„What?" Setsuna stared at Haruka, wide-eyed. "What do you mean, you can hear what women think?" "I can't believe this. It's impossible." Her voice came. "I can't believe this. It's impossible." Haruka said, finally looking up. Setsunas jaw hit the floor. "Since when do you have this ability?" she then asked. "Since the hairdryer-accident." Haruka explained, hiding her face in her hands again. "I wanted to make Michiru happy with it, but instead…" her voice cracked, and more tears fell to the floor. Before Setsuna could say anything, the door of the operation room opened and two male nurses came out, rolling a bed between them. Michiru laid in it, her eyes closed and her face shockingly pale. "Michiru!" Haruka called out, jumping up. She hurried over to the two guys and asked if she could accompany them to Michirus room. "Are you related to the patient?" one of the two men asked. "I'm her lover." Haruka answered, earning some odd looks. "Okay, then you can follow us." One of the guys finally said. Haruka gave him a thankful look and followed them to Michirus room.

After the two male nurses had left, Haruka sat down next to the bed Michiru laid in, still unconscious. Haruka sighed and took her lover's hand, fresh tears springing to her eyes. "I'm so sorry, Michiru." The blonde whispered. „Please, forgive me…" Michiru moaned and opened her eyes. "It's not your fault, Haruka." She whispered. "Oh yes, it is." Haruka answered and explained the whole story to Michiru. "I wanted to make you happy with this ability, but instead you are in the hospital now." "But Haruka." Michiru smiled. "You made me happy. The last week was the most wonderful of my life." Haruka also managed a weak smile. "Anyway, I have to get rid of this ability." She then stated matter-of-factly. And right afterwards, Haruka saw the defibrillator that stood outside on the hallway. Michiru also looked in the same direction, and her eyes widened. "Haruka, you can't mean that!" "Oh yes, I do." Haruka answered sternly. She dashed out of the room, looked to the left and to the right, and when she didn't see anyone she quickly pulled the machine into Michirus room. Michiru covered her eyes when Haruka started to unbutton her shirt, but not because she didn't like the sight. She just didn't want to see how Haruka shocked herself with the defibrillator. Haruka finally had her shirt open and turned the machine on. A soft buzzing filled the room, and Haruka inhaled deeply before she pressed both platters of the defibrillator against her chest.

Michirus eyes shot open when she heard a strangled sound, followed from a loud "THUMP" noise. Haruka laid on the floor, eyes closed, breathing raspy. Michiru reached for the emergency button when Haruka moaned and sat up. "Ow, that hurt." She shook her head, looking dizzy (A/N: @_@ *lol*) and said: "Michiru, think something." "Huh?" Michiru blinked. „Think something! Anything!" Michiru thought about making love with Haruka, and when her girlfriend made no ecchi commented, she frowned. "Did you hear anything, Haruka?" "No." Haruka sighed happily. Michiru smiled and teased her love: "So you won't fulfill my wished anymore?" Haruka gave her a shocked look. "Michiru! Of course I will. You just have to tell me what you want." Michiru smiled again. "I know, Haruka. Come here and kiss me." She then demanded. Haruka was happy to obey her.

Three weeks later, Angelica Jones was put into prison for attempted murder and slander. Michirus album jumped form zero to position one in the billboard charts, and Haruka became formula one world champion again. To make a long story short, everything was perfect – although Haruka sometimes missed her ability to hear what women thought.