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"So, Doctor, how is he?" General Landry asked as he entered his daughter's office.

Carolyn looked away from the diagram she was studying, and rubbed her eyes. It had been a long 48 hours, and she was glad that everything had turned out ok. Well, most everything.

"Well, the device is some sort of microchip, but much more complex. According to the scans, it's almost grown into his brain. Frankly, I have no idea how they got it in there - maybe some advanced beaming technology, because I can't find any sign of incision - but I do know one thing. I can't get it out."

"It won't kill him, will it?" Landry asked.

"Not unless I try to remove it," Carolyn answered. "From what he told me, it only activated while he was near the robots. The main part of it probably stores basic information, but the rest he seemed to have learned from communication with the robots themselves. The robots probably hadn't finished their operation when the rest of SG-1 arrived, so that's why he's still - well, himself."

The general nodded, and they sat in silence for a minute.

"Carolyn..." he said.


"I'm proud of you. Doing what you did." He chuckled. "I was out like a light and you were down here leading a resistance movement and holding out against the robots. You're something else, Carolyn."

She smiled slightly. "But, Dad..." she began, then stopped. She was on the job, what if one of the patients saw her? Forget it, she decided, I can drop the tough doctor act for a few minutes, I have to ask...

"Dad, when I said that I wouldn't stop the quarantine..." She looked up at him, then let her eyes drop. "It wasn't because I didn't love you," she said quietly. "You know that, don't you?" She swallowed hard before she pushed out the next words. "That I love you?" Strange, that hadn't been as hard as she'd thought.

"Of course I know, Carrie," her dad said, using an old nickname. "You're my daughter."

Carolyn tensed slightly as she felt her dad wrap an arm around her. But no one was around, and it actually felt quite good not to have to act so hard-boiled... She slipped her arm around him in return and relaxed.

"So, Doc, what's up with my -" Carolyn jumped as she heard the familiar voice and then saw Colonel Mitchell appear at the doorway. He stopped midsentence in surprise as he saw the general. Carolyn thought cynically that that wasn't the only reason for his surprise.

"Excuse me. Sir. Ma'am," he managed, then ducked out. His face was a shade redder than when he'd come in, and Carolyn felt that hers had to resemble a tomato by now.

She grimaced, angry with herself, but...

She remembered the look on Mitchell's face, and couldn't keep a little giggle from coming out. Whoa, Carolyn, where did that come from? she asked herself. But she heard her father give a snort of laughter too, and... well, Mitchell was a nice guy and she almost hated to amuse herself at his expense, but... almost. Ok, so it was fun to laugh at her dad's subordinates every once in a while, and she'd go out in a few minutes and glare ice picks at him anyway, so why not...

Carolyn laughed along with her dad. She could be Dr. Lam again in a few minutes, but -

In a few minutes.

Not now.

Sam looked up as the general entered her lab, and smiled. Not just because he was in civilian clothes and she didn't have to salute, but because it was Jack.

"Hey, Carter," he said, approaching her work table.

"Hi sir," she said, and went to a side table to rummage around for a tool.

"Whoa, Sam!" she heard Jack say as he saw what she was working on. "What is this, biology class?"

Sam suppressed a grin as she heard the surprise in Jack's voice. "It's not alive anymore, sir, and it never really was..." She turned back to her work table, armed with a new tool.

Jack was still looking down at the robot body. Sam knew what he was thinking; it was pretty creepy, tinkering with a machine that looked so human.

"You know, I think that if I'd just spent a couple of days on a planet full of these things trying to kill me I'd give it a week or two before I started cutting one up."

"Mmmm." Sam leaned closer to the robot and peered through her magnifying glass. A dissection microscope would help, she thought...

"Or is this how you get your revenge?" Jack went on. "I like blowing them up, you like picking apart their innards?"

Sam grinned. She'd missed Jack. "That last one was kind of tough, sir," she said.

"Yeah. How is everyone?"

"Oh, fine I guess. Daniel and Cameron are a little cut up about it - but for different reasons, I think. The Ancients, you know. Teal'c - well, he's Teal'c."

Jack chuckled. "He's got feelings, too, you know. That rat Woolsey heard about the Ancients and came down here to tell us exactly how we mismanaged it. Lost research opportunity, lousy command, blah, blah, blah... I let Teal'c have a word with him. When he was finished, he ran back to Washington like his tail was on fire. Which I wish it was."

Sam smiled. "Are you sure it was only a word?"

"Yeah." Jack sobered, lowering his voice. "You guys did the right thing."

Sam nodded halfheartedly. She'd said the same thing to Cameron only an hour before, but she still wasn't quite sure she believed it.

"What about you, Sam?" Jack asked.

"Fine, sir," she said, burying herself in her work to avoid his eyes.

They stood in silence for a few minutes. Then Sam put down her tool and looked up. "I guess I'm just determined to have something good come out of this situation," she said, motioning to the robot lying on her worktable.

"So does that mean you're going to spend the rest of the day holed up in this lab with a dead robot for company?" Jack asked.

"Well...yeah," Sam said. Unless you have something else in mind?

"Even when the sun is shining, the weather is nice, and the fish are biting?"

Sam gave him a sideways look. "I thought your pond was out of fish again, sir."

Jack's smile wilted. "It is." Then he brightened again. "But I know a guy around here who owns a tackle shop, he rents out rods so we could go fly-fishing in the river..."

Sam smiled. The last time she'd gone fishing had been...almost a year ago, when Jack was still working at the SGC. It seemed like so long ago. But... "I don't know how to fly-fish."

"Nothing to it. Easier than cutting up a robot, at any rate."

Sam checked her watch and laid down her magnifying glass. "Well, sir, if we want to catch something in time for lunch, we'd better get going."

Jack's eyes lit up. "Sweet! You know, I have a secret recipe for fried fish. And I happen to have some of the secret ingredients in my truck already..."

Sam laughed as they walked out the door. "It's beer, isn't it, sir?"

"I never said -"

"Well, I bet it isn't axle grease!"

"It could be..."

Sam grinned. If the last few days had been a nightmare, so what? She knew that today was going to be delicious.