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"Serena," I whispered, fingering her charm bracelet along my wrist. Tears tickled the edges of my eyes, but I wiped them away. I sat down in English and absentmindedly began drumming my fingers against my desk. I caught sight of Melissa walking into the room and tried to give a smile but failed.

"Hey, Jackson," she said, tossing me a genuine smile. I inclined my head towards her, but then, I closed my eyes.

Mr. Fred, the English teacher, turned to face the class. "All right, let's finish Romeo and Juliet." A chorus of moans from the entire class met him.

"Now, now, none of that, so let's pick roles."

He tapped his index finger against his chin. I lowered my eyes and shrank down into the chair slightly. Closing my eyes, I leaned my head back trying to relax.

"Let's see. Melissa, would you mind finishing off the last of Juliet's lines," Mr. Fred asked.

"Sure...," her voice trailed off.

Opening my eyes, I turned towards her questionably. She avoided my eyes and began reading from the book.

"Yea, noise? Then, I'll be brief. O happy dagger!" She pretended to pick up a dagger. "This is thy sheath; Stabs herself There rust, and let me die."

She fell forward on her desk. I felt my heart plummet into my stomach and a single tear roll down my face.

"Mr. Fred, can I please go to the bathroom?" I asked, staring at Melissa.

"Of course," he replied, completely obvious to the pain on both my face and Mel's.

As soon as I was out the door, I ran at top speed for to the bathroom, my heart thumping wildly against my chest. I shut the bathroom door quietly and slumped against it. Leaning my head against the door, I ran my hand down the right side of my face. Sweat was dripping down it. Even after a week of being back and seeing my bastard of a father put away for life, I was still rattled up. Moving over towards the sink, I turned on the faucet and ran my hands underneath. The ice water sent chills down my spine and my heart was beginning to return to normal. Closing my eyes, I bent down and splashed the water on my face. Finding a towel, I dabbed my face and sighed deeply. Tossing the paper towel away, I stared at my reflection, the last few drops of water dripping down my chin.

"Keep it together, Jackson" I instructed myself. Then, I heard it. Her voice was calling out to me.

"Jackson, be strong, I need you!" Serena's voice echoed in my ear, almost as if she was standing right behind me. I glanced over my shoulder, but as always, there was no one there.

"Why did you have to go?" I asked myself, my throat tightening. Slamming my hand down on the sink, I sank down onto my knees and cried. After she died, I hadn't cried until now. Just then the bell rang loudly, brining me out of the thoughts. Whipping away my tears, I stood up, using the sinks' edge to help. I glanced into the mirror once more.

"Let this be our prayer," her ghostly voice sang, echoing around me. My face was bright red and tear washed.

Turning sharply away, I muttered, "The only prayer I have is for you to come back."

Taking a deep breath, I left the bathroom and headed outside for lunch.


I spotted the gang sitting at our regular lunch table talking and laughing. I couldn't even hear their laughter, and yet my heart ached, trying to remember Serena's laughter. At that moment, nothing was coming to me.

"Hey, Jackson, over here," Nathan called over to me. I saw him waving me to come and join them, and I sighed heavily.

Walking over, I said, "Hey Guys."

"Hi, Jackson," a chorus of voices greeted me. The laughter from before had seemed to have vanished at my arrival, and for that, I was grateful.

"Jackson," Melissa said from my right. I turned to face her, but her eyes lowered instantly onto the table.

"What is it Mel?" I asked, trying to sound completely normal and fine.

She toyed with the food on her plate and stammered, "I'm sorry about class."

My heart skipped a beat, but then returned to normal. Placing my hand on hers, I said, "It's fine, Mel, really. Don't worry about it."

She looked up and our eyes locked onto each others. I cracked the faintest smile in my life, rubbing my thumb against her hand. After a few seconds, she broke eye contact and glanced down at the bracelet.

"What's that Jackson?" she asked quietly.

I pulled my hand away and placed it on my lap. "It's nothing, Mel," I muttered, turning back to my own lunch.

"It has nothing to do with you," I thought bitterly, sneaking a peek down at the bracelet.

No one said anything for a while after this. Even Taylor, "Miss Princess," seemed to be at a loss for words.

Finally, Eric lifted his head from staring at his food and said, "You know, Jackson, this couldn't be helped."

I shook my head. Of course it could have been helped. Nathan nodded in agreement. He added, "You couldn't have stopped him. He was a psycho. He would have killed you, too!"

"SO WHAT?!" I screamed, staring at him. "It would've been better if he had killed me instead of her."

Mel touched my arm gently and cooed, " Jackson," but I shoved her off.

"No, Mel! I promised my mom and Serena that I would protect her, and I couldn't! I was supposed to take care of her, and I didn't! Her death IS MY FAULT!"

I could feel the stares of everyone in the cafeteria, but I didn't even care.

"Jackson , everyone's staring," Daley whispered.

"I DON'T CARE," I snapped before taking off running. I crashed into a kid just getting out of the line, but I didn't even stop to help. I burst through the doors and fell against the wall just outside of the cafeteria. My heart was pounding all over again. I couldn't breathe.

"God, why did you have to take her from me?" I cried. "Why did this happen?"

I pulled at the collar of my shirt, praying that it would release some of the pressure on my neck. I laid my head in my hands and tried to calm down.

Then, I saw a shadow over me. I looked up and found Eric standing there. "Dude, are you okay?"

"No, I'm not okay, Eric!" I screamed. "My sister died a week ago! Do you really think I'm okay? You have no idea how this feels."

I watched as he fell against the wall and slid down beside me.

Placing his hand on my arm, he answered, "Yeah, I do. Sere was like my sister, too. Her death still kills me."

I leaned my head against the brick wall and sighed. "Sorry, Eric. I still kinda forget how connected you were to her. It's just...I feel like she's still here. I was in the bathroom, and I heard her voice. She's still so real to me."

I heard him take a deep breath before he said, "Look, Jackson . I know it's hard. Believe me, it's terribly hard for me, too, but you have to be strong. Sere wants us to go on. She'd want us to be happy."

"I can't be happy! I need her."

"I know, Jackson, but you have to take care of yourself. Yeah, it's okay to get upset, but if you hurt over her, you're taking your own life away, and you know as well as I do that Serena wants both of us to be happy. The others don't understand what you're going through, but I do. And I can promise you that it's going to be okay."

I nodded and got up. "Thanks, Eric. It does help that you're here, but right now, I just need to be alone."

With that said, I headed down an empty hallway, leaving the only friends I knew behind.


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