I loved mornings like this most of all. The sun wasn't quite up yet but it was still trying, spraying wisp of orange through the sky as the night's darkness faded. Birds were already singing their morning songs and it occurred to me that the military base back home had no such thing. Oh well, such was life I suppose. Right now nothing could get my spirits down, as I was still on cloud nine from last night's encounter. Fate had accepted me, after making me worry all evening, and was now my girlfriend. Vivio had two mothers who were actually together now instead of just friends, and I still had time with my own family as well. The smell of coffee made me inhale deeply, feeling a bittersweet nostalgic moment of growing up to the scent every morning. Personally I hated the stuff, but the smell still screamed out 'morning' to me. Seeing as how the café was closed today I just assumed that my parents forgot to turn off the timer today. Disregarding the machine I continued making breakfast for myself and Fate. Bacon was cooked, toast was buttered with jam, and the eggs were just coming off the skillet. With a smile I arranged the plate and poured a rather large cup of orange juice to share before turning to walk back to my room and stopped in my tracks when I saw me blonde friend standing in the doorway.

Spinel Heart II

By: Satashi

"Aw," Nanoha pouted at her as she made her way towards the door leading into the living room. "I was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed." Her friend looked pleasantly shocked at the notion and apologized with a small lopsided grin. "Oh well, come eat." Sitting down, Nanoha scooped up a forkful of the scrambled eggs. "I was going to make an omelet but we had a small disagreement." Moving to her friend, she fed the red eyed one the bite. "I thought my eggs should fold over onto themselves but they thought they should fall apart in my pan. Unfortunately I lost the argument." With a sheepish grin she watched Fate silently laugh with her eyes. "Did you sleep well?"

"Better than I have in a long, long time." She admitted the truth with a small splash of color across her nose. "I slept like a rock, and for once you didn't keep me up snoring like normal when you fall asleep first." Her tease met it's mark and Nanoha stiffened slightly. Everyone knew she could wake the dead with her snoring and she was hyper sensitive about the subject, even going as far as getting special strips to put across her nose at night to help stop the habit. Although they didn't work in the slightest Fate lied to Nanoha for a good three nights just to see how cute she looked with the small band across the middle of her face. "A good night's rest was just what I needed," She knew to change the topic before the tease had time to upset the girl.

Nanoha nodded slightly to herself and took turns feeding her friend while eating as well. "So, um... last night was..." She fed Fate again to buy herself some time to come up with the words she wanted to use. "Fun?"

The blonde laughed happily at the embarrassed comment and had to cover her mouth to make sure she didn't accidentally spit the food she was just fed onto her friend. "Yes," She agreed finally, laughter still evident in her voice. "Fun." The two locked eyes for a brief moment before each turned away shyly, their first make-out session still fresh on their minds. "Um, Thanks for breakfast." One hand went to sweep a lock of hair behind her ear before leaning back onto the large couch while Nanoha sat the empty plate on the table. Shortly after she found Nanoha embarrassedly scooting closer, pressing up against her side enough to warrant having an arm placed around her shoulders. "It's odd," Fate whispered as her gaze turned to the shorter girl curled up against her. Nanoha's eyes blinked in question at her statement so she developed deeper on it. "We've done this countless times before but this time it's different."

"Mm," Nanoha nodded slightly. "I guess our relationship did change just a little bit, huh?"

"I...don't mind." Fate's hand rubbed her girlfriend's shoulder lightly. "It's nice." Any reply she may have gotten was cut off by a soft yawn. "Hehe, you still sleepy?"

"A little. Slept great but just didn't get enough I guess. Yesterday as an emotional day for me you know."

"Well then, just rest a little bit longer." Fate shifted slightly away from her friend and laid back on the couch. "Come on," she prompted softly with a smile. Nanoha looked at her for a moment before smiling shyly and laying down on top of her friend. "There you go, get a few more minutes of sleep."

"Someone could catch us," She reminded softly while getting comfortable. Her head rested above Fate's breasts and under her chin, arms looped around under her body and palms pressings against the blonde's back.

"It's fine, no one will be up for a bit." Fate pulled the comforter off the back of the couch and laid it out over their bodies to keep warm. She felt rather than saw Nanoha nod against her and placed both her arms around her friend. Instead of a word of goodnight Nanoha simply placed a very small kiss onto Fate's neck, prompting an embarrassed sound in return. It didn't take long before the breathing of the girl on top to become steady, lightly tickling Fate's neck whenever her partner would exhale a little harder than normal. For once she didn't snore, instead blissfully sighing in her dreams. The mood started to seep into the blonde as well and instead of watching TV while Nanoha slept, she too soon fell asleep.

"Mama?" Vivio's voice slowly made Fate open her eyes and look sleepily to the side. "Good morning." Vivio greeted properly.

"Good morning..." Fate spoke softly, still more asleep than awake. One hand went to rub her eyes slowly. "What time is it sweetheart?"

"Almost noon, you lazy bum!" Arisa's voice made Fate gasp, looking up into the eyes of her Earth friend. "I see you and Nanoha do still cling to each other every moment."

Fate looked around, realizing that all of her friends and family were already moving about. "Ah! We over slept!?"

"Nnghh..." Nanoha looked up slowly towards Fate. "Fate-chan... G'mornin again..." She smiled sleepily at her friend while weakly moving forward. "Can I have a kiss?" Her words were broken, not fully awake yet. Missing Fate's nervous whispering she still planted a gentle good morning greeting on her girlfriend's lips. "Mmm..." Pulling back she smiled playfully down at her friend, rubbing sleep from her eyes. "Always wanted to do the good morning kiss thing."

"Whoa-ho!" Arisa exclaimed loudly, pointing at them in shock. "You are dating! I knew it!"

"Arisa!" Nanoha fell off the couch quickly and almost landed on Vivio in the process. "Suzuka! Everyone!"

"Are they awake finally?" Chrono bent over the couch to look at them.

Vivio looked up happily. "Uncle Chrono!" With a hop she jumped onto the couch and then onto Fate's stomach. The blonde gasped out in slight pain as Chrono picked up the little girl. "Hello!"

"Hello to you too." He held her against his hip and grinned down at his sister. "So, sis, got a girlfriend and didn't even tell us?"

Nanoha blushed darkly. "Um, in all fairness, it just happened."

Arisa laughed. "Oh please, you two have been dating since you were ten, you just didn't know it."

"Sweetheart, cut them some slack." Suzuka put a hand one the other girl's shoulder.

"Sweetheart!?" Fate pointed at them. "What the hell? And you yell at me for not delivering news?!"

"Nice!" Nanoha hugged them both. "Wow, birds of a feather, huh? What're the odds we'd all end up together? Sounds like a bad plot on a rushed fanfic, huh?"

At that moment Hayate decided to enter the room through the front door. "Happy Halloween everyone!" In her arms she carried several bags filled with what appeared to be clothes. In turn she herself was decked out in a stereotypical witch outfit complete with a broom. "I brought your costumes!"

"Hayate!" The room greeted all at the same time. Several hugs were issued around in greeting as her body guard knights followed into the house.

"Talk about cramped," Nanoha mused as her mother dragged her off to help serve drinks for the many, many guest.

"C'mere Fate-chan!" Hayate motioned for the blonde first and held out a bag. "Here's your treat!"

Fate slowly looked into the bag and stared a few moments before looking back up with a horrified expression. "You can't be serious." Hayate's smile only got larger. "Hayate, I'm going to murder you in your sleep."

"Glad you like it!" The leader didn't seem phased by the death threat. "Now go change, everyone else needs to as well!" Shooing the girl up the stairs she called out again. "Vivio! I have one for you too!"

After several minutes of chaotic greetings and passing out of uniforms Nanoha once again came into to living room bearing several cups of ice. Following was her mother with several bottles of drinks and her father with plates of different types of cakes, cookies, and other snacks. Vivio was the first to run up to help and relieved Nanoha of two of the cups before carrying them the rest of the way to the group and handing them out. The little girl then smiled brightly at her accomplishment before gasping out loudly and pointing to the stairs. "Mama's a kitty!"

Nanoha looked over to where her daughter was pointing and grinned from ear to ear at the sight. Fate was in something that looked like a solid black one piece bathing suit paired with knee high skin tight black leggings. From her elbows down the same skin hugging material covered her arms to fingertips. The only difference was the palms of her hands and bottoms of her feet were a blindingly cute shade of pink. To top off the outfit she had on a cat-ear headband and a long tail that swung out behind her seemingly on it's own. "Me-yow!" Nanoha cheered at her, clapping along with everyone else. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty!" She made a beckoning motion with her hand. "Heeeeeeeere kitty, kitty!" Despite the laughing Fate still made her way over to her friend and gave the blue eyed girl a pathetically embarrassed look. "Good girl!" Nanoha comforted, petting her hair.

"Oh stow it." Fate shoved a bag into Nanoha's arms. "Here is your's and Vivio's, go change."

"Sure thing, we'll go right meow." Nanoha darted away from her girlfriend before the pun had time to register and scooped up Vivio on her way.

Fate talked idly with her friends while ignoring the repeated cat calls from those waiting to change into costumes for Halloween. Subaru simply wore floppy puppy ears and a matching short tail that wagged out behind her whenever she laughed or smiled. Tia simply wore her barrier jacket and claimed that she was 'in uniform' when Hayate requested her to change into something more fitting. Despite her best protest the leader couldn't deny that a military outfit, on Earth, was indeed dressing up. Finally after what seemed like fifteen long minutes Nanoha's voice sprang up again from the stairway. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, The star of Girls Gone Wild parts two, five, and seven... Nanoha Takamachi!" With that she jumped into view wearing the standard playboy bunny playmate outfit. Tight sheer white leggings graced her lower half with black heeled shoes. Her body was covered in a red outfit that showed generous cleavage and even had a mini neck-tie and cuff. On her rear was a cute fluffy bunny tail that she could wiggle when shaking her hips and her head appeared to have two large floppy bunny ears with no visible headband holding them on. "Jaaaaaaaaaan!"

Hayate clapped the loudest of all, sticking two fingers in her mouth and letting out a shrill whistle. "Looking good!" Nudging Fate, she grinned. "Say something!"

"I have never been more turned on nor embarrassed in my entire life..." Fate whispered to herself, face burning red. "Hayate, I forgive you for everything you've put me through."

"And also introducing, puppy!Vivio!" Nanoha reached onto the stairs and encouraged Vivio to come forward into the crowd. The small one had white dog ears on her head with black spots on them as well as a full body outfit that resembled a dalmatian. Face paint dotted her skin with black dots as well as a matching tail that was wagging insanely fast as people cooed over her. "Hayate-chan," Nanoha motioned for her. "How in the world do these outfits work? I swear I can feel my ears!"

"I'd break it down but as far as I know, they have some type of stimulating micro chip thingy-ma-jigger that reads your emotions and reacts to them. Ask Yuuno for a more detailed explination." Hayate grinned, observing the outfit. "You look better in that than I thought!"

"Thank you," Nanoha accepted the random offering of a cookie from her sister and looked around merrily. "Wow, this is turning into quite a show. Did you bring anything for Suzuka and Arisa?"

Hayate nodded as they walked to the couch to talk. "A leopard outfit for Arisa and a squirrel for Suzuka."

"You sure you're not a closet fur-fan?" Nanoha laughed loudly at the blush she received but had to bite it down when Raising Heart beeped at her to signal a communication's window.

"Nanoha!" the screen greeted her quickly. "It's almost lunch time, where are you!?"

The image of the instuctor's superior graced the screen, making the girl gasp out. "Oh! I'm so sorry!"

"Save it, and get here!"

Nanoha looked over at Fate who had Vivio in her lap. The blond smiled fondly at her, obviously holding back her words. The look was encouraging but sad at the same time. "I'm sorry," Nanoha spoke again to the screen. "I can't come today." Her superior gave her a blank shocked look a moment, giving Nanoha enough time to explain. "I'm with my family and friends right now... I just can't leave, I'm taking my daughter out tonight and going to a party."

"I see... Well, you are on vacation under orders from your direct superior so I can't force you..." She sighed loudly. "Family first, I understand. Have fun." The screen blipped out.

"Nanoha..." Fate looked over at her gently. "...Thank you."

The bunny-girl whined out loudly before stuffing the rest of her cookie into her mouth to get her mind off what she had just done. "There's always next year!"

"Who are you and what have you done with Nanoha?" Hayate laughed out while moving out of the way for Vivio to run across the room and hug the legs of her other mother.

"I'm glad it's not too cold," Fate mused as she walked down the street with the large group of friends. "I was a little worried about that." Looking up at the sky she grinned at the sun. "We probably have about an hour or two left of daylight so we can get quite a few houses." In front of her Vivio, Elio, Caro, and a reluctant Vita were all talking between themselves. Elio appeared to be a knight straight out of a

a Final Fantasy game while Caro was decked out in a large frilly pink princess dress. Vita was the only scary one of the group, earing a pitch black cape and a dark maroon and black suit. Her K-9 teeth were expanded and after a touch of make-up she made the perfect little vampire.

"Ah well, if it was we could have just taken the van around." Nanoha waved it off, stopping at the sidewalk and watching the group of children run up to a house and ring the doorbell. "Brings back memories doesn't it?"

Hayate smiled as she thought back. "I remember; back then you two pushed me around in my wheelchair to all the houses. It was my first time trick-or-treating... Fate-chan's too wasn't it?"

"Mm," Fate nodded. "Nanoha made such a big fuss over it." After re-grouping with their little ones they walked a little farther to the next batch of houses. "She tried to show me how to carve a pumpkin but we ended up having to let Hayate do it for us."

"Mou!" Nanoha wrinkled up her nose, bunny ears standing up straight. "You don't have to tease me, Kitty-chan."

Fate's tail picked up it's pace swaying behind her lightly. "Stop calling me that, it's embarrassing."

Hayate swapped to walking in between them, looping an arm through their's. "Now now we can flirt later, right now let's just have fun." Her teasing made each of them blush and turn and look away, still not used to people acknowledging them as a couple. "Hey, you girls...what say we trick-or-treat with them?"

"Eh?" Nanoha blinked. "Arn't we a little old for that?"

"Oh come on!" Hayate grinned widely. "Let's do it!"

Fate slowly smiled. "Okay, sure, for old times sake."

"Mou, you two!" Nanoha ran ahead of them, grabbing Elio's offered treat bag. "Such children!"

"Says the one the most eager!" Hayate darted forward as well, followed closely by Fate. Together the three ran up to a house and rang the doorbell, giggling to themselves when the door opened.

"Trick-or-treat!" the three of them got odd looks but still received candy before running back to the younger ones while laughing at their selves.

"Wow! Babes at thee oclock!" A new voice sprang up, making everyone turn to a group of guys dressed up as Earth monsters. "Hello there ladies. How about coming to a party with us after you're through babysitting?"

Hayate flushed. "Are they hitting on us?" She whispered over to Nanoha shyly.

"Sorry," Fate waved at them. "We're already going to another party." She turned to walk off but the guys danced in front of them before she could.

"Aw come on kitty-kitty!" One of the men put a hand on Fate's bare shoulder. "I can make you purr."

Nanoha's face darkened. "Look, a ghost!" She pointed frantically, making the younger kids turn to inspect the area. A loud thwacking sound made everyone turn back to see Nanoha shaking her hand lightly and two of the guys picking up the one who had touched Fate off of the ground. "I guess I was seeing things, nyahaha."

"My nose..." The guy whimpered as his buddies helped him stagger away. "I...I think it's broken!"

Hayate laughed nervously, trying to shoo the children to another house. "Nanoha-chan's a little protective..."

"Sorry," She apologized to Fate shyly. "I'm... kind of the jealous type..." Fate in turn only gave her an amused, incredulous look.

"I still can't get over it." Subaru mused as she walked around the many people she didn't know at the party. "They're all...acting like normal girls."

Tia glanced over to the group of three Aces who were currently playing a game of Twister along with Arisa and Suzuka. "Yeah... it's a little unnerving. I keep expecting our instructor to bark out commands or something." Her words broke near the end when Hayate and Nanoha ended up being in a rather provocative position. Fate was laughing loudly at it but soon found herself falling down because of it, taking Arisa with her. Just as well, the blonde had to answer the door when a loud knocking came up.

"Hey!" Arisa greeted Chrono and Yuuno. "I told you boys already. No costume, no party!" She grinned at them. Chrono had a plastic Wal-Mart bag looped behind his ears and covering his hair while Yuuno had a brown paper bag over his head with holes cut out so he could see. "Nice try, though."

"We are in costume!" Chrono declared.

"Oh? And who are you supposed to be?"

"We," Yuuno stated as he struck a pose. "Are the bag brothers! Paper!"

Chrono matched his pose, only inversely. "And Plastic! Together, fighting for the rights of containers everywhere!"

Arisa gave them a blank look. "I'm...not sure if I'm impressed or very saddened by this..."

"...Can we come in?" Chrono asked after a moment, clearly starting to get embarrassed now.

"Come on," Arisa moved to the side and put a hand on her hip, allowing them access. "Dorks."

The game of twister finally ended with no winner, leaving the girls in a tangled heap on the floor. Hayate, after helping Suzuka up, smiled brightly. "Oh! I almost forgot!" She looked over at Yuuno and trotted over to him. "Did you find out yet?"

"Yeah," Yuuno pulled his 'costume' back so he could talk to her. "I just got it confirmed, along with Nanoha's family, Arisa and Suzuka can have passports to visit Mid-Childa. They can only come when accompanied by either you or myself, though. No free-teleportation...as if they could anyway."

"You're the best!" Hayate hugged him in the spur of the moment.

"Just remember, we had to say that they are Nanoha's cousins to make it legal."

"Right." She nodded and turned back to her group of friends. "Everyone! We have some big news!"

"You're pregnant!" Nanoha instantly yelled out.

"What!?" Hayate's startled cry was drowned out by the sudden applause and cheering around them.

"Huh?" Yuuno blushed darkly, almost dropping his drink.

"Congratulations!" Tia cheered our while clapping.

"You're a great couple!" Subaru added in loudly.

Hayate took a step forward and brought up her hands. "Um, n-no, that isn't..."

"Wow!" Fate grabbed Hayate's hands and squeezed them. "I never knew you had gotten so far! Congratulations! Wow, you hid it really well, no one had any idea you two were even dating!"

"Dating!?" Yuuno almost choked, glaring at Nanoha who seemed as if she just won the teacher of the year award for the chaos she had just caused. "C'mere you!" he darted forward and grabbed Nanoha around the waist, lifting her and draping her over his shoulder. "You set this straight right now!"

"Kyaa!" Nanoha laughed out happily. "Help me, help me!"

Hayate was still waving her hands, trying to get everyone to calm down.

"What a night," Fate spoke softly to Nanoha when they entered their room. "I can't believe we partied until three in the morning..."

"Well we have to go home in seven hours," Nanoha sighed sadly. "Man, I feel homesick already and I haven't even left."

Fate hugged her friend lightly. "There there, you heard Hayate. They can come visit us now."

"Mm," Nanoha looked up at Fate and smiled. "You're right. This is our last night here, let's make the best of it. We can have post-vacation depression once we're back."

"Right," Fate's cheeks colored when she wasn't let go of. "Um... Nanoha?"

"Hmmm?" She smiled gently, her bunny ears getting floppy again to reflect her serine mood. "Can I not hold you?"

Fate stammered out embarrassedly before giving in and allowing herself to be embraced longer. "I'm just... still a little shy."

Nanoha giggled. "I'm too happy to be shy right now." Moving up, she touched their noses. "Can I kiss you, if you don't mind?"

"D-don't ask." Fate protested, cheeks darkening even more. "J-just... do it."

"Mm," Nanoha titled her head slightly and pressed her lips against Fate's. The kiss ended slowly but another picked up again right after it. Her hands trailed the lightly furry suit Fate was wearing until she gripped the base of the tail.


"Yes," Her lips were getting a little more aggressive. "I want to be sure," Another kiss. "I'm not dreaming."

"B-but..." Yet another long kiss. "We should," a very long deep kiss. "...sleep..."

Nanoha grinned, gently touching Fate's butt in a bold move. "Your lips say no," She whispered softly. "But your tail says yes." The long add-on of Fate's was spasticaly flinching behind the blonde.

"Damn Hayate," Fate started the next kiss, purring low in her throat when she was embraced and gave into Nanoha's desires.