Tutu', he fell for the clumsiest, innocent, but the most sweetest person he was sure he'd ever meet.

#33 - Rain
"I've always wondered what a kiss in the rain would be like..."
"It's never too late to find out."

#34 - Regret
They lived with no regret, because with even small fights like the one's they had, it only showed them that they weren't living a fairytale... they were being real.

#35 - Roses
He grabbed the rose Femio gave her and trampled on it, the most childish thing that she's ever seen Fakir do.

#36 - Secret
The only secret they kept from each other was the most important secret of all; Their love for one another.

#37 - Sins
Hope is such a strong feeling... But so is pride... she thinks to herself and thinks that is what Fakir is filled with... Pride.

#38 - Stars
"Let's share a star," she says pointing to the brightest one in the sky.

#39 - Snow
A black flag was raised behind her fort as a small voice yelled, "EXPECT NO MERCY!"

#40 - Solid
And you knew that your feelings for weren't ever going to change---ever.

#41 - Spring
"It's a lovely sight" she says as she picks a daisy and puts it behind her ear, eyes wandering to the sunrise and all your eyes can focus on is her and you concur, "Yeah."

#42 - Scene
"For people who don't like others to think of them as a couple... they sure do act like one..."

#43 - Strange
They day he realized he had fallen in love with her, was when one look at her smile honestly made his heart skip a beat.

#44 - Taboo
In the past hearing the sentence... "Are you and Fakir together?" were like saying... taboo's: words that didn't clash; Fakir, her, together... but soon she would realize, they weren't so silly anymore...

#45 - Ugly
"He'll never like me back... I'm not as beautiful as her," you hear as you hide behind a tree listening to every word in the discussion Ahiru and Rue were discussing, almost coming out of your hiding place just to argue with her; because as far as you believed, beauty was only skin deep, and even so, she's far more than beautiful.

#46 - War
Before it was a fight between the light and the dark... but now, it was the fight between his brain, and his heart...

#47 - Water
"I hope she doesn't forget to breathe..."

#48 - Welcome

#49 - Will
'If there's a will, there's a way...' he repeated over and over to himself as he glanced at a little duck sleeping on his side, a slight smile of the regained hope plastered on her face; 'that in itself,' he told himself... 'could be his inspiration for eternity.'

#50 - Writing
"Writing won't... can't... save the world..." she whispers... as she turns to walk away, and you grab her hand and finish her sentence with your own thoughts... "but it can save ours."

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