"Hey Tutorwife!" I smiled at my best friend as she walked up the stairs to my door.

"Hey," she said somewhat distractedly.

"What's wrong?" I said, hoping that Jamie was alright. "You're not pregnant are you?"

"No," she said slowly.

"Then what is it?" I asked, relieved that Jamie was okay and slightly sorry that she wasn't pregnant.

"Peyton and Lucas," she started, but then stopped.

"What about Peyton and Lucas?" I asked, wondering for a second if she knew the truth about the pregnancy.

"I don't know," she paused and then continued, "I guess I never thought they would go this far."

"Huh," I said, confused.

"Look," she began, "I know you're with Chase and you're happy. But...I guess I always thought that you guys would end up together," she rushed on.

"What," I stuttered, surprised at her confession.

"I know, but can you blame me for wanting my best friends to be together."

No, I said to myself, It's the same thing I want. Wanted. The same thing I wanted.

"We tried that," I said instead, "it didn't work."

She paused.

"But it could have," she countered, "neither one of you could let it work."

Her eyes pleaded with me to consider the thought.

"Look," I breathed out deeply, deciding now was the time to level with my best friend, "Even if I wanted to be with him, he's with Peyton. He's happy..."

"I don't really think he's that happy," Haley mumbled.

"Why would you say that?" I asked, curiosity getting the best of me. "Has he said he wasn't?"

"No," she said slowly, "I guess it's just more of a 'best friend sixth sense' kinda thing."

"A what now," I said, my heart starting to beat a little faster.

"When I look at him, he just doesn't have that look of happiness. I mean, he's not frowning. But I've seen him happier."

"When," I asked carefully.

"When he was with you," she said plainly.

Her words hit me like a pile of bricks.

"Damn that baby," Haley said.

"What," her outburst bringing me back to reality.

"Damn that baby," Haley said, "well not really...It's just that he's so afraid of becoming Dan, he won't even think about leaving her."

"What if she wasn't pregnant?" I asked to no one but myself.

"But she is," Haley said rationally.

"But what if she wasn't," I countered, as the realization hit me.

I had to tell Lucas the truth.

It was time to lay it on the line.

But if I had to lay it on the line