It was a dark, stormy night in Nintendo City. The civilians are running down the sidewalks, the cars. trucks, and buses honking at each other as the traffic light takes a while to change. Outside of Oval Park, the location of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, we can see Doctor Mario and Pikachu running down the streets, holding newspaper above their heads.

"Mamma mia!" Dr. Mario cried out as he looked up at his wet newspaper, "The rain is sure pouring down tonight, eh Pikachu?"

Pikachu nodded in agreement. "Yeah! Just thank goodness there's no lightning or thunder-"

It was then that a bluish lightning bolt cracked high in the sky, and a loud boom of thunder was heard, causing many car alarms to go off.

"Whoo!" Shouted Rayquaza as he flew through the stormy sky, not being affected by it as he was doing loops in the air at a fast pace, rolling around at the speed of sound.

Pikachu gulped. "I should have kept my mouth closed..." He muttered to himself, turning left with Dr. Mario and then entering a shop.

The Kremling shopkeeper turned around, to see Dr. Mario and Pikachu. "Ahh! Welcome to my store, eh?" He greeted, chuckling, "What will you buy today, sirs?"

Dr. Mario and Pikachu looked at each other, and then at the Kremling shopkeeper. "Well..."

"Wait! Hold on!" The Kremling shopkeeper then jumped over the counter and examined both of the two male Smashers, continuing, "Hmm, you two are new here, are you not?"

Dr. Mario and Pikachu could both only nod.

The Kremling shopkeeper smiled, and he snapped his fingers. "Ahh! Silly me, I should have welcomed you here!" He cleared his throat. "Everyone who comes here always refers to me as 'that nice Kritter guy', but my real name is Tiko."

Dr. Mario's left eye twitched. "Nice name," He complimented sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Pikachu nudged Dr. Mario by the shoulder, and then looked at the Kremling shopkeeper. "Nice to meet you, Tiko!"

"Please..." The Kremling shopkeeper raised his hand. "Call me 'that nice Kritter guy'."

Pikachu chuckled, nodding and putting his hands on his hips. "Riiiight..."

"Anyway, since this is your first time here," The Kremling shopkeeper grabbed a Golden Banana and handed it to Dr. Mario, "You can have this as a souvenir from my shop! Just be sure to come back, mmkay?" He winked and smiled.

Dr. Mario nodded, giving the Kremling shopkeeper a thumbs up. "You can count on us, 'that nice Kritter guy'!" He waved goodbye, and exited the store with Pikachu.

The Kremling shopkeeper waved goodbye, and then went back behind the counter and waited for more customers. Dr. Mario and Pikachu both ran to the shop next to the Kremling shopkeeper's shop, and exited a few minutes later with an umbrella (which Pikachu held since Dr. Mario was holding the Golden Banana). And the two have spent a good, rainy night in Nintendo City...