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"I fold." Weevil says throwing his cards down on the table. "Geez V! If I had known that beneath that annoying white-girl persona was a poker master mind…I would've put you to good use against my boys, made some money off of you."

"Oh Weevil that would never work, I only use my powers for good, not bad."

"You call playing us four for suckers is you using your powers for good?"

"Well no. I call this teaching you all a lesson." Veronica says with her usual smirk on her face while organizing all the chips she had won. "And beside I only suckered three of you." Veronica says her smirk growing into a full out smile and looking over at Logan who was also smiling.

"Are you saying Richy Rich here knew you knew how to play?"

"Sure." Veronica says shuffling the cards. "He's the one that taught me how to play poker."

"Well I won't take all the credit. You have picked up a few tricks since then." Logan says toying with the few chips he had managed to hold on to during the game.

"Well I don't care where you learned the game, only that you've wiped me out for the evening." Connor says standing up. He had lost the last of his chips in that last hand where he had been hoping his trip-jacks would win him the hand, but Veronica had pulled out a royal flush. "It's been real…" Connor says grabbing his jacket and heading towards the door. "Veronica I'll be hoping for your call." He says with his award winning smile before leaving.

"Don't hold your breath." Veronica mumbles under her breath, but the guys at the table hear her and all laugh. Logan grateful that she wasn't falling for the heartthrob crap that Connor was known for, but he should've known, Veronica was like nobody else.

"Well I think I'm going to leave while I still have a little dignity and ten cents left." Weevil says still chuckling.

"Chicken!" Veronica mockingly says still shuffling. It wasn't until after the door had shut behind Weevil that she realized she was now left alone with Logan and Duncan, the very thing she hadn't wanted to have happen. "Well it's been fun, but…"

"Veronica!" Both Logan and Duncan say at the same time standing up from the table to stop her from leaving.

"Veronica." Logan says again sending Duncan an annoyed glare across the table before turning back to look at Veronica who was standing next to him. "We need to talk."

"I need to talk to her too Logan." Duncan says coming around the table to stand at Veronica's other side.

"Logan…Duncan." Veronica says looking between the two of them. She wasn't prepared for this, but knew the time of putting it off had come and passed. Sighing she turns to give Duncan her full attention. "Duncan I think Logan and I should really talk right now, but…"


"About the case and everything!" Veronica quickly adds, hoping the talk about business would get Duncan out of there faster. Knowing it was a cop-out for what they really needed to discuss.

"Fine, whatever." Duncan says turning and leaving the pool house.

Turning around Veronica finds an annoyed Logan staring back at her, something that wasn't all the new for her, but surprising she had chosen him over Duncan to talk to first. Something she thought would've made him happy or at least less annoyed. "What's that look for?"

Not saying anything Logan turns and grabs the money box opens it and pulls out the money the guys paid in to play tonight. Handing it to Veronica he then crosses his arms over his chest. "There I think that about clears up all of the business between us. Anything else you wanted to discuss or are we done here? I still might be able to make it to the party and swipe something from the bartenders' collection."

"What's with the attitude?" Veronica asks slamming the wad of money back on the table. "You know what I don't need this, especially from you!"

"What's that supposed to mean, 'especially from me'?" Logan asks.

"It means I'm sick of your mood swings Logan." Veronica says prepared to leave.

"My mood swings!" Logan says grabbing on to Veronica's arms to start her from leaving. "What about you Veronica? You are all over the place! We're best friends, you hate my guts, we kiss, you ignore me. You show up here tonight and keep staring at me and then when I ask to talk to you get all business on me. Telling Duncan that's all we have to discuss."

"I was trying to get him to leave Logan!" Veronica says shaking her arm out of his grasp. "Did you honestly think he would leave here so easily if I told him that you and I have to discuss this thing between us? Whatever the hell it is! I was trying to get him out of here without making a scene! But you wouldn't understand any of that, because you live for the drama! And I am not all over the place!"

"Then what would you call it?"

"I was confused! I still am you jackass! For the majority of the time I've known you, you've been off limits to me! First because I was the poor sheriffs daughter and you were the son of THE Aaron Echolls, next because you were in a relationship with my best friend, and then you were competing for the biggest asshole crown of Neptune and we had this mutual hate thing going on. So when suddenly everything shifts again I'm going to need some time to think! I'm not used to competing feelings of wanting to hit you and kiss you at the same time, it isn't easy!"

Listening to everything she had to say Logan must admit she had a valid point. The two of them for so long were unavailable to each other and now that that wasn't the case anymore everyone was going to need time to adjust. "You want to kiss me?" Logan asks, picking at the one thing that really caught his interest.

"Is that all you heard? With everything I had to say! Logan…!"

"Veronica!" Logan says loudly to get her to shut up. "Did you say you wanted to kiss me?" He asks, this time with a mischievous smirk.

With an exaggerated sigh Veronica crosses her arms. "Well right about now I feel more like hitting you."

"Well let's just save that for later." Logan says with a broad smile on his face before leaning down to kiss Veronica, pausing with an inch to spare, making her take the last move.

"We're going to have to talk about this." Veronica says leaning in.

"Yes, but later." Logan whispers, his breath minty.

"Later." Veronica agrees, her lips brushing against his before pushing up on her toes and leaning into him. Logan takes it from there, putting his arms around Veronica and lifting her so he isn't leaning down so far and she isn't up on her toes. To make it easier on Logan Veronica wraps her legs around waist to give her more leverage. Feeling Logan moving shifts her head long enough to see him leading them to the couch.

Feeling the cushioning feeling at her back Veronica leans closer into Logan's body, loving the hardness off of it. It had never been like this with Duncan. He had the hard muscular body, but she could never remember what it felt like when she was up against him while kissing. She loved the feel of Logan, he was strong, but still soft from the fact he wasn't overly physical. And he was everywhere she wanted him to be. He had a hand in her hair helping to make the angle better and one at her lower back, his thumb rubbing a small circle there that was slowly driving her wild. Pulling back for some air Veronica looks into Logan's eyes and forgets for a moment that it hadn't always been this way. They hadn't always been kissing like that and Veronica was wondering why that was.

Noticing the thoughtful look in her eyes Logan pulls back a little further when Veronica was leaning back in. "You have a look on your face." Logan says before Veronica was able to protest his retreat.

"What look would that be?" Veronica asks shifting to get more comfortable, bringing them closer together, if that was even possible.

"Like that hamster in your brain is running a mile a minute and is getting ready to fall of the wheel." Logan says chuckling when Veronica pokes his side. "What I mean is you're thinking very hard and it's going to effect this impromptu make-out session and I want us both to be giving 110 percent of our attention. Meaning we're going to have to discuss whatever is going on in the master mind of yours."

"What are we doing Logan?" Veronica asks still smiling even though there is little humor in the situation.

"We are kissing…I thought I covered that with the mention of the impromptu make-out session."

"Yes, that's what we're doing right this minute. I'm talking about in general." Veronica asks leaning back a little to get room to think and breathe clearly. "Is this just a short time-out in warfare between us or some little fling? Or…"


"Or are we actually going for something serious here."

"Serious, like what?" Logan asks, smiling. He knew what Veronica was getting at, but he wanted her to say it.

"Logan! You know what I'm trying to say!" Veronica says with a shove.

"Then just say it!" Logan says laughing. "A relationship, Veronica, say it."

"Are we going to actually try and have a relationship?" Veronica asks, the words not sounding as crazy as she thought they would when referring to her and Logan.

"Is that what you want?" Logan asks, trying to keep the hope and fear from his voice. He hadn't realized how much he had wanted a relationship with Veronica until they had started discussing it.

"I think…I think I do."Veronica says thinking about it for a moment. "Is that what you want?"

With a smile so big Logan leans forward for a quick kiss. "I don't think I could handle anything less at this point. It's the only way I know I'll be allowed to do this without Keith Mars grabbing his gun." He says between kisses.

"And even then you might be surprised." Veronica laughs before a though enters her mind causing her to freeze up.

"What is it? What's wrong Veronica?" Logan asks confused.

"What about school tomorrow?" She asks, anxiety filling her face.

"What about it?" Logan asks with a nonchalant shrug.

"Logan!" Veronica say nudging him. "People are going to talk…A lot!"

Smiling Logan leans in for a kiss. "Let them talk." He says in a half growl before kissing again, causing Veronica to giggle like she used to. A sound Logan would work very hard to have her make more often. In fact he might make it his job in life…to keep Veronica laughing and put a stop to anyone who tried to do the opposite.