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Gaara was not having a good day. This is the 47th fangirl that has come to be interviewed for the job of his secretary. All of them just stared at him and when he would ask a question they would just scream "I LOVE YOU" and leave. Defiantly not a good day. Lets see, the 48th to be interviewed, would be someone called Junsui Nenriki .

"The next person for job of secretary is ready to see you."Exclaimed Temari, she was helping him out for today.

"Let her in." Gaara assumed it was a girl; he didn't think any male would volunteer for the job. When the person walked in, he could see the assumption was right. It was a girl. She had brown hair that just touched her shoulder. It was parted to the side and cut to have some bangs and then line her face. She had brown eyes and a square face, kind of chubby cheeks, with a kind of pale skin and a clear complexion. She was wearing a kimono like dress, except it ended just above her knee. It was black with a dragon wrapping around her, embroidered with red thread. The dragons head come up to her chest. She had a black casual obi sash, or the large belt like thing wrapped around the waist, with red sakura petals. It was about 10 centimeters wide. Then she had a bright red obi-jime, or small string on top of the large belt.

He had to face it she was pretty. Also she didn't look like a fangirl. No, she had a decent smile on her face and didn't look really nervous. No, definitely non-fangirl behavior. As soon as he realized this, he knew it. This was the only non-fangirl that would ever want to be his secretary. She was definitely… the looniest person he would ever meet.

"So you're applying for the job of my secretary… it says here you used to work at a grocery store." Exclaimed the kazekage while reading her resume.

"That would be correct."

'Well, she passed the second test' thought Gaara 'she didn't burst out "I LOVE YOU" and then run away.'

"It also states that you're a genius. Could you explain that?" said the Kazekage.

"Ah yes the owner thinks I'm a genius, funny story to that." She started.

'Hmmmm, defiantly not a fangirl, or afraid of me. Just as I thought, the looniest person I'll ever meet.'

"You see, my father is an expert on the human mind. He's a scientist who explores how the human mind works and thinks. As you can imagine, having a father like that, I picked up a few things or two. He defiantly made sure that I didn't go out into the world clueless. It's nothing much though. I really don't see the big deal." Finished Nenriki.

"It also says you beat the cash register." Said Gaara

"Hai, I'm faster than a cash register at a math problem." Answered Nenriki.

'Only one more thing to test.' Thought Gaara 'Let's see how she holds up under danger'

All of a sudden, a malice aurora rose in the air. Nenriki could feel sand circle around her.

'What is he thinking,' thought Nenriki 'is he trying to kill me? No, there was nothing in his features that suggested that. Hmmmmmmm, I'll have to study his expression even more.'

She had to hurry, and figure it out. She could already feel the sand wrapping around her. She looked around to see how far he had gotten. He had a firm hold on her legs. She wasn't going anywhere. Nenriki looked up. Her eyes closely studying every detail of his face. He was grimacing, and looking at her with a crazed look.

'Why is she staring at me? She's doing good so far though. She's not panicking, at least not what I can tell. She's defiantly good under pressure. She's an ideal secretary for a job in contact with dangerous people. She passes the first part, but let's see how she deals with the situation.' Thought Gaara.

'Well,' thought Nenriki 'he's got quite the grimace, that's for sure. But his eyes. Hard to read, but no intent of murder in them. He slowly progresses with the sand, though I can conclude he means me no harm. Perhaps a test, to see how I deal. Or he could have been hired to assassinate me. With the intent, but nothing driving it. That would make no sense for he's the kazekage and I'm not wanted. It's settled. He's testing me.'

Nenriki smiles.

"Nice try. You got the smile, but your eyes show no want of killing me. From your features I can conclude you're testing me. In my spare time I would read my fathers data and books on behavior."

The sand dropped.

'She got me.' Thought Gaara 'She could have guessed though.'

The kazekage sighed. He retreated his sand.

"That is all, you may leave."

She got up, bowed to show her respect, and then left.

'Well that went well, I hope.' She thought.

She sighed. She couldn't get much on his personality. If she go the job, it sure would be interesting. As she left the building, she quickly stated,

"I hope Nii-chan makes me one hell of a dessert."

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