The war never did end on cybertron. In fact it only got worse when both sides received great numbers of soldiers. Starscream was a fierce fighter. It was as if Alexis never existed once he came to fight like his old normal self.

Some began to even wonder if he loved that human back on that back water planet called earth. Starscream knew how to deceive. He could hide things very well. The truth, the lies, and even . . . his own feelings.

His spark was still bonded to Alexis and so ached to be with her again. Starscream had to stop himself from thinking of her as the battle raged for the control of the planet cybertron, like normal. When he thought of her his feelings began to return. His love, his softness and gentleness . . . his ever soft feeling and tender moment he shared with Alexis would show and he would become weak . . . but he didn't want to be weak.

He wanted to be the one strong enough to break that bond. He couldn't afford to be weak. There was too much at cost if he decided to do so. War called for survival of the fittest and if you weren't strong then you will die.

Starscream was the leader of the decepticons. They were the brutes of the race and so he had to be the fiercest to control them. He had to be the finest warrior, but most of his men thought he was too weak because of his experience on earth. His little secret wasn't so little with Cyclonus and Skywarp being the way they were . . . blabber mouths.

Most of the army knew Starscream had a soft side though and so they would challenge him to become the leader and so Starscream would have to push back and show he was not a softy . . . not anymore. This was cybertron. Home of the most fiercest race in the universe . . . the transformers. He was not weak, he was not!

As much as he tried to convince himself there was no Alexis he was alone and cold sparked and loved no one . . . there her memory was again. She was smiling at him with her warm smile in the bright sun and her teal eyes shown like jewels as she gazed at him in love and always wanted to be with him and only him. He couldn't erase her from his mind. That bond was still there . . . it was true . . . she was his curse.

He couldn't stop this from happening. He couldn't fight that feeling for longing for her anymore. He was tired of fighting so tired. If he could he would run away and back into her arms . . . but once he quit fighting . . . he came back . . . Megatron.

He came back and took back what was his. The throne of the decepticons and so whoever was there he had to get rid of. He destroyed Starscream. Murdered him in cold energon and the thing was . . . Starscream gave up fighting that very day and so . . . Megatron killed him with ease . . . He didn't fight back even to save his own life.

He didn't fight because of her. Alexis. Megatron was glad to get that weakling out of his ranks in the first place. Starscream . . . passed away perhaps never to be remembered again.

But as Starscream's spark left his body something happened. He remembered that bond he and Alexis shared it was there . . . and it would never go away even in death. His spark was eternal, one of a kind, so it would wander and wander until it found rest in a body, but there was none. So it felt the aching need for something other than a body since it couldn't have it, but what was it?

It then remembered her . . . the bond . . . the love. It was very strong so strong that it pulled it to somewhere, some place beyond the stars. Where? It was soft and peaceful and he wanted to go to it for it knew that it . . . that bond . . . that love would give it peace and so it went.

It had been three years now . . . since he had left. Alexis still felt the same for him. She was still in love with him even though she hadn't seen, heard from, or even touched him in over three years. She couldn't explain how, but she loved him very deeply still.

It was an invisible bond that held her tight still through the years. That kept her waiting and searching the stars every day . . . every night. She couldn't explain it . . . how it got there and all but she figured it was that night when they bonded that it took hold of her and perhaps even him. It was, in a way, a horrible feeling.

She wanted to travel. She wanted to see the world when she didn't get to. She was inspired by him, by his free spirit he had and always wanting her to see things other than her home, she wanted to do it for him. But something happened after he left that had caused her to stay . . . not just the bond that they shared either.

As Alexis looked out her window about an hour after dinner she smiled and sighed. She didn't care how long or if he never came. She always had this feeling that cold wind of hers would come back again like usual, but so far . . . nothing. She then sighed once more and closed her window and called down the hall-

"Jamie make sure you brush your teeth. It's bed time."

"I will," came a small voice as he made his way to the bathroom just across Alexis' room.

Alexis just smiled and shook her head. He helped dealing with Starscream's leaving. At least she had company other than her animals. She made sure he did what she told as she watched him in the bathroom.

She leaned against her door post and just smiled seeing his little body trying to reach the faucet. He managed to reach it and so cleaned himself. After he finished he wiped his mouth with his arm and Alexis came to him and said-

"Alright, now it's time for bed."

"Okay," sighed Jamie as he slumped over and made his way to his room.

Alexis just giggled as she watched him go in his room. She then came and shut the door saying-

"Good night Jamie."

"Good night mommy," he smiled as he tucked himself in his bed.

She then shut the door and made her way to her room. She sighed and shut her door and readied for bed herself. She took off her every-day-clothes and readied to put on her night gown. When she did she could have sworn she caught a glimpse of some kind of speckle . . . a light . . . a spark?

Alexis looked that way, but saw nothing and so she put her night gown on and fixed her hair that had grown quite a bit in the last three years. She then went to her window and opened it one last time to say good night to the stars, but she gasped and her heart jumped and flew inside her as she saw something come her way . . . a spark . . . his spark! Alexis grasped her heart seeing this. She knew it was Starscream and that he had been killed somehow, but all that didn't matter anymore for he had kept his word . . . he had come back!

The war was over . . . for him and now his spark has traveled with the sight of the bond they share and come back to her . . . to it's home. To her arms. Her body couldn't move though as much as she was happy. It would not respond to her.

Her heart then sunk a little knowing that she could not touch his spark. Humans couldn't touch sparks it would go right through them like a ghost. Only cybertronian metal could, but Alexis didn't have anything made of such to grab it with. If she could grab it she could take the spark and place it in the extra bodies the decepticons had left behind in the base Alexis didn't even step foot in for years.

She thought of many things, but only one think came to mind. She knew how to take it. She then turned and left her room and went into Jamie's. He wasn't asleep yet, well not in a deep one, and so she gave him a slight shake and he awoke and sat up.

"Jamie," said Alexis as he got up and stood before her with a curious expression on his face as to what she wanted or was going to do.

"Yes mommy?" asked Jamie.

Alexis smiled and lowered herself to his height and asked-

"How would you like to catch a falling star? You know, like we always sang about in that song."

"But how can I?" asked Jamie cocking his head to the side.

Alexis then took his smooth metal hands in hers and smiled at him looking straight into his ruby red optics that shined like far away stars themselves. She then said-

"Trust me . . . you can."

Hot Shot's girl: The end. Yes that's right the end. I hope you guys liked it and all. I enjoyed writing it and I enjoyed, very much, you guys' review.

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