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Since her dad wasn't going to be home until late night, early morning, Veronica decided to skip an actual meal and grabbed a pint of Ben & Jerry's, Chunky Monkey, ice cream. Nothing solved boy problems better than ice cream and as much as Veronica hated to admit it Logan was starting to be a problem, she just wasn't sure why. Groaning she sits down at the counter and opens her laptop, trying to push thoughts of Logan out of her mind, which is difficult task since her newest case practically revolves around him.

Pulling open the file she had created earlier, before going to the pool house, Veronica looks over her notes. While in school today she talked to Duncan, Weevil, and Sean. All of them gave similar stories for the night, that there was an opportunity for Logan to hide the money while they were all busy looking at his mother. But after seeing the pool house Veronica was sure Logan hadn't taken the money, why would he have to tear apart the room if he had. Sighing she runs a hand over her eyes. She still needed to talk to Conner, but how she was supposed to get one-on-one time with one of the hottest movies stars? She was good, but not that good. Not only did she need to talk to Conner, but she still needed to get Logan's side of the story, especially since three different people have made him sound guilty.

Groaning Veronica reaches for the ice cream she had set aside. She had tried to talk to Logan earlier and that almost resulted in them kissing in his pool house. In order to avoid that from happening again Veronica would have to pull Logan aside in school tomorrow and talk to him. Looking over the information she had gotten from Weevil Veronica sits back in her seat, her mind filling with different scenarios with who could've stolen the money. Like he said, none of them would need to steal the money except Weevil. But he didn't take it, or did he? Could Veronica trust him? And if she was going to start second guessing Weevil, then what about Duncan and Logan. Duncan had changed a lot since they dated, maybe this new Duncan would steal the money. And then there was Logan…she had no reason to trust him and Veronica could easily see him trashing the pool house, just in case she decided to stop by, but why would he? He was Logan Echolls, son of the famous and rich Aaron Echolls. All these guys were rich, born not only with silver spoons in their mouths, but a whole set of spoons. They all could replace 5,000 dollars easy, except Weevil. Or could they?


An hour later Veronica's Chunky Monkey ice cream had been forgotten as she gets caught up in her case notes. Sitting back to rub her eyes Veronica jumps in her seat when there's a knock at her door. Stretching as she stands she takes her time walking to the door wondering who would be knocking at 11:00 at night. Peering through the window she can't make out who it is, the person is standing far enough back that the shadows cover them. When she opens the door the person steps forward and Veronica feels goose bumps rise all over her body. "Logan, what are you doing here so late?" Veronica finally asks after neither says anything.

Clearing his throat Logan steps even closer. "You left your bag at my house and I figured you might need it."

"Oh, thanks!" Veronica says holding out her hand for her bag. "I didn't even realize I had left it." Setting her bag down on the counter, Veronica turns back to see Logan standing in the doorway. Pushing her hands into her back pockets Veronica lets out the breath she didn't even realize she had been holding.

When Veronica doesn't invite him in Logan sighs and rests his hands on his hips. "Do you think I could maybe come in?"

"Oh sorry!" Veronica says pulling her hands out of her pockets and opening the door wider. Turning to look at how messy the house is, Veronica quickly grabs the melted pint of ice cream. Not bothering to look over her shoulder Veronica can feel his eyes following her every move.

"I hope I'm not interrupting a Mars family dinner." Turning to look around her apartment, Logan runs a hand through his hair. He didn't know what to say and the silence was unnerving.

"No you aren't." Veronica says throwing away the garbage she had picked up off the counter. Leaning back she crosses her arms over her chest, "Dad's out of town, working on a case."

"And he just leaves you home? All alone." Logan says with a startled gaze, turning back to stare at her.

"It's not like I'm in any danger." Veronica says a little surprised by the note of worry in Logan's voice. "I have Backup just in case something would happen." At the sound of his name the dog comes walking out of Veronica's bedroom and starts to sniff Logan's feet.

"Yes I can see…this boy is just vicious!" Logan says wryly bending down to rub Backups head.

"You make fun now, but with one word from me and that pretty boy face of yours will need extensive surgery." Veronica says joining Logan on the floor to pet Backup.

Shaking his head and laughing Logan leans back on his haunches. "I don't know…I still don't think it's safe." Standing he holds out a hand to help Veronica up. "Even if you do have this man eater here to protect you."

Taking Logan's hands she lets him pull her back to her feet, Logan pulls harder than really needed, causing Veronica to stumble into his arms. Stepping back quickly Veronica wipes her palms on the front of her pants. "It's fine Logan, this isn't the first time dad has had to leave me over night and it probably won't be the last."

Staring straight into Veronica's eyes Logan can feel the stubborn energy rolling off her in waves, he can also feel her slowly building up walls to keep him distant. "Ok." He says giving in, knowing Veronica wasn't going to budge…she never would've in the past and she was more stubborn now than she was then.

"Ok?" Veronica says confused. "Just like that…ok." She was preparing for confrontation, was almost looking forward to it, and Logan just gives in.

Laughing Logan joins Veronica by the counter. "Yea, ok. What did you expect Veronica? Me to pick you up and throw you over my shoulder?" Shaking his head he makes a scoffing noise. "I don't think it's safe for you to stay here alone, but I can't really do anything about it." Looking over he notices the hint of pink rising on her cheeks and deciding he had played nice long enough, Logan smirks. "Unless you want me to throw you over my shoulder, because I can if you'd like." Opening up his arms and pretending to reach for Veronica, Logan laughs when she steps back. "I'm just kidding Ronnie, I would never do that."

Laughing Veronica crosses her arms over her chest and gives him her best 'yeah right' look. "If memory serves me right, this wouldn't be the first time you've thrown me over your shoulder caveman style, Logan." Veronica watches the confused expression take over his face and she almost laughs at the comical look her gets on his face when he realizes what she's talking about.

"Oh come on Veronica…we were only 14 at the time." Logan says laughing. He had forgotten about that. The four of them had been hanging out at Duncan and Lilly's all day. Playing in the pool, when Lilly decided a two on two game of football would be fun, boys against girls. You could tell from the look on Veronica's face that she wasn't as enthused as Lilly was; after lots of coercion, Veronica relented to play. Not even five minutes into the game you could see why she didn't want to play, she wasn't any good, but unlike Lilly…who also stunk…Veronica was really trying. He can still remember the look on her face when she had intercepted the ball meant for him, she was so proud of herself. He can also remember the squeals of laughter when Logan had picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder, and running in for the touchdown.

"I'm just saying that you do have history of throwing helpless girls over your shoulder." Veronica says, laughter filling her voice.

"Helpless my ass." Logan says smiling and causing Veronica to shake her head. Sitting back down on the stool. "When was the last time we've laughed like this?"

Sighing Veronica sits down in the stool next to Logan and grabs her water bottle, taking a drink and trying to stall answering. "Logan we both know the last time we laughed like this…god that was probably last time we even talked like this." Veronica says sharing a heated look with Logan, before breaking eye contact to look down at her hands.

"Yeah." Logan says staring at his hands, bouncing them on the counter in front of him. "Why?" He says looking back at Veronica, waiting for her to make eye contact.

"Because…" Veronica says shrugging her shoulders and fiddling with her water bottle. "You decided to make me the enemy of you and everyone else at Neptune High."

"That's only because you decided to be against us all…you went against Lilly."

Swallowing the lump forming in her throat, Veronica takes a deep breath, pushing all the emotions she's feeling down, suppressing the urge to slap Logan. "I was forced to choose between my father and everyone else…what did you expect me to do!" Veronica asks turning to glare at Logan. This fight had been a long time coming.

"I don't really know Veronica! I didn't expect you to single out the Kane's…going against your best friend's family…against everyone in this town."

"I repeat Logan…what did you expect from me?" Veronica pushing away from the counter and Logan. "To turn my back on my dad! I didn't have a choice!" Veronica shouts pacing.

"Yes you did Veronica!" Logan shouts standing and grabbing her shoulders, getting to her to stop pacing. "You could've told Keith how he was wrong. You could've gotten your father to leave the Kane's alone. But you didn't Veronica!" Dropping his hands to his sides Logan sighs and shakes his head. "It would've been one thing to sit back and let your dad dig his own grave…but you helped him. And you made that choice."

"To what? Support my father?" Veronica says scoffing. "I'm sorry if it upset you Logan, but I would never turn my back on my dad. He's always been there for me, supporting me whenever I need him. And when it came time for me to step up to help him…I did. He needed me Logan."

"I needed you too!" Logan shouts looking down and straight into Veronica's eyes. He can see the surprise and shock fill her face. Closing his eyes, Logan sighs. "I gotta go." Turning and opening the door, Logan takes a moment and looks back at Veronica. Who is still standing in the same spot, but is looking after Logan with a look of confusion…and compassion.