It was an ordinary school day for Sakura. She entered the hallways only to be welcomed by disgusted looks. But she didn't care. Later after school, Tomoyo and a couple of her

friends were meeting up at the mall to go shopping. She heard a couple of words saying, 'geek', others saying, 'look at her. She is disgusting!'

She simply ignored their insulting remarks. Sakura walked up to her classroom and settled herself for her upcoming class.


Sakura's POV

Hi everyone! You're probably wondering why the Princess of Japan is actually playing a role as a nerd. Well, let me tell you why. If they do know I am a princess, then the the stuck up and show off popular snots will come and try to be all sugary to me. YUCK!

Actually, I'm quite cute, at least that's what people tell me. I have long auburn hair that reach above my waist. My emerald eyes shine with innocence, though it's always been hidden behind this thick glasses of mine. I always model for my cousins fashion designs. She's the heir of the famous 'Fashion Inc. Her name is Tomoyo. We always do everything together, she also goes to my school, but we always pretend that we didn't know each other or we just simply never talk during school. Tomoyo can be popular whenever she wants to. Although she always tells me that she never wanted to be one of those sick sluts. Of course she's not my only best friend. I also have others. Their names are Takashi, Rika, Chiharu, and Eriol, they're also royalties in disguise, but they all go to a different school.

I watched the teacher lecture us about history. She always explain to us how important they are to us, how we should appreciate it. I looked around the room and so no one participating. I sighed. I'm one of the honor roll students, which gives everybody else the perfect opportunity to tease me. Not only by my nerdy looks, but also by my smartness. Imagine that!

I always believe they're just jealous of me. That's because they don't even have the brains to study. We suddenly heard the door open. There stood a young man with a built body, perfect amber eyes and messy chocolate hair.

Ah yes. The famous and powerful Li Syaoran.