Pairing: (So far) ShinoKiba, ShikaCho, SasuNaru, NejiHin and many more!

Warning(s): Yaoi, Homosexuality, Swearing, mentions of the sex trade,

Disclaimer: Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto, and I suppose My Sassy Girl belongs to Ho-sik Kim (novel), Jae-young Kwak (screenplay) and Jae-young Kwak (Director). I am but a lowly student with massive debt. If I owned Naruto there would be a lot less flashbacks and a lot more gangbangs 8D.

Summary: Aburame Shino is a straight-laced, perfect student of Tokyo University. One night on the train home he suddenly finds himself responsible for a loud-mouthed drunk named Kiba. From there, he can't seem to shake Kiba off, but does he really want to?

Spoilers: Slight spoiler for Naruto, Chunks of spoilers from My Sassy Girl

Note: The plot bunny for this must have been stalking me for a while; I was innocently sitting on my couch watching My Sassy Girl, one of the few romcoms I enjoy, and BAM! The seed for this was planted. For those who have only seen Naruto, don't worry, I plan to keep all of the characters IC as much as I can, although this is AU. For those who have also seen My Sassy Girl, I'm not ripping off the movie. There are certain scenes and elements of the movie that are featured, but I hope I've put in enough original stuff for it to be different, after all, what the fun in doing it scene by scene, word by word. I've worked hard on this in my spare time and I have loads of hard copy notes, expect some creative liberties, but if anything seems screamingly wrong, feel free to tell me. If you like, tell me! I loves my feedback…


My name is Aburame Shino, and I am in my twenties. I am a graduate of University of Tokyo for Japanese History and Natural History, and while those subjects fall under separate school faculties, my exemplary marks and extra-curricular interests meant an exception for my study choices. Reading back on what I've just written, it may appear that I am boasting about myself, but this is not so, as I will explain for those unfamiliar to my family. As an Aburame, a Tokyo Aburame, I come from a long line of respected academics, mostly of Etymology, Natural History, and Archaeology.

As an only child, and the son of Aburame Shibi, I grew up in a house of knowledge and pursuits, a book instead of television, holidays spent in the countryside where I captured crickets and ants in jars. On Sunday evenings the radio was turned on (at a moderate level, of course) for soft, classical music, therefore study is natural to me. I understand, and am quite happy with the fact that I am very much my father's son, we both do not believe in pointless chatter, and that a true friend will always accept that. In our silence we share a bond of understanding. Even now, my father and I can sit in the living room, reading our books. For hours we can exchange not a word, yet we are close in our companionship.

My mother, however, is very different. She is a Doctor in Philosophy, but aside from academics, outwardly she and my father have very little in common. She always has a task, cooking, shopping, working, and talking. She always talks, to the neighbours, her friends, her mother (who dislikes my father), even the postman. She is the type to make friends wherever she goes. She also talks at my father, I write 'at' because he only occasionally replies with an 'hmmm' response, otherwise he appears to ignore her, (I know he does not, they talk in their bedroom) But when my mother and I talk, she always looks animated when she speaks of something that interests her.

While I was young, I could not understand why my parents loved each other so much, they just appeared to be so different. As I grew older, I have seen my friend's relationships and break-ups, but I was always interested exclusively in my own type, and I believed that someone like me was best.

I would not be writing this if it were so, everything has changed, ever since that cold night I took the train home.