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Chapter one- Again?


An 18 year old Sakura Haruno just walked through the front door of her Complex Condominium, slamming the door, not even bothering to worry if she had woken her two Condo-mates (A/N: me and my small brain couldn't think of another word) .

"SAKURA!!!!" yelled a male voice from up the 3 steps leading to the higher floor.

Sakura just ignored the calls and walked into the kitchen, grabbing the bottle of Tylenol. She walked over to the counter and staired thru the viewer (A/N: you know how some kitchens have like a window thing that allows you to see into the other room? Again, small brain here).

"Sakura, do you have any idea what time of night it is. People are sleeping!!!" yelled a pissed off Neji

"Shut up Neji, your waking them up with your voice!" Shouted Sai

"would both of you just shut up! Im sorry if I woke you up okay" she reasoned through her pink sleeve.

"PMS, I swear. Its soo friggin late Sakura" said Neji

"Neji…..cant you see she is really upset right now?" Pointed out Sai

Not until now, did he notice her crying. (A/N: He can be so slow sometimes)

"oh, well……..uh sorry onee-chan. I really didn't mean to make you that upset" apologized Neji

"its okay, and its not you" said Sakura wiping her red eyes.

Neji gave her a sympathetic look and went back to his room. Sakura got up and went to the couch and turned on the Television to some romance show.

" It happened again didn't it, I swear give me a name and i-

"I hate him" Snarled Sakura

"I know you do I hate him too" said Sai while softening his eyes


A 15 year old Sakura pulled up the driveway into her enormous house. Her timing was horrible. At the same time, her drunk father walked out of the house. Seeing Sakura get out of an unknown car gave him ideas.

"Sakura!!, whose car is this!" he demanded

"it's Sai's car, he offered me a ride home dad" replied Sakura

"a ride home, up my butt hole. What are you doing in another boys car?! Don't tell me you turned into some slut who sleeps with him. And now you're going to be a teenage mother!!" Shouted her father

"NO, no, don't jump to conclusions. He's just my friend Father!" shouted back Sakura, as soon as she did, she knew she made a mistake

Her father rose his fist to strike her in her stomach. Sai got out of the car fast enough to restrain her father.

"Sakura, get in the car!" shouted Sai

"You, are going to get rid of that child before I do it for you slut!" yelled Her father

After a while, she learned that her father had spread false news about her getting an abortion. How could she get an abortion when there was nothing to get rid of! She was still a virgin for Kami-sake!!.

Soon enough, the village began to spread rumors and taunt her the words slut, and whore, everywhere she went. Her life was ruined.


Her father had died about a year after in a Rouge-fight. All of his wealth went to Sakura. Her father was one of the owners for a wealthy oil company in all of the villages so she was really rich.

"what happened, tonight" asked Sai

"the same as always. When they figured out that I am not actually a slut, they leave me for another girl who is" Stated Sakura

"don't worry Sakura, someone who like you for you and not your body. Who know's, maybe you soul mate is right in front of your face" Replied Sai while playing with her fingers on her lap

"Ricardo?. He's not that bad but he killed Jen's baby" she said while giggling referring to the Soap opera she was now watching

"you are slow" said Sai

"so what deal with it" she said.

"um, good night Sai, I think I'm going to go to bed now" she said getting up

"good night Saku-chan" he said and then gave her a kiss on the cheek

She blushed, and walked up stairs

After about and hour, Sai went upstairs to his room, but he stopped by Sakura's door which was slightly ajar.

'hm, a little look wouldn't hurt'

He walked inside her room and his attention was turned to a piece of paper on the floor

'what's this?'

It was a poem she had just written. She was always good at writing but sometimes her emotions got the best of her.

I'm so misunderstood

No one tries to get me

Can't they see beyond my face?

Can't they set me free?

They say im so miserable

They say cant I put on a smile

Why smile for something

That's not smile worth while

Can I blame cupid

For my loveless life

Can I blame the demons?

For the hate inside

Can't I blame food?

For my body size

Can I blame knowledge?

Cuz I still ask why

Why can't I live my dream?

Instead im facing reality

Reality is just there

But dreams lie in despair

As I get older,

Sadness shows its color: am I ready

Sadly enough, its true colors

Are not pretty

So what, im a bitch

Deal with it

Can I hate with a glare

Can I love with a smile?

Im so misunderstood

Is my life really worth while?

Knowing my weakness, is someone's power

Words may not break my bones

But it sure did break my heart

Sai read the poem once more and decided it was defiantly one to ask her about.

He then reached over to her arms and took a quick look at her wrist.

"okay great" he said

"great what?" asked Neji sneaking up on him

Sai nearly jumped through the ceiling.

"Neji stop doing that!" shouted a whispering Sai (A/N I don't know how that works)

"pft, some ninja. Cant even sense my presence." Glowered Neji

"shut up, now go outside before you wake her up"

"what the hell are you doing in her room anyways" said Neji realizing he had just caught Sai in Sakura's room. He walked over to her to make sure she was fully clothed then he turned hi attention back to Sai.

"better had been, or else I would rip your arm right out of its socket Sai" warned Neji

"what ever Neji" yelled Sai while walking to the kitchen table

"hurt her………………..and you will not live to see another day. Its your fault she's like this anyways!" said Neji

"Why don't you concentrate on your girlfriend Tenten, and leave Sakura and me alone.?" Sai Said

"she Is my responsibility also you know. I don't care if you are madly in love with her. Keep your hands off of her" said Neji walking away

Sai turned toward him and flipped him off.

Neji turned around and hurled a Kunai at him

'shoot, byakugan. I forgot about that' said Sai

"do you want to try that again!" said Neji not even turning around

"shove it" said Sai

"I thought so" said Neji as he continued to his room

Sai turned off all of the lights and sat in the living room, staring at the ceiling.

Around four in the morning, a sleepy Sakura comes to the kitchen area. She fumbles with the contents on the table when her hand brush a cold metal.

"what the hell is a kunai doing at the- oh Kami. Now where is the stupid Tylenol" said a grumbling sakura

After a few more minutes of searching in the dark she gave up and went to sit on the couch because she was too lazy to go back to her room, she stared up at the ceiling.

"what are you doing up so late?" asked sai

"WTF!!! Sai, are you trying to scare me to death!!!" asked sakura

"shhhhhh, before Neji comes downstairs" warned sai

"sorry. What are you doing downstairs?" asked Sakura

"thinking" replied Sai

"whatever Sai-kun" said Sakura shifting around to get comfortable.

After a long moment of Sakura looking at the ceiling and Sai looking at Sakura, Sai decides that its boring and he's not tired.

"Hey, do you want to go out for a walk" ask Sai

"uh, sure, let me grab some clothes." Said Sakura

She ran to her room, and gently closed the door behind her. She brushed her hair into a neant bun, and put on dark skinny jeans, and olive green trench coat over her sleeping top, and olive green ballet flats.

Sai took the keys, and led Sakura outside as quietly as possible. They walked through the park until they came to a meadow. There was a huge tree, and tall grass leaves, and a cool refreshing breeze.

"want to sit under the tree?" ask Sai

"um, sure"said Sakura

Sakura placed her back against the wide trunk of the tree. While Sai lay down next to her.

They talked for what seemed like hours, until eventually Sai had his head on Sakura's lap, as they both slept………………


A groggy Neji walked downstairs to find the kitchen empty.

'that's odd, usually Sai is in here stuffing his face with food'

He went to the walk-in and saw that Sai's keys were missing.

'He must have went out. Anyways time to wake Sakura up'


Neji walked over to the door and opened it to greet his bubbly girlfriend.

"Hey Neji-kun!" she said while giving him a hug

"hi Tenten chan" Neji replied

He then let the brown haired brown eyed girl into the house.

"Hey neji, I saw the most cutest thing this morning" said Keori

"what was that Tenten-chan" he asked while joining the 20 year old Jonin on the large couch

"I saw Sakura-chan, and Sai-kun, under a huge tree in the meadows, cuddling and sleeping together (A/N: not that way people) im so happy for her!" stated Tenten while getting a dazed look in her eyes.

Neji's eyes visibly flashed dangerously, as he tried to restrain himself from not tearing the chair arms off.

"N-neji are you okay?" asked Tenten

Neji didn't respond but instead he grabbed her hand and ran with her out the door. They rushed all the way to the meadows, to find, Sai leaned against the tree with Sakura under his left arm, and her head on his chest. They were both still asleep.

"aw, look at that Neji-kun, they are so cute. Young love is so cute" whispered Tenten

Neji untensed a little, but he was still furious that they had went out last night without him knowing.

"They disobeyed me and went out without me knowing. Something could have happened!"

"Neji, they are 18, and im sure Sai wouldn't let anything happen to Sakura." Reasoned Tenten

Neji looked over at his girlfriend and calmed down a bit.

"now, how about we follow their lead and be happy in this large meadow of blissful-ness." Said Tenten dragging him away

Neji shot one last glare at the sleeping Sai before giving into Tenten.

A few minutes later, a sleepy Sakura woke up.

"where am I" she asked

Then she looked down and saw Sai on her lap, and she gave a smile.

'I wonder what braiding his hair would be like' she wondered while running her porcelain fingers through his hair. All of a sudden, her eyes flashed in excitement as she smirked evilly.

'hehe, im soo evil, and he is going to kill me but its worth it.'

She got to work braiding his hair, but she found that his hair was very straight and hard to braid. So she tied the ends with flowers.

"Haruno-Sama!" a voice shouted off in the distance

"Over here" she said trying not to wake Sai

"Hey Sakura-san" greeted Genma

"good morning Genma, what can I do for you?"

"Tsunade-sama request your presence in her office right now." He said While looking down at Sai

"wow, he's really pretty" he said while snickering at his hairdo

"I know" she replied while laughing

"Hey Sai, wake up" she said while trying to wake him up

"do I have too?"

"Yes, because Tsunade-san wants me" said Sakura

"So do I" he said

Sakura and Genma quirked an eyebrow, and that's when Sai had realized what he said outloud. Then he blushed a light crimson.

"disregard that" he asked

"ok? Well see you later Sai-kun" she said while getting up

"bye Sakura-chan" he said while getting up to go the opposite way


No answer


"come in" said a female voice

Sakura walked into the office, and as soon as she walked in, she could sense the grim and sad aura inside. It must have been quite contagous because Sakura's bubbly smile faded quickly.

"G-good morning Tsunade-san, you wanted to see me?"

"Yes I did. Its quite urgent actually. Please take a seat" She answered in a shaky voice

"what going on around here, you can almost smell the bad fortune." Said Sakura trying to lighten up the mood, too bad it only brought it dawn more.

"I have a mission for you. Now before you get all worked up, I'm going to let you know that you can turn it down if you want too" informed Tsunade

"It cant be that bad can it"

Tsunade just stared at her for a while before continuing

"this mssion is to Suna. You will be going there to help out with the hospital there and train the medics, while under the Kazekage's care." Said Tsunade

"that's not so bad" said Sakura

"how long will it take" she asked

" Sakura………once you accept this mission, you will not be a citizen of Konoha anymore, become a Sand shinobi, and you belong to Suna. We only wanted this to strengthen our alliance, and make sure that Suna will not attack us. As I said before, you don't have to do it." Informed Tsunade

"respecting my country and loyalty with Konoha, is far more important than my personal reasons, and besides there's no one here for me to keep a smile on my face, maybe I'll find one in suna." She finished

"very well Sakura, go tell you friends and have a good time. Show Suna what Konoha can do my faithful apprentice. We will all miss you."

"I'll be sure to send word to you as soon as I get there, and send word on my mission Tsunade-sensei" she said while walking out

"Good bye,and………………………thank you" She said while disappearing

'make us proud' thought Tsunade while fingering the red forehead protector in her hands.


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