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Chapter 2

A crack of thunder rumbled across the sky.

It roared throughout the clouds and shook the very foundations of every member of the Moriarity household. Margaret, Anna's mother, was seated at the only true piece of furniture they owned. An extremely sratched up and mutilated table. It had been passed down the line of women in Anna's family. She stroked her swollen belly that was heavy with child, lovingly. Her eyebrows creased together in fear, her eyes sad and her lips turned down into a frown. She flinched every time she heard her first born born child yell out in terror and despair.

Ever since their return from that dreadful night, Anna did nothing but mope around in mourning. She had never came from the house ever since her rescue from the clutches of the sisters. The young, dark haired girl had been so traumitized by the passing of her only sister and childhood friend, Thackery Binx. Margaret had become increasingly worried for her daughter's emotional health. For the first few nights, the smalled boned woman, with long flowing blond hair, would lay beside her daughter as she weeped silently. Stroking her hair and whispering sweetly to her. But nothing brought the young girl comfort and for weeks the girl had not slept a wink.

Thats when the rumors started.

Gossip crashed over the town like a monsterous tidal wave. Accusations were directed and flung at the family. It first started with the claim that Anna had been a witch herself and had been in league with the Sanderson sisters. Than they even went to the extreme, saying that Anna had aided the sisters in murdering both the young girls and the adolescent boy. But Margaret refused to believe the filth and lies. But the outrageous things Anna had shouted that night, shook the townfolks nerves, including Anna's father. Samuel shouted, yelled, argued with his wife and made the trembling girl cry herself to sleep every night. He demanded her to tell the truth. He even started to give into the rumors.

And thats what brought them to this night.

Samuel had reached the end of his rope. He was through with waiting for his daughter to return to her senses. In a way, his young and loving wife believed he couldn't take the pain in knowing that his daughter had taken part in such a hideous act of creulty. He wanted to believe all the gossip was not true, he wanted his little girl back. That fear and love brought him to call the priest to their house on that stormy night.

Upon the request of Samuel Moriarity...

The priest began the long, painful and useless excorsism on Annabelle Lynn Moriarity.

She sobbed.
Twisted in pain.
Ached with despair.
Cried out in fear.
Begged to see her mother.
She screamed Thackery's name at the top of her lungs.

But all her struggles were pointless. Her father kept her pinned as Father Edmond Dawson sprinkled holy water on her, laying dozens of crucifixs all around her body and screamed in a frightful voice a various array of passages from the Holy Book.

Annabelle never understood nor accepted why her parents did this to her. All she knew was that they had betrayed her. Giving up on her, they threw her away into the darkness of mistrust and hurt. They had strayed from understanding and sympathy. They lead her to the malicious townfolks and left her to the mercy of their lies, rumors and false accusations.

Shaking her head and crying, she had begged her father to not touch her. She let out one more rasping scream that mingled in with the most violent clash of thunder they had heard that night. Sweat was caked upon her face as she tossed her head back. She flailed her legs and a deep aching started to flare up deep in her chest, right where her heart was located. Her heart beat with such furious and passionate pain, she clawed at her father, digging her nails into his arms. Within a second they phased into a onyx black. Samuel stared down in horror as he clutched his daughter, her scream transforming into a loud howl of pain.

Thats when the priest froze with fear and subsided with his preaching.

It felt as if someone was lighting a fire deep within her belly. The wildfire quickly spread all throughout her body and tears streamed down her face. Flowing fast and full of salt that burned the cuts on her cheeks. Her nails drew blood as they grew pointed and thinner. She choked and thats when a sickening cracking noise filled the room. Bones were twisted and Anna jerked violently, jerking from her fathers grip and hitting the floor. She clutched her stomach as she puked all over the floor of her room. She sobbed as she slammed her shoulder against the floor, soft growling noises sharply escaping her throat as the she felt her bones shift. She dug her sharp claw like finger nails into the wood of the floor as her bones shaped themselves into something different. Something uncomfortable. The pain was so excruciating. She barely could take it any longer. Just when the pain was amouting up to the most worst possibly, she layed on her side and bliss washed over her.

Her senses opened up. Everything came washing over her. All the most delicious smells of the world invaded her nose. The color of the floor was enhanced from a pale, dirty brown to the most deepest chocolate color. The cracks and rumbles of thunder felt like earthquakes to her ears and she could hear even the smallest cricket shift through the grass outside. She layed and basked in the wonders of nature and the ecstasy of the world. She soaked it in and at that beautiful moment, she realized that she was not of a human any more. She realized that this was the curse that Winnifred Sanderson had bestowed upon her.


The frail voice that reach her was full of worry and despair. It was that desperate tone or her mother that had almost called her human nature to take ahold of her and bring her to her senses. But thats when her father made the final mistake of his life. He shouted at her harshly in the most angriest hiss she had ever heard. He commanded her to get up off the floor and stop hiding away in shame. Rage over took her and she lept to her four feet.

Margaret, to her horror, never saw her daughter raise from the floor. What she saw was a charcoal black, wolf like, dog. Its hair a frenzied array of thick fur, its eyes glowing with a fierce and enraged amber glow. It picked itself off the floor and crept foreward. All three of the adults had backed away as the rabid animal bared its menacing teeth. Lighting light up the window and illuminated the room with a brillant white flash.

And thats all it took for Samuel, Margaret and the priest to be blinded.

The large wolf dog leapt, took flight and collided with Samuel Moriarity. Its large canines captured the left side of his face and he shriecked out of shock. Deeper the creature's teeth sunk, the more damage it made and left. Blood splattered all over the floor and there she, now as a dog, left her home. She took flight and raced out of the cabin she grew up in. She left her father laying on the floor, crying in agony and bleeding from where his face had been permanetly torn to shreds. There she left her mother, childless only for a brief period. And there she left her memories of the sister she failed to protect.

She escaped into the forest.
And how she wished they could read her mind.

She had not been hiding away with shame.
But with love that had been taken from her in just the briefest of moments.

The storm cleared.
And a lonely howl passed throughout the forest that slowly became illuminated due to the morning sun.

A woman stood atop a hill, pressed closed to her loving husband.

She clutched a small baby in her arms, his hair as dark as the night. She kissed his hair as it was blown softly by the wind that floated around them. The birds sang mirthfully, the crickets chirped and they could pick up the sounds of small children laughing and playing down in the town.

Two small and gray tombstones stared back at them.

But, as people watched them standing before the graves, many were shocked to find that it was not the woman that was bent over crying over the loss of their two young daughters.

But it was the man.