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Hinata grew nervous every step when she followed Sai. He had lead her to the Hokage's tower, a building she always knew to avoid. But instead of going through the front door, Sai had led her through the back, to a shed. Though it looked like a shed on the outside, there was a secret passage way hidden inside, as Hinata came to learn. A passage way that lead underground and under the Hokage tower. The passage way was lighten up by a trail of lights on the ground that guided their way. Sai had said nothing to her through the whole trip, she didn't even get to tell her clan that she was leaving. Sai had told her that there would be someone coming later to inform her about her whereabouts. Since then, he had said nothing on their way towards their destination. Their footsteps was the only sound going between them.

A door appeared at the end of the hallway, a bright light coming from under the door. Sai didn't hesitate to open the door once he reached it. A bright light blinded Hinata for a few moments before her eyes can adjust again.

"I have brought Hinata Hyuga, just as you had asked," Sai said, stepping aside to let her in the room. It was a familiar office that she had been in, the only difference was the lack of windows. Her eyes immediate went to the person sitting behind the desk. A familiar face that was too good to be true.

"Lady Tsunade, but how?" Hinata said breath taken, unable to believe who was in the room. Tsunade gave a warm smile and raised herself from the desk.

"Hinata," Tsunade replied caringly, walking around the desk and up to her. "I'm so glad to see you well and alive." Hinata was so shocked, she couldn't move. She only snapped out of her trance when Tsunade placed both her hands on her shoulder. "Have you been living here this whole time?"

"I have," Hinata answered, still in a slight shock. She was amazed to see her own Hokage, here, where no woman lives. Yet here she is, like she lives here. Hinata was almost convinced that she was in a dream if Tsunade had her hands weighing on her shoulders. Tsunade laughed and the ring of her laughter gave Hinata more excitement. The Hokage, her Hokage, was here in front of her.

"You look quite flustered," Tsunade said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, bracing her as if she were about to faint. From the excitement Hinata felt, she might have fainted, and looked pretty close to it. "Here, Sit down." Tsunade guided her to a couch lined against the wall. Hinata sat in the middle of the couch while Tsunade sat next to her, crossing her legs and keeping an arm around Hinata's shoulders. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm...I'm really happy to see you," Hinata replied ecstatic. "Are...are you the Hokage here as well?"

"In a way, yes. I am the Hokage here, but in secrecy," She answered, placing a finger in front of her mouth. She was interrupted by another door that was in the room. A tall, broad man with white long hair entered from what seemed like a stairwell leading up, probably to an upper level of the building.

"Oh, my," He said, walking up to the two ladies on the couch. His sight was glued on Hinata and she shuttered under his stare. "Is this the famous Hinata Hyuga that I've been hearing about. How do my fellow people miss a beautiful gem like yourself?" Hinata blushed and he laughed. "I am the Sage Toad Jiraiya, at your service." He bowed slightly and showed her the palm of his right hand, the other tucked behind him. Hinata stared at it, wondering if she was suppose to give him something.

"She doesn't know what you're doing," Tsunade said, with an amused laugh. She then turned and whispered in Hinata's ear, "You're suppose to give him your hand." Hinata reluctantly placed her hand him his. He grabbed her fingers with his thumb and brought her hand to his mouth. Hinata shrieked and pulled her hand quickly before her fingers meet his lips. Tsunade laughed harder. "This is the "Hokage" here. Though he is known as the Hokage here, I call all the shots."

"What can I say," Jiraiya said, strolling to the desk and sitting at the chair. "I'm not into politics. Now that we've all been introduced, shall we get down to business." Hinata was speechless, unable to even open her mouth make a noise. Tsunade placed a hand on her knee to get her attention.

"Hinata, you need to tell us," Tsunade began, holding her tightly around the shoulders. "How did you come to be here in this village?"

"I moved in the village with Naruto," Hinata answered instantly, remembering like it was yesterday.

"Really! As in Naruto Uzumaki." Tsunade said amazed, retreating back surprised. Hinata nodded, surprised as well. She knew who she was talking about. She glance at Jiraiya who immediately nodded back in understanding. He motioned a dismissal wave. Sai moved to exit the room. Hinata had completely forgotten that he was still there till he left. "When did you meet Naruto?"

"He found me when I was injured on the shore at the edge of the forest, on the outskirts of the village." Tsunade nodded understandingly.

"How did you end up on that shore?"

"It was during a thunderstorm. The edge of the cliff broke off while I was still on it," Hinata said. "I was too late to move and fell unconscious in the water." Tsunade took in her words as she laid back in the couch.

"If Naruto found you, why were you with Hyuga clan?" Jiraiya asked this time. He leaned back in the chair and a hand leaning against the arm rest. He looked very interested.

"Tell us exactly how you came to be with the Hyuga clan," Tsunade asked. Hinata began when Neji first appeared in Naruto's apartment, then how he challenged her, and moved in and being accepted with open arms. Through her explanation, she was sure not to mention Sasuke at all, as she had promised.

"I see," Tsunade replied. Her tone suddenly turned solemn and her smile turned into a frown. Hinata began to worry a bit when Tsunade rose from her seat; growing more worried when she began to pace the room in silence. Hinata glanced at Jiraiya. He wore the same expression as he leaned forward on the desk. "Have you meet anyone else at all?"

"I..." Hinata began softly, her suspicions growing. She had a strange feeling about this meeting.

"This is a very important question, Hinata. Who else here knows you? I need names," Tsunade's voice was still calm when she asked, but there was an edge to her words, clearly making her questions a demand.

"After Naruto found out, Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Abrume came to know about my existence," Hinata "After I moved in the village, Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akamichi, and Rock Lee found out about me. No one else here knows who I truly am. Naruto cares a lot for my safety and fears that I would get hurt if I were exposed completely."

"He is quite protective of his friends," Jiraiya commented. He was amused for a moment before becoming serious again.

The door that Jiraiya entered suddenly busted open again, stopping the conversation completely.

"This better be important, old man," Naruto nearly yelled when he entered the room, his glare sent directly to Jiraiya. Sai followed behind, entering the room and closing the door behind him silently. Hinata jumped up from her seat at the first sight of Naruto, but found herself unable to move from there. "And why are we-" Naruto almost choked on hsi breath as he did a double take to Hinata then slowly to Tsunade, then back at Hinata, then back at Tsunade, his mouth agape.

"Speak of the devil," Jiraiya said, getting up from his seat. "Just the person we were talking about." He walked over to Naruto who was trying to say something, but the words were caught in the back of his throat. Jiraiya had to place a hand on his shoulder and shake him a little to bring him back to reality. "Naruto, we were just asking Hinata a few questions and we were hoping that you could help answering some as well."

"Who is...she?" Naruto asked, now just staring at Tsunade. He completely ignore Jiraiya's question.

"I guess it would be proper to introduce myself," Tsunade said with a small laugh, stepping forward towards Naruto. Naruto turned a dark red as she approached. He would have taken a step back if Jiraiya wasn't holding him by the shoulder. "I'm the real Hokage, Tsunade. You may address me as either Lady Tsunade, or Madam Hokage."

"Uh," Naruto began still flabbergasted, first pointing to Tsunade and then Jiraiya, then back at Tsunade. "You're the Hokage"

"I believe this is a good time to explain since both of you are here," Tsunade said, walking over to her desk and sitting down. "After all this time, I do believe you deserve an answer to your questions." She beckoned both Hinata and Naruto in front of her desk. They obeyed, both standing side by side, and both becoming very aware of how close they were. Though they had things to say to each other, they knew that it could wait, making standing next to each other more awkward. Jiraiya became comfortable leaning against the wall beside the desk.

"So, How?" Naruto asked, finding his voice again, but still in shock.

"As you two are probably wondering, I'll tell you now that the two villages of men and women are connected," Tsunade began, leaning over the desk and resting her head over her hands. "As so are the other villages that you know off. Even though they all have different environments, they too have separate villages. Only a selected few are allowed to know of both existence. To answer your question, Naruto, to keep the facade of two villages, one is named the Hokage of both Villages while the other..." she paused to glance at Jiraiya who simply shrugged. "...the other is just an image."

"Why?" Hinata asked. "Why separate the people?" Tsunade sighed deeply, leaning back in her chair.

"It was actually a long time ago, long before either I or Jiraiya was born. It was when war was still among the villages and land was up to claim. Someone that history has forgotten created a virus that effect nearly ,if not, everyone; men and women alike."

"What kind of virus?" Naruto asked.

"It was specifically made to decrease the populations of clans and their allies until they eventually the clan died out, but something happened and all the clans were infected. Though it was a special kind of virus. It would only start killing their host when they were with the opposite gender."

"Gender?" Hinata and Naruto said at the same time, simultaneously tilting their head to the side. Jiraiya held in a chuckle. Tsunade glanced a glare at him, but just rolled her eyes and shook her head in frustration.

"We are all human, correct?" Tsunade asked. Hinata and Naruto nodded dumbly. "I and Hinata are female, and Naruto and Jiraiya are male. Female and male are genders. You are both different genders." Hinata nodded her head while Naruto just got more confused. Tsunade was ready to bang her head against the desk.

"Back to the virus," Tsunade said, waving her hand as if waving her explanation away. "Hypothetically speaking, you two have the virus. If either of you two were to be anywhere near each other, you would become greatly ill and eventually die." Hinata gasped while Naruto gulped nervously. Just the thought, made them both uneasy. "Since neither of the genders couldn't even touch each other, population would decrease dramatically and our kind would become extinct, when think at the extremes."

"Why would we need to touch each other to keep the population?" Naruto suddenly asked. Tsunade banged her head on her desk and Jiraiya broke out at a full, loud laughter that made both teenagers jump at the sudden roar.

"I knew that was coming," Jiraiya said, trying to quickly calm himself.

"That question will be answered later...much later," Tsunade said composing herself again. "Either way, the genders had to separated to save the races. They had to keep everyone oblivious to the other genders to keep sure that the viruses in people wouldn't trigger. Fake barriers to keep everyone from venturing too far. It was just in our fortune that we had claimed land that was separated by a sea. That kept us from dying out. To keep rebuilding, extreme safty measures had to be taken. Everything we do, we take precaution as to not set off the virus."

"Does that mean that we are infected as well?" Naruto asked, suddenly frightened.

"Everyone does include you two as well," Tsunade asked seriously.

"Well, what about you two? You seem pretty close with the old man, Naruto said, pointing at Jiraiya. "But you don't look like either of you are sick at all. Why is that?"

"We are able to be by each other because of our high chakra levels that we are able to be by each other. We just have to be careful to keep our distance from each other."

"Lady Tsunade," Hinata began, becoming confused. "How can we be infected? We've been together this whole time and we haven't gotten terribly sick at all."

"Yeah," Naruto agreed, becoming confused as well. "We've even slept together." The two teenagers jumped again. Jiraiya busted out in another fit of laughter. Tsunade slapped her hand on her face, trying not to laugh at the comment herself. "What's so fun?"

"Nothing. Nothing," Tsunade said, composing herself more quickly than before. "I assume that you slept in the same bed together."

"Well, yeah," Naruto answered, eyeing Jiraiya strangely. He was still trying to calm his laughter. "Two beds wouldn't fit in my apartment and Hinata is small enough to fit with me in my bed." Jiraiya snickered some more.

"Of course," Tsunade said with a bit of relief. "It doesn't seem that either of you posses the symptoms of the virus, but we can't be sure just yet. This is the first time I've heard of this situation happening."

"What if the virus doesn't exist anymore?" Naruto asked hopefully. "Hinata has been near people in disguse many times and they didn't start getting sick."

"That just might be the case. It's been so long, I'm not sure how to go about this," Tsunade said honestly, becoming uneasy. "But first thing is first, we have to get you home, Hinata. Your family and friends believe that you're dead." Hinata nodded, the thought of her family and friends filled her with sorrow and excitement. If there was one this she missed, it was her family and her friends.

"That would be...wonderful," Hinata finally answered, unable to keep a smile off her face. She turned to Naruto. "I can finally show you my family and friends and-"







Hinata could hear a group of voices around her; soft, murmuring, and had very familiar tones to each of them. Her body felt heavy with exhaustion and the last thing she felt like was moving, but tried to force her eyes open anyway. It was a soft, light that she saw. Dim enough to not cause distress but bright enough to stir her from her sleep. She finally opened her eyes. Her sight was blurry at first but slowly they came back to focus. She met the view of an unfamiliar ceiling and a pair of brown eyes staring down at her.

"Tenten?" Hinata asked unsure, slowly taking in the image of her friends face.

"You do recognize me," Tenten said with a shaky sigh of relief. "Welcome back." Hinata sat up from the bed she laid in, feeling the tiredness drain quickly away. The second she was sitting, Tenten wrapped her arms around her, pulling into a firm hug. Hinata complied with the hug, seeing two more familiar faces standing in the room.

"Sakura? Ino?" Hinata said next, the entire room quickly coming into view. Both Sakura and Ino stared at her, with their mouths slightly agape and near the verge of crying. She was in a hospital room with the only light coming through the blinds of the window.

"We're so glad that you're alive," Ino said shakily, giving Hinata a tight squeeze.

"What happened? I feel like I been gone for a long time," Hinata said perplexed. "But I don't remember where I've been."

"That doesn't matter anymore," Tenten said happily, squeezing a hand on her shoulder. She was holding back her tears, rubbing the wetness out of her eyes. "All that matters is that that you're back home."

"Oh, this is so wonderful," Ino said with an excited squeal, hopping up and down. She gave Hinata another. Tight hug, unable to control her happiness. "Everyone thought you were dead, but here you are. It's like a miracle."

"Ino, it is a miracle," Tenten corrected. Ino squealed again. Hinata noticed Sakura at the foot of her bed, looking at the clipboard that hanged from the bedpost.

"Sakura, aren't you happy?" Tenten asked also noticing Sakura's actions. "Hinata is finally back with us."

"I am happy," Sakura said, her voice still a little shaky. She placed the clipboard back hanging. "It's just that this is so hard to believe that she- you're alive, Hinata."

"You better believe it," Tenten said, pulling Sakura next to Hinata's bedside. "Because here she is." Hinata opened her arms for another warm embrace as Sakura gave her a hug as well.

"I don't understand," Hinata said baffled. She regained her space as Sakura pulled away. "Did something happen?" The door of the room then opened, the silhouette of a woman from a bright hallway stood in the doorway.

"Lady Tsunade," Sakura gasped, cutting the hug short. "We were just-"

"You girls know you shouldn't be here," She said, but she didn't sound angry as they expected. She walked to Hinata's bedside. She motioned for the clipboard and Ino immediately grabbed it and gave it to her. "How are you feeling?"

"I feel fine," Hinata answered. "I just don't remember...did I go somewhere?"

"Hinata. You've been missing for nearly four months," Tsunade said, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I...I have?" Tsunade nodded as well as the other girls in the room as well. "Where have I been?"

"That's what we've been trying to figure out," Tsunade said, looking over the information on the clipboard before placing it on the side table. "We found that the part of your brain that holds memory was damaged when we found you. "

"Where was I?" Tsunade smirked.

"You were residing at a abandoned fishing house a week's travel from Konoha. Even though you lost your memory, you're survival instinct still kicked in and spent your days relaxing day by day, as you explained to your rescuers," She said quite impressed. "Do you remember when we talked before?" It was fuzzy, but Hinata began to remember a conversation with her. It was more dream-like than something that actually happened.

"I think so," Hinata answered, trying to decipher the blur images in her head. "I do remember talking barely. We were in your office and...and there were other people there. I can't really remember their faces-" Hinata suddenly winced, feeling a stab of pain hit the back of her head.

"Don't stain yourself," Tsunade said, placing a hand over Hinata's on the back of her hand. "It's alright if you don't remember. You are still recovering. From the looks of it, you remember your friends, yes?" Hinata immediately nodded in response. "That's a good sign."

"The last thing truly remember other than our talk was the strike of lighting and a crackle of thunder," Hinata said, holding her head, trying to pull the memories back. "Then I ended up here."

"Don't worry. You don't have to worry anymore," Tsunade said, walking away from the bed. She walked around the other girls and to the window. "Now, you can start living your life again." She pulled the window blinds up and a bright, blinding light filled the room.

Naruto woke up abruptly, coughing for air and waving his arms in front of him. He yelled for a moment before a rather large hand covered his mouth. He immediately stopped screaming to actually realized where he was. It was a doctor's room with its familiar equipment and set up. He sat almost slumped on a chair. Jiraiya was next to him, covering his mouth quiet.

"What's the big idea?" Naruto said, pushing his hand away from his mouth. He made a gagging sound, spitting out the taste of old man hand.

"You were making too much noise," Jiraiya said uncaring with a shrug his shoulder. "What else was I suppose to do?"

"How did I get here?" Naruto suddenly asked looking around the room, over his shoulders and at the ceiling.

"Don't you remember," Jiraiya said, grabbing a clipboard from the table next to Naruto. He looked through a few pages dully before throwing the clipboard on the table. "You were attack."

"Really?" Naruto asked confused. He looked down at himself, finding no cuts or bruises as he was expecting. He stood up, feeling no sudden pains. As a matter of fact, he felt perfectly normal. "I don't feel like I was attack. Are you lying to me?"

"Calm down," Jiraiya said, pushing Naruto back down in the seat. "You were hit with a memory loss technique. Tell me, what was the last thing that you remembered?" Naruto thought for a moment.

"I was talking with Sasuke while on a mission," Naruto said finding his memory quite curious. He didn't remember being attacked. He couldn't even remember what he was talking about with Sasuke at all. Only that they had talked. He then remembered Sai coming to get him. "Didn't you summon me for something?"

"I didn't summon you," Jiraiya commented. "Must have been a dream-affect of the jutsu."

"Oh, okay," Naruto said, nodding understandingly. He thought some more. Remembering the dream vividly. It was him and Jiraiya. What they were talking about, he couldn't remember. He did though remember that Sai was there as well, and two other people. He couldn't remember their faces. He shrugged his shoulders and threw the thought away. It was only a dream. "Who attacked me?"

"Some rouge ninjas, but don't worry," Jiraiya said with an amused smile, leaning his back against the wall next to the door. "Your friend Sasuke took care of them for you." Naruto quickly got angry.

"Sasuke always gets all the fun," Naruto spat, crossing his arms and pouting childishly. "Can I go now?"

"We can go anytime you want," Jiraiya answered. Naruto glanced up interested.

"We?" Jiraiya laughed, pushing himself off from the wall and opening the door next to him open.

"What? I can't just spend time with my apprentice," Jiraiya said cheerfully. "Come on, I treat you to dinner."

"Alright," Naruto cheered with excitement, following Jiraiya out the door. After his afternoon with Jiraiya, he headed back home to his apartment. He got after himself when he announced to an empty room that he had arrived. He quickly dressed for sleep and jumped on his bed, crawling under the covers. It quickly came odd to him that he much more room in his bed than he remembered, but ignored the feeling at took advantage of the extra space.

The next morning, he had breakfast alone. He looked around his breakfast den curious and thought to himself, "Had I always been alone?" He shrugged his shoulders and quickly ran out of front door, letting the warm morning light blind him.



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