A/N: Hi everyone! This is a sequel to my story Big Bad Pirate. If you haven't read that one, you probably won't get a lot out of this. And keep in mind that this is just the prologue. I promise you the next chapter will be longer.

Summary: The Dauntless picks Jack and Elizabeth up. Elizabeth wants to pretend that what happened on the island in Big Bad Pirate never happened, but do you think our favorite pirate captain is going to let her go that easy? Not lightly!

Prologue: Goddamn Jack

- Miss Swann, Norrington says, relieved, when Elizabeth steps up onto the deck and rains seawater on the wood. Such senseless luck that we found you!

Elizabeth smiles awkwardly. But she doesn't look directly at him.

The guilt nags her. Eats her from inside.

- Ain't there any senseless luck that you found me, commodore? Jack asks with a grin when he heaves himself up on the Dauntless himself.

Even though Elizabeth stares stubbornly into the ground she can see in her head how Norrington's lips twitches in a slight disgust.

- Of course, Mr. Sparrow, he says coolly, for I will feel senseless pleasure when I finally can hang you.

- Senseless pleasure? Jack says and shrugs his head like a wet dog. If you think that's senseless pleasure you should really find yourself a girl.

Elizabeth shyly lifts her eyes and lays them on Jack.

He's wet. The coal around his eyes is smeared from swimming from the island to the ship, his clothes are stuck to his body and his dripping dreadlocks are messy. And more than anything, he's a pirate.

It doesn't matter. He is still the most beautiful thing she's ever seen.

When that thought sails through Elizabeth's mind she can feel how her guilt gets bigger, finds its way down to her heart and squeezes it with a cold hand.


Oh, God, Will.

If he knew what her and Jack had done on that island he'd never talk to her again. He'd think she was a slut, because she was.

A slut. A goddamn slut.

A slut that had let a pirate touch her, kiss her… Sleep with her.

The cold in Elizabeth's heart turned into darkness. Her guilty anguish turned into hatred.

Hatred against herself. Hatred against the stupid, goddamn island and the stupid, goddamn rum that had changed her like that.

Hatred against Jack who stood a few feet away from her with his hands on his belt and that grin on his face.

Goddamn island.

Goddamn rum.

Goddamn Jack.

She stared at him with her honey eyes turned into slits.

Goddamn Jack.

Stupid, goddamn Jack.

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