Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do not own Psych

Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do not own Psych. Steve Franks does. He is amazing. I love him...

Shawn Spencer was having a completely and utterly bad day. And he certainly had had better days before. Much, much better days. Today he had woken up after a night with little sleep only to have a pounding headache, and then only to have the Chief of Police promptly call with a new case. They were seriously beginning to take advantage of him over there. Who really needed a psychic at a bank robbery in progress for Pete's sake? The culprits? Yeah, right over there, ten feet away, robbing a bank. The crime? Uh, robbing a bank. When? Right about… now. Why? Presumably for all of the money they had been stuffing into large bags. Now really, was that so hard? But no, for whatever reason in her blonde little head, the Chief had called for him and his partner in crime, Burton "Gus" Guster.

And suddenly things became so much more difficult. One of the three robbers had stupidly decided to try and shoot someone in a bank half filled with police officers. But Head Detective Carlton Lassiter was faster, shooting the robber down. Well this didn't settle all too well with the other robbers. One went crazy, grabbing onto the nearest police officer and pressing a gun to their head.

Detective Juliet O' Hara was probably not having the best day either. Of course, having a gun pressed to one's head is usually cause for at least a little stress.

Ah, but now we are getting ahead of ourselves. Why don't we start back at the beginning. Back to the beginning of what would become a very entertaining weekend.




I hadn't woken up with such a headache in a long, long time. The ringing in my head only became more annoying and more painful with the presence of a loud ringing sound. Head still buried in my pillow, I flung my arm out, smacking the snooze button. Maybe now the rampaging elephants inside my head would stop their poorly dancing of the mamba. But the loud ringing continued. Aggravated, I peered out from the depths of my comfy pillow. My hand was still slumped over the innocent alarm clock. Using my Shawn-Vision, I realized the incessant ringing noise was not coming from my turned off alarm clock. Ah, the phone.

A little more awake now as the ringing continued, I slouched out of my bed, moving slowly from my bedroom. My feet dragged across the carpeted floor, I reached clumsily for the nearby phone that sat on my dresser drawers. The phone rang on and on, whoever calling determined to get a hold of me.

Picking up the phone, I numbly pressed it to the side of my face.

"Hello?" I grunted into the receiver.

"Spencer?" a sharp, angry voice came.

"Lassiter? Is that you?" I asked, groaning. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

Detective Lassiter seemed to pause on the other line as if checking his watch. "It's almost twelve-thirty in the afternoon Spencer," came the reply. "Besides, the Chief wants you to meet us at Seventeenth on State Street."

I frowned, trying to think. "Isn't that the bank?"

"Yes, and the Chief wants you and your partner to meet us there as soon as possible."

"Why didn't you just say you wanted to meet us at the bank? Why did you have to give the whole address? It's not like I don't know where the bank is Lassiesue."

Lassiter simply hung up.

Numbly, I placed the receiver back onto the main base. Frowning softly, I scratched my head.

"Aww man."

"What does the Chief want us at the bank for?" Gus asked, turning onto State Street in his little blue car. Gus sat in the driver's seat of his blue company car, as usual, and I half slept in the seat beside him.

"I have no idea," I replied, my eyes closed. "Lassie was very rude to me this morning over the phone. Oh man, my head is killing me. But oh no, Mr. Pharmaceutical-salesman won't share any of his aspirin." I raised my hand, placing it over my forehead. "I think I have a fever."

"You don't have a fever Shawn, you're fine. And you're not supposed to share medicine with other people Shawn. It's illegal," Gus snapped back.

I sighed. "How many times do I have to explain it to you Billowing Bear Burton, aspirin doesn't count."

"Yes it does Shawn. And don't call me that!"

"Fine, how about Burton, the Bounding Bambi?"

"No Shawn."

"Ballerina Buffalo Burton?"

Gus didn't reply.

"Oh, how about Bouncing Burton Buns? Dude, you could totally write a song about that!"

"Shawn I swear…" Gus warned.

"Dude look!" I suddenly exclaimed, pointing out the window. Gus quickly slowed the car, quickly pulling into a nearby parking spot. We had arrived at the bank. But instead of seeing the Chief, Lassiter, and the other detective, Juliet, it seemed that the entire police force had decided to take up residence outside of the bank.

"It looks like its being robbed," Gus commented, swiftly undoing his seatbelt and slipping out of the car. I followed suit. We hastily made our way up to the front of the bank. Standing guard outside of the main doors stood the most lovable officer on the force, Officer Buzz McNab.

"McNab!" I cried, grinning. "Hey man, what's going on?"

McNab smiled as we approached. "There's a big heist going on in there. The Chief said for you two to go on in, but not to make any trouble."

Gus frowned. "But why does she need a psychic at a bank robbery?"

McNab merely shrugged, ushering us in.

Without delay we pushed our way through the heavy wooden doors, trying our hardest not to invoke the wrath of any robber or the Chief for that matter. The scene within the bank was intense. The bank was a particularly large bank. Teller booths lined the back wall with desks filling in the empty space throughout the middle. On any regular day, workers would be standing behind the booths, working at the desks, helping any customers. But it was not a regular day. Most of the tellers were crouched behind their booths, except for two. A man and a woman stood bravely together behind one, the man supporting the frightened woman. For in front of them stood a large man dressed in all black. A ski mask covered his head, the black gloves holding a gun, pointing directly at them.

But yet there was more. Most of the workers who had been working at the desks had already been ushered out. But a few remained, two more men in black standing near them. Two more guns pointed directly at them.

The police filled the rest of the bank in. There were about twenty of the officers in blue, guns drawn and pointed. Leading the group of blue stood three figures in the front. I could just barely make out one of the forms. The one with long blonde hair. My heart practically sunk.

The closest officer, or rather detective in this case, to the two robbers was none other than Detective Juliet O' Hara. The cute, blonde detective, who had had my eyes since she transferred to Santa Barbara a little over a year ago, had her gun drawn and pointed, her eyes narrowed and her jaw set. Even in her seriousness was she cute.

About fifteen feet behind her stood the other detective and Chief of Police. Detective Carlton Lassiter, his salt and pepper hair in top form as usual, seemed to be negotiating with one of the robbers. And Chief Karen Vick stood in fury, watching and waiting.

I tugged silently at Gus' shoulder, motioning for us to move closer. Creeping on our tip toes quietly, we began to inch around the barricade of police officers. We moved to the side wall of the bank, having a great view now and still standing slightly in police protection.

"Put the guns down!" Lassiter was shouting. The robber near the tellers shook his head.

"Come any closer and we'll kill these people!" the robber cried, motioning to the two tellers.

"Just put the guns down!" Lassiter tried again. And then things got out of hand.

"Never!" one of the other robbers cried suddenly, motioning foreword toward Juliet, his finger moving toward the trigger. My heart flew to my throat as the sudden loud explosion ricocheted off the bank walls. But Juliet wasn't the one to crumble to the ground. She ducked down, moving forward to the right, covering one of the nearby bank workers. Instead, the robber who had tried to shoot her arched backward, crashing into the ground, his own bullet never even fired. Detective Lassiter hadn't batted an eye. But the other robbers had.

"Joey!" the other robber, the one with the tellers, suddenly cried.

"No!" screamed the closer robber. Reaching out suddenly, he grabbed Juliet, pulling her away from the worker she had been protecting. Gasping in surprise as he grabbed her, Juliet tried to struggle. But the man quickly knocked away her gun, pressing his own to her temple. Everyone froze.

"Teddy..." the other robber groaned.

The robber known as Teddy shook his head. "Don't move or I'll shoot her! I swear! You... you monster! You killed my brother!"

"Teddy just let her go before they kill you next!" the robber cried.

But Teddy just continued to shake his head. "No Rick. We're taking her and the money." Teddy suddenly declared. Moving slowly, Teddy pulled Juliet with him as he moved toward the back of the bank, and the exit.

Rick removed his gun from its watch of the two tellers who swiftly ducked beneath the booth, and crossed over to the exit door.

Teddy quickly crossed the remaining space, his gun still pinned to Juliet's head. Despite having the gun pressed to her head, Juliet remained calm. Or at least, she seemed calm to Lassiter. But I knew better. I knew that look in her eyes, I had seen it before, and it was tearing me apart.

"Follow us, make any move, or anything and she dies. We shall be in contact." Teddy slipped through the door, pulling Juliet through with them. The look in her eyes...

"Jules..." I murmured unconsciously, taking a few steps forward.

Rick's eyes suddenly grew wide as he saw me move foreword. In the blink of any eye his gun was up, pointing at me. Another loud explosion sound erupted throughout the bank. But this time, it wasn't from Lassiter's gun. And this time, the robber didn't crumble to the ground.

This time it had been the robber's gun.

And this time, it had been Gus, that had crumbled to the ground.

To Be Continued

Author's Note:
Well hello again! How are you all doing this fine fine day! Well it's good to be back writing a Psych fanfic again. So I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of Rescue Me. For some reason, I always seem to write such depressing and someone-getting-injured in the first chapters. Ah well. Anyways, I promise that the next chapter will be more entertaining in humorness at least.

Also, if you are reading this and haven't read my other Psych story, Seeing is Believing, you should really check it out. It was my first Psych story, and I'm sure you guys'll love it.

So I got the idea for this story after watching the Psych episode, Meat is Murder, but Murder is Also Murder. At the end, Juliet tells Gus and Shawn that the Chief wants them for a bank robbery. I was like, what? Why would they be needed for a bank robbery? And even in an episode from the previous season, the Chief tells them they are not needed at them. So I thought, what made this case the one exception? And Rescue Me was born.

Now a little about the title. Obviously, the Rescue Me is for Juliet since she'll need rescuing from the evil Teddy and Rick. But there is also another meaning there so, keep your eyes peeled. I stole the title from the television show, Rescue Me, but ah well.

Alrighty well I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter. This story has already been planned out, and will only be five chapters. Yep-yeppers. Sorry, but I'm not a big fan of super long fanfics, writing them at least. I also think it would be crazy to try and write a super long Psych story. Anyways, five chapters only. But don't worry, I have a quite a few other good ideas. Also, don't forget to check out my profile for update info and maybe even a preview of the next chapter. I didn't add it here because I haven't written the next chapter yet.


Edit 9.01.08: I had to change which tense I used, because I later decided I wanted the story from Shawn's perspective, rather than third person. I hope everything makes sense as this was a quick change. I will go through it later and have it more thoroughly checked.