Hot Shot's girl: Hey guys I decided to do this story because the one in lost memories about them two is a little depressing so I'm gonna try and make it cheerier this time so enjoy:)

Starscream flew out of the atmosphere and tried to get back to his ship to contact more decepticons, but he had underestimated the gravity of the earth. His vehicle mode was not strong enough to break it. He was weak as well by all the damage he had taken from the humans back where they he fought and failed to gain the allspark. The gravity began to suck him back down and soon he could not control anything . . . he crashed.

He tumbled downward and downward to earth not knowing where he would land. He tried to gain control over his boosters as he transformed and tried to heat them up. He was too badly injured and so fell. He fell so fast and hard so he could do nothing but cry out as the ground closened and closened to him to hurt him even more.

Starscream looked and saw the earth coming towards him and so he braced himself for impact. He hit the ground hard with a loud crash and a large quake. He rolled and rolled till gravity finally stopped him where he lay. There he lay in failure of all he has done . . . he couldn't even get back to his own ship for how weak he was . . . If Megatron was there he'd know what he'd say.

Alexis felt the quake as she sat on her porch in her small country home somewhat in the middle of nowhere in the woods. It was a small little farm where she was at and she inherited the place from her parents when they were killed in a car accident. After that she decided to stay there and have nothing to do with vehicles or any of the outside world. She blamed technology for her parents death.

After feeling the shake in the earth she knew something had landed near her. She got up from her rocking chair and knew which way she had to go. She knew this land very well. She had grown up in it and so she knew it like the back of her hand.

She took her coat, put it on, and then headed out into the woods to find out what was going on. She walked through the woods just enjoying the nice walk but was still curious as to what she was going to find. When she finally got to an opening in the forest that was a very nice smooth meadow she gasped at seeing the strange thing before her. Could this be real?

Starscream gasped trying to pick himself back up, but he was too hurt and this Alexis saw. Even though she didn't know how a giant alien robot came to be here she knew he needed her help and so she wanted to give it. She knew this robot needed it . . . she didn't know how, but when she first looked at him it was like she could tell everything about him . . . if it was a him . . . how could she know? Alexis then shook off all her questions and came to the poor thing wondering if she could help.

Starscream tried to get up, but Alexis quickly came to him saying-

"Don't get up, you'll hurt yourself more."

Starscream saw the pathetic human female come to him and so growled and swung his hand at her crying out-

"Get away from me maggot!!"

Alexis backed away from his hit and knew this one was a dangerous one, but deep down inside her she knew she had to help him, but why? She sighed and said-

"You need help."

"Not from you," growled Starscream his raspy voice rumbling Alexis' chest.

He glared harshly at her with red optics. They almost looked like rubies to her at one instant so bright and beautiful, but Alexis soon saw what he truly looked like. He was nothing but a stubborn giant robot that thought he could do everything by himself. She grew mad at these kind of attitudes and so she placed her hands on her hips and glared at him, with little fear saying-

"You should really stop acting like that if you want to live."

"I will not die human!" growled Starscream wanting her to get away from him and leave him to himself.

"You know us humans say the same thing, but soon we die. We could as well not be so different," said Alexis.

"Get away!" he growled almost sounding like a mad dog.

Alexis jumped back, but she knew she couldn't leave him. A part of her wanted to just leave this jerk here and let him die, but the other part of her . . . the part her parents raised into a lady didn't want to. That part wanted to help him. Alexis sighed and so tried one more time.

"Please, just let me try."

"I said get AWAY!!" growled Starscream swinging at her one more time.

"Fine!" said Alexis throwing her hands up giving up with him. "You just stay here and fix yourself if you can, but by the looks it you're not the fixing type . . . you're the whining type."

Starscream spat at her with a grunt and a groan of pain like a dog with a broken leg. Ever so feisty and defensive not wanting no help, just to be left alone. Alexis raised enough dogs to know this and so she left Starscream and decided to forget about him. Before she left him for good she turned once back to him seeing he still tried to make himself work better.

Even though Alexis hated this kind of technology what ever it was she knew about this stuff. She knew a lot. Apparently this . . . thing didn't take her word for it. Now she left.

Alexis went back to her home and continued to just take in the day. Time came when the sun began to set and so this made her wonder of her little alien friend she left to fend for himself. She watched the skies till it grew dark to see if he was going to try and fly out of here, but so far . . . nothing. Alexis sighed and so grew tired and went to bed.

The next day she got up ate breakfast and decided to check up on him. When she came back to the place she found him she couldn't help but laugh for all he had done was move a couple of yards. He was still in the meadow. Starscream growled at hearing the human come back and laugh at him.

He never felt so humiliated in his life. he was so helpless and she could see this . . . that is what made him so embarrassed. He struggled and struggled all he could to move, but everything was busted. Nothing was working like they should be and it was all because of those stupid maggots! He hated everything about them and now even more since one would not leave him alone and more importantly . . . didn't fear him.

Alexis shook her head at him and so sighed and took out her tool box she used on many things before she decided to hate technology.

"Here," she said coming up to him with the tools. "Let me help you."

"GET AWAY!!!" growled Starscream forcing another tiring swing at her.

"I can see you're getting tired, well all your sensors need a repair and if you don't get one soon you'll be even too weak to talk so are you going to let me help you?" she asked.

Starscream then came up close to her face and rumbled-

"I'd rather die first!"

"Fine!" said Alexis giving up again. "But I'll come back tomorrow to check up on ya and I'll keep asking till you say yes you know."

As Alexis walked away Starscream let out some chuckles as he said-

"Yea, well I'll still say NO!"

"Whatever," she smiled leaving him.

As she left him Starscream just growled to himself. He wanted fixed and wanted fixed now so that he may leave this stupid organic planet and perhaps kill that annoying little-! A sharp jolt of pain cruised throughout Starscream and so it shut his thoughts and just ran on the pain. If he could not get fixed than he would stay there for eternity with no one but this human to be annoyed by . . . he couldn't take much more of this for long.

The next day Alexis proceeded everything like the last day and yet again she found Starscream in the same spot he was at, but this time he had managed to sit up right.

"Well," she smiled placing her hands on her hips. "At least you managed to sit up right so I can have a better look at ya."

"Leave me alone," he grumbled turning his head away from her.

"Well looks like your boosters were hit along with numerous parts of your body," said Alexis scanning his injured body. "Who'd you get in a fight with anyways?"

"None of your business human!" growled Starscream.

"Well by the sweet words you speak you probably deserved what you got," said Alexis turning to take out her tools.

She took out a wrench and came up to Starscream a little closer than before and so attempted one more time to fix him.

"So what do you say?" asked Alexis.

"No!" said Starscream plainly.

"Okay," sighed Alexis taking up her tools. "I'll be back tomorrow."

"Just leave me alone!" complained Starscream as he watched the human leave and knew she'd keep her word and come back to annoy him to death. "Primus what did I do to deserve this?!"

The next day Alexis did the same thing and again Starscream kept denying her. The other day after that it began to rain and she knew he was going to rust and so offered him shelter if he just agree to let her fix him, but he denied her. The next day she tried again as the rain continued and she asked, but he denied no matter how must he would rust and get dirtier and hurt more. Alexis grew tired of this, but she would wait patiently on him till he gave the answer she wanted.

The third day of rain was the worst. It had lightning and the wind beat against the trees threatening to bring them down, but the trees held their ground and planted their roots deep in the earth to win this battle. Alexis knew it was dangerous to go out, but she did anyways. She said she would and she always keeps her word.

She came out as the lightning stuck and the thunder rolled. To Starscream she went and when she came to him she saw how much his spirit was broken and ever he needed help, but he just had to humble himself and put down his pride and just tell her the one thing she wanted to hear and he needed to say. His optics were cast down but they still glew dimly. Ever her heart went out to him for she had always been caring to anyone or anything and she would not change now, no, she would make her parents proud and care for the weak like they taught her to.

She came up to him as he sighed a heavy deepened sigh. She placed her hand softly upon his hurt arm and looked up into his optics.

"Please," she whispered to him.

"Why do you do this?" he asked his voice growing weaker as the water began to short circuit him.

"Because it is the way I was raised. I'll help you even though you don't deserve it," said Alexis looking up at him as the rain ran down her soft face.

Starscream looked into her eyes . . . her teal eyes and knew she was telling the truth. Starscream knew she knew that he was evil. He could see it in her eyes and yet she wanted to help him. He had never met anyone like this before she was . . . unique in a way.

Starscream sighed a heavy sigh again as he bowed his head lowering his pride. He then said-


"Really?" smiled Alexis.

"Go ahead," sighed Starscream casting his gaze away from her showing her he still carried a little pride.

"Okay," smiled Alexis as she took out her tool kit.

Starscream could feel her trying to repair what she could on him and so he had no choice but to look at what she did. Did she know what she was doing? He did not want her to mess up any of his sensors and so he watched her closely. Alexis knew this and so giggled a bit as she said-

"I know what I'm doing robot."

Starscream was caught and so he jolted back acting like he wasn't worried. This only made Alexis giggle more and Starscream wondered at what this giggling thing was for, was it at him, for him, with him, or because of him? Humans confused him so.

Alexis worked all night on Starscream as the rain poured and the thunder roared. She was cold as she did this and Starscream saw her tremble. He then scanned her seeing her body temperature was at a dangerous low.

"Human you should get to someplace dry and warm now," said Starscream. "It is not good for you to be like this."

"No, no," shook Alexis pushing herself to work in and fix him as good as she could. "I promised I'd fix you and so I shall."

"But you humans are too frail, you could die," said Starscream.

Alexis then turned to him and smiled at him with a kind, but playful smile saying-

"My, my robot . . . do you actually care?"

"Uh . . . no . . . I just don't want the person who can fix me to get sick and stop when I could get fixed sooner and leave sooner," said Starscream shooting his head away from her.

"Uh-huh, sure," smiled Alexis wiping her nose and continuing on as the rain and the wind beat against her.

As midnight came everything had stopped all at once and this Alexis admired. She looked up to see the clearest of skies and a moon so full and bright that it looked fake.

"That never ceases to amaze me," she smiled shaking her head and continuing on.

And so she worked on Starscream so long till she fell asleep fixing one of his boosters. She had not noticed that she had fallen asleep, but Starscream had. He found he was good enough to move a fair distance and so he took Alexis and placed her in some soft grass as to keep her comfertable. He didn't know why but he liked something about this fleshing.

She was different than the others . . . so different. Different wasn't always so bad, especially to him. He gave out another sigh as he watched her sleep and just waited for her to wake. After seeing her turn softly in her sleep and smile he couldn't help but smile at her as well.

When the sun arose Alexis jumped up immediately noticing she had fallen asleep.

"Oh no!" she gasped shooting up and looking around to see if the robot had gone.

She then calmed down seeing him recharging on a tree he leaned against, but he soon came back online to see her awake.

"Are you going to finish human?" he asked.

"Yea, but . . . why did you let me fall asleep?" she asked.

"You were tired," he said. "Humans can only handle so much . . . and you needed it."

"Thanks," smiled Alexis coming back to fix what she needed to finish. "Oh and by the way my name is Alexis."

Alexis did not expect any name from him. She just wanted him to know who was so kind to him and fixed him that maybe one day out in space he would remember her, but he surprised her by saying-


Alexis looked at him in surprise and he knew she was and so she caught a slight glimpse of his smile at her. She then got back to work to fix him like new. She was glad she hadn't given up on Starscream for she knew deep down inside they were supposed to meet. She didn't know why or how, but she just did.