Everything I Need

A/N: I have an idea for a new Mandy story! Lol. I think it sounds really good so I thought of trying it out, lol. I got a bit of inspiration from the song 'All I Have to Give' by the Backstreet Boys. Also I would like to mention rory21 for not just the Mandy pics she made for me…but the writing on them that gave me the idea for the title. The idea just came to me and I thought it sounds good lol. So that's how I came up with 'Everything I Need' Lol! Thanks for that bit of inspiration Rory! Lol!

This chapter is going to be short but I intend on making the next one a little bit longer. So please review and tell me what you think. Happy reading!

Synopsis: Maria thought that Santino is the only man who has her heart…but still she is feeling unhappy. Randy has a hard time finding the right girl and turns to the certain diva for advice since she is already in a relationship. Despite not knowing each other well, they still confide in each other and their friendship soon develops. While Maria tries to make her relationship work with her boyfriend and as Randy finally starts dating, the two grow closer and a bond they share turns out to be something more. Could it be that they have found what they needed…in each other?

Chapter 1 – The Interview

Maria looked into the full length mirror to make sure that she looked at her best on that Monday night. She had ten minutes before the interview could start so she had to be ready to be in front of the cameras. Maria smiled to herself after being satisfied with her appearance and turn to leave the spacious women's locker room.

She got to the door, only to stop just as she got the hold of the door handle. Her cell phone made a tone and she quickly realized that she had gotten a text message. She went over to the bench where she rested shoulder bag and took out the device from her front pocket. The small screen of her cell phone illuminated as Maria opened the flip and pressed a button on the keypad to get to the inbox and soon her green eyes were following the words contained in the text message.

I'm very sorry that I didn't call you back this morning. I have been very busy. Let me make it up to you after the show. Pasta is on me.

See you later my sweet,


Maria smiled faintly at the message. Her boyfriend Santino Marella had apologized for not returning her calls. She was starting to get a bit worried about him but now that text message assured her that things were okay. She hadn't seen Santino around the arena since her arrival but she knew she would see him later. She closed the flip of her phone and put her cell phone back in her bag. Soon she finally left the room and found herself walking through the narrow corridor to the usual spot where all interviews took place.

Maria greeted a few Raw superstars with a small smile as she walked past them. Tonight was supposed to be an exciting one for her but somehow she wasn't in her usual happy bubbly mood. It wasn't like her to fake a smile for them since she always had her bright smile on her face. She had that kind of smile that would make anyone smile when they saw it.

But as of that moment, there wasn't one coming from her.


He was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed as he waited patiently while the crew was setting up in preparation for his interview. Randy Orton was looking at nothing in particular as he prepared himself mentally for any questions that Maria might ask. At the same time, he was thinking about the match that would take place right after the interview.

The self proclaimed legend killer had been waiting for three years to get the title opportunity and he finally got his chance.

So it was definitely worth the wait.

Randy had been working so hard and he was satisfied to know that it had been recognized. But he wasn't satisfied. Well not just yet. The only way he could get a shot at the wwe championship was to beat Ken Kennedy in order to claim the position as the number one contender. It was his dream to become the wwe champion and soon enough, that dream was about to be realized.

Randy was deep into thought for a moment until he heard a soft voice that startled him a bit. He turned to see the brunette diva and immediately leaned off the wall and got into his proper position.

"Oh hi Maria."

"Hey, are you ready to start?"

"Yes I am."

Maria nodded at his answer and together they went over to get to their proper places for the starting of the interview. Maria picked the microphone from the chair and put on the best smile as possible for the camera as it began to roll. She held up the microphone to her glossy lips and began to speak.

"Ladies and gentleman please welcome my guest, Randy Orton."

Randy went over to Maria at the mention as his name. The brunette diva continued on with a question to ask the competitor.

"Tonight you'll be facing Mr. Kennedy for the number one contender's spot for the wwe championship. What are your thoughts about this match?"

She held out the microphone to Randy as he made a respond.

"Well Maria, I have to say that I am happy about this match Regal made because this is the time where I will prove to the world that I deserve a title shot. I know it's been a long time coming but it's worth the wait. As far as the match goes…" He turned to face directly at the camera as he said this and then said, "Mr. Kennedy better be ready because tonight I'm going to bring everything I've got."

The signal from the crew member was made and the two Superstars nodded at the sign that the camera had stopped rolling. The interview had ended.

They looked at each other and exchanged friendly smiles.

"So, are you okay?" Randy asked.

"Yeah I'm okay," said Maria.

"Cool. Well see you later then."

"Okay, see ya."

Randy nodded at the small wave Maria made as he turned to walk down through the corridor on his way to the ring. The smile of the brunette had faded from her face and let out a sigh. She handed the microphone back to the crew member and made her way back to the women's locker room.

If I'm okay like I said I am, then why am I like this?