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She was running. Running as fast as her legs could carry her. If not for the man, hollering and chasing her with the strong smell of alcohol on him, she would have stopped a long time ago. Her lungs burned, yet she continued, she new she had to get away- away from him. She then decided it was time; time to use what she cursed all her life. The thing she wished with all her heart wasn't there. Drawing a gasping breath, she closed her eyes and let The wind take her. She still heard the shouts and curses of that man- her father, even as she puts miles and miles of distance between them.

She flew for sometime. Everything a blur, letting The wind lead her where ever it pleased. The wind knew what was best for her. The wind was like her guardian-always protecting her and making sure she was safe. The wind loved her; sadly she could not return this love. She in fact, despised it. This…power making her a freak in the eyes of her father and everyone else who came in contact. All she wanted was to be normal- her father to love her- having friends; isn't that what normal means? Even though, the wind knew these things- that she hated it: it loved her unconditionally.

The wind, upon finding a suitable place for its ward; set her down. She looked around wildly scanning the area. She was in an ally way? A city! She had heard about cities before in books that she snuck from her father! Excitement raced through her as she began to wonder around the city. She noticed the city, was not clean at all. Men were running around everywhere and loud, annoying sirens could be heard. After about an, hour she began to feel dread. What was with The wind ? She had asked herself; dropping her off in a place like this. Upon hearing these thoughts, the wind gave sent her a wave of annoyance. She nodded; she may as well accept this. One thought however still worried; where was she to eat- get food- sleep? She was only 12! No way was someone going to give her a job. She then, noticed a bright light in the sky……it was in the shape of a bat? Caught up in her confusion, she didn't notice someone come up behind her…

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