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The journey through the woods was long and endearing (A/N: is that a word?)

"Sakura? Do you need any help with those bags?" Asked Neji

"N-no thank you" she said clearly struggling with the 50 million ton bag on her sholders.

Neji took them from her anyways

"boy do I love you nii-chan" she said

"Yeah I know. We are here anyways" he ponited out

"Thank Kami-sama" She exclaimed.


"Kazekage-sama" said the secratary

"Yes Mia-San" He answred throught the brass doors

"oh, Please call me Takira-chan" she said

...no response

She cleared her throat "ehem, well, the Konoha shinobi are here" she said

"Send them in...Mia-San" he said

She grumbled under her breath and showed the shinobi inside


" "


"Hyuuga-San you can go now" said The Kazekage

"ok then...see ya round Cherry-chan" said Neji

"bye Nii-chan" she said while embracing him

With that he left...with a glare at the Kazekage for who knows what

"Good morning Kazekage-san" she said

"its night are you dense? And its Kazekage- sama"

'cocky are we'

"Well Kazekage-sama, im not here to make you happy, Im here to do my fricken job" she yelled

With that he got up and stood up menacingly in front of her. She then noticed that he was a good 8 inches taller than her

"you DONT scare me" she said

He corked a smirk to evil, that he showed his impressive canines. His red haird and peircing eyes made the look even more evil.

"oh really? Such a brave kunoichi, talking down to her superiors. Should I punish you for being bad?" he asked

"take your best shot" she challenge

"you've bitten off more than you can chew..Suddenly I like you" he said

"wow...thats a first" She said passivly

"hn, interesting one aren't you? well, lets get down to business" he said

"you will be staying at my residence so i can keep an eye on you" he said

"why?" she enquired

"call it xenophobia. You will be working with the hospital on mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays and sundays.You will be sharing a room with Kankuro until the guest room is done Got it?" he asked

"sure, one thing though, who is this Kankuro?"

As if on cue a pair of hand took hold of her waist and she heard the word Boo from above her

"are you prepared for my total smexi hotness?" asked the voice

"if you say so" she said

He walked around her so she could see him

"eh, i've seen better" she giggled

"ouch. your mean Sakura-chan" he said feigning hurt

"nope, im only truthful" she said

"Kankuro, show her around, get her familiar with Suna, blah blah blah, Now shoo" Said Gaara

"aww, why so mean Gaara-kun, eager to fantasize about her that quick?" said Kankuro

He ducked from a manilla folder. He took this as a cue to run off.

"You didnt deny it little bro!" said Kankuro in the distance with an unerved Sakura over his back.

The red haired Kazekage smirked to himself and sat down...to think...not fantasize at all... DENIAL!!

Things would be very tough and tempting with her here now.


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