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"I am sorry," Lucius Malfoy stooped down, bending his elegant body as he began to siphon the emerald green ink from the stone flagging of the common room. She shook her head gently.

"No, it is quite alright Mr Malfoy."

I shall replace it," he continued, smiling slightly as he flicked his wand and the shards of glass disappeared, "I should like too."

He turned away, after an enigmatic smile of apology as a leaving token and strutted across the common room to sit with his gaggle of friends, all anticipating his arrival.

"That boy loves himself," Roderick growled, throwing the tall boy's back a distinct look of loathing.

"Oh," she kept her eyes on the parchment as she answered her suitor, "He does not."

"Yes he does," Roderick snorted, "Prince Malfoy, King of the Slytherin Common Room! Quidditch Captain, prefect…death eater."

"You are just envious," she answered cruelly and then standing up, she bent down as she gathered up her things, "Maybe you should go and sit with that gaggle and wish you were one too."

Casting her eyes back on the group in the far corner, she watched Malfoy as she made her way up the stone steps. He seemed to court everyone's attention with little effort as he was surrounded by his friends. She hadn't spoken to him before, though she liked the way he strutted around without a care, without being obnoxious. She had, nearly, almost, not quite been part of that group which he lead. She hung around the fringes, never quite slipping in as it was all to enticing, all to exotic. She knew about their activities, their practices, their predilections. She liked it all, she liked him. She shook her blonde head slightly and with that dispelled the notion of lust for the altogether bad boy, whom she wanted to get to know.

She startled as a bottle of ink was placed down in front of her, clanging slightly in the quiet darkness of the library.

"I did say you didn't have to," she looked up at his figure, half ensconced in the darkness, half illuminated by the yellowy light.

"And I said to you, Miss Black, that I wanted too," he nodded his head slightly, and motioned to the chair next to her, "May I?"

"Please," she lifted the bottle of ink and studied the bottle, there was a crest on it, "This is very pretty ink."

"Malfoy Green," he answered, leaning back, "Still sealed."

"Your family has its own ink," she frowned prettily, "You must have money to burn."

"We do," he answered lazily and laughed, "Please forgive me, but you look quite beautiful in this light."

It was almost whispered and she had to struggle to hear it; she blushed dreadfully and was thankful for the dull and dusty lighting in the library.

At first, even though he had complimented her, she found his presence rather irritating but as time wore on she found herself putting her work to the side and sitting with him for hours, talking about nothing really. Nothing hugely important or critical or world changing, just things.

It was nearly dusk, though it was a Friday so not terrible, by the time they left the library and went back to the common room. He offered her his arm, but oddly, awkwardly, she refused.

The next day, when she had risen - which was somewhat later than usual, given her late night - Roderick was already waiting impatiently for her in the Common Room. As they meandered through Hogsmede, he began to pester her.

"Please," he sighed dejectedly, "Just come home with me? Your father has given you permission, just for the weekend. You can even have a separate room."

"Oh, thank you," she said with inevitable sarcasm, "I am so pleased you would grant me that one allowance."

"Oh, do come on," he lowered his voice to a whisper, as he pushed open the door of the Three broomsticks, " I have been very patient with you, Narcissa."

"And I apologise," she said hotly, turning angry eyes on him, "For not putting out what you want!"

"I did not mean it like -"

"Drakakas," Lucius Malfoy interrupted Roderick mid-sentence, strutting into the bar behind them, "Why don't you stop grumbling and join us for a drink?"

He looked at Narcissa, "The both of you, I mean, of course."

"Of course," Narcissa answered before Roderick could refuse, though he wasn't likely too because he liked the idea of being in the in-crowd, she would be grateful for the company anyway. Things between her and her suitor had been somewhat frayed of late and she was forever thankful for the company of others.

"Miss Black," Lucius pulled out a seat and nodded his head to her, rather gallantly as she sat amongst the group. Her sister smiled but didn't speak, Bellatrix rarely spoke. She just sat looking sullen and sexy and altogether too dangerous to be an 'innocent' girl.

"There's a seat over there, Drakakas," he said rather less kindly, motioning to a seat wedged between Goyle and Crabbe. Roderick had no choice and he slumped over, past Bella and Rudolphus to his seat between Malfoy's personal body guards. They barely spoke either, they grunted and growled and she could not quite remember if she had ever heard them speak. In fact, Narcissa quite imagined that they couldn't speak, that they were mute and dumb and this always made her smirk to herself.

"Miss Black," Lucius Malfoy sat down beside her and she could not help but feel his leg pressed to hers under the table, "How are you today? Since last night, I mean."

Roderick was, however squashed between to men made of brick still able to hear and he gave her a look of angered incredulity, as if already she had cheated on him. Though she hadn't, so she turned defiant eyes on him and dared him to go any further.

"Fine thank you," she said haughtily, "And you?"

"Better than I felt last night," Malfoy answered with a smug smile, aimed slightly in the direction of Roderick.

"I see," she looked him straight in they eye, daring him to continue but he simply smiled again and turned to speak to Bella. And, she was sure he placed a hand, just fleetingly just momentarily, on her leg.

Autumn seemed to approach with a speed quite unsurpassable by other years and she found that days had come and gone and she hadn't realised, especially with the amount of work she had been assigned by her classes.

She sighed to herself as she spooned some of her cereal into her mouth ,and looked over her potions essay again.

"Please!" Roderick huffed, "Come home with me this week end, come on! We can leave tonight"

"Ok," she finally gave in, as she finished of the last of the essay, " Fine."

Sixth and seventh years were allowed home at the weekends, as long as they had permissions from their parents and Roderick had been pestering her from the summer just to go home with him one weekend. It had become wholly tiresome and now, she had finally given in.

"Good! Good!" He stood up, somewhat more amused as he scooped up his school things, "Jolly good!"

He stooped to kiss her cheek and then took off. A moment later an other voce behind her, far more refined and less excitable. Breathe on her neck, a familiar, haughty drawl.

"Go on! Please," Lucius mocked then sat down beside her, "Please!"

"Stop it," but she smiled anyway, "Leave him alone."

She looked at him, his grey eyes staring into hers, "Why are you so horrid to him."

"He's poor…and disgusting," he stared to turn at the retreating back of Roderick Drakakas, "I mean, can you imagine his mansion, a sprawling ruin in the middle of the Yorkshire Moors. With his poverty ridden family, still clinging onto their pure blood status. He disgusts me."

"So I see," she said, rather disdainfully, "Well, Lucius why don't you keep your opinions to yourself?"

She had to admit to herself, somewhat unwillingly that she agreed with Lucius but she did not appreciate him quite openly criticising her choice of company.

"Because, Narcissa," he bent nearer her so he had to whisper, "I would hate to not amuse you."

She liked Lucius, very much as it must be said, as a friend of course and she did not see why everyone had a problem with him. He was not as obnoxious as many said, or indeed as arrogant - well certainly not to her.
"I think, instead of going with him this weekend," he bent so near to her ear she could feel his breath on her neck, "You should come with me, go for dinner, dance..."

"No," she said quietly, "I can't."

"I think you can," he answered, a little coldly, "I think you will." He stood up and, taking her hand raised it to his lips. It took a while for her to realise what he was going to do, but when he placed a kiss on it and then, a moment later, bit the soft skin on her knuckles she let out a small hiss of pain.

"Miss Black," he relinquished her hand and then with a smirk of achievement turned to go.

She couldn't even answer, she just gaped at his retreating figure as he swept out of the hall and realised the tingling feeling traversing her body, something she had never felt before. She couldn't concentrate anymore, not on eating or working. She couldn't even work that day, simply because his eyes were ingrained in her thoughts.

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