DISCLAIMER: If I owned Yu-Gi-Oh this would be episode 144 1/2

WARNING: Yaoi and Lemon Scene!



Seto's POV

Seto Kaiba lived two lives, the one he showed the world and the one that stayed safely inside his head, away from the rest of the world. For you see, if the world knew the real Seto Kaiba, it would be the end of him. If the world thought it was hard enough being a CEO at the age of 19, try being a 19 year old CEO who was harboring a passion within him that he couldn't tell anybody.

Kaiba had always been pure business, he didn't have time for fun, laughter and games like Yugi and his pathetic friends thought."Friendship is great!" "Don't forget the Heart of the Cards!" he scoffed at the very thought of that brainless bimbo shouting her useless comments during every dueling tournament. Not to mention the others—Yugi…that naïve midget with that egotistical "alter-ego" of his, Tristan, the useless troll, Duke, who he just recently realized was a man, Bakura--obvious psycho. And Joey…and than…there was Joey.

A feeling of hatred and something else stirred inside Kaiba every time he thought of that mangy mutt. He couldn't understand what it was about Joey that made Kaiba feel…so…weird. Kaiba had been with a few women in his life, he never felt much for it, a kind of "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" but he had always discarded his passionless rendezvous with "they just weren't 'the one'". But when he met Joey, he felt something he had never felt before him…a feeling that went straight to his groin.

He would constantly find himself staring at Joey from a distance, his eyes slowly trailing down to his lower regions. What was wrong with him?? Soon Kaiba even started dreaming about the blonde. And it wasn't long before he started to become obsessed with Joey. But he could never let Joey know that.

Which is why he had to treat him crueler than the others. He couldn't let anyone know how he really felt about Joey, if the corporate world was to find out that Seto Kaiba, world's richest CEO was gay and in love with some 18 year old nobody…well, Kaiba just couldn't let that happen.

But it was soon getting harder and harder to keep his feelings hidden. He was thinking about Joey all the time. In the shower, he would touch himself pretending it to be Joey, in bed, he would create elaborate fantasies of the two—his member quivered at the very thought. Most nights he would have to pleasure himself just to satiate his aching member after playing out his passion filled nights with Joey in his head. His poor blue eyes white dragon sock…

Joey's POV

Joey was miserable. How much longer was he going to have to live like this? That stupid prat, flaunting around like he owned the world and treating Joey with nothing but hatred and disgust. So why in the hell did Joey's heart race every time Seto looked at him with those cold blue eyes? Why did he find himself coming up with excuses to go places that they're was even a remote possibility of seeing him?

He knew he could never tell Seto how he felt, if Seto hated him now (for absolutely no reason), who knows what he would do if he found out that Joey was…in love with him. He'd probably pay one of his goonies to off Joey.

So, Joey was forced to openly dislike Seto—he couldn't bring himself to hate him in public though. He loved him too much for that. So he'd return Seto's hateful comments to Joey with names of his own, secretly relishing every moment Seto's attention was turned to him. Joey knew that they're interaction during those sporadic, brief moments were as close to Seto as he would get in reality. But in his dreams…well, lets just say they got closer…a lot closer.

Mokuba's POV

Mokuba was really torn. He had always liked Yugi and the rest of his friends, after all, look at all they had done for him and his brother. If it wasn't for Yugi, Mokuba and Seto would have still been imprisoned in Pegasus's castle, or Kaiba in that virtual reality world "the big 5" had put him in. Which is why he couldn't understand why Kaiba resented them so much. Sometimes when Yugi or Tea or Tristan would ask him to hang out with them he was really tempted to say yes but he knew Seto would be furious with him if he found out his own brother was hanging out with "that group of useless morons" as Kaiba would lovingly say. Kaiba was normally proper enough around them in public, except for Joey who he would ruthlessly chastise. It wasn't like his brother to show such open disdain for someone. Being a businessman was always about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. So even the people Kaiba resented the most, such as rival corporate conglomerates were treated with at least an acknowledgement. But Joey had never even done anything against Kaiba! Mokuba just couldn't understand why Kaiba hated Joey so much. Whenever he would question Seto about it, it would always end with Kaiba mumbling something and than stomping out of the room. But Mokuba had decided that enough was enough. He was going to try to help Kaiba get along with Joey whether he wanted to or not. Maybe if Joey and him could talk things out, it could lead to a friendship or at least….acquaintances? And Mokuba had the perfect chance to create this "intervention."