Come What May

By Soul Eyes

Author's Note: This story has been an on-going idea floating around in my head.

Summary: A nasty fall causes Troy to forget everything, including Gabriella! Sharpay takes advantage and manages to convince the basketball star that it was her he's been with! Heartbroken Gabriella and the gang don't know what to do. Will Troy remember it was Gabriella all along or will Sharpay finally win! Tropay/Troyella!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! Not the songs or the characters! So don't sue me! I need the money for college!

I wanna kiss you
But if I do then I might miss you, babe
It's complicated and stupid
Got my ass squeezed by sexy cupid
Guess he wants to play, wants to play
A love game, a love game)
LoveGame – Lady gaga

The pressure was on. And the three pairs of eyes watching him made Troy acutely aware that he couldn't mess up. Licking his lips he flexed his left hand around the control and let his right hand hover above the shiny red button. Looking up at the glaring red numbers that seemed to have laughed at his curly head friend not two minutes ago; now glared down at him. Waiting, he took a deep breath. Moving along the small space he knew he only had little time to spare. There it was! The target! Hidden to the right practically untouchable. To any normal person this task was unthinkable to even try. But he was Troy Bolton and he wasn't backing down. His left hand seemed to move without his consent and in the haze of regaining his focus the weight of his right index finger almost dropped. Too soon! He wasn't in the right position. Looking back up he noticed that time was running out. It was now or never. Aiming with what he knew was years of practice from playing basketball over the years; he let the full weight of his right hand press down. It was as if all time stopped and Troy could have sworn he heard the people near them gasp, that is if he wasn't to deep in the moment. His eyes widened as the claw dug into the mess of colorful creatures and slowly rose with his prize!

"Oh my god! Troy! You did it!" Gabriella squealed. Smiling he bent down and pulled the stuffed animal from the machine.

"I told you I'd get it for you," Troy said handing it to her.

Smiling Gabriella kissed Troy on his cheek and looked down at her prize. It was a tiny Wildcat with a basketball in its hands. When she saw it she knew she had to have it. But what she didn't expect was for Troy to get it on the first try, or at all for that matter. Troy smiled down at the happy expression on his girlfriends face. He would be lying to himself if he hadn't doubted a little bit. Those animals are almost impossible to get. But as long at it was in his girlfriends hands and not still in the machine then he wouldn't say a word.

"How cute," Taylor said watching them. Gabriella looked up at her best friend and smiled.

"Almost makes you forget that it really shouldn't cost eleven dollars," Gabriella said looking to her friends' right.

"Let me have another go at it," Chad said pointing at the machine.

"Troy got it on the first try, while you had ten," Taylor said looking at him

"Troy took lucky number eleven. Let me try eleven more times and I'm sure to get it," he said walking toward the machine.

"Chad, really. It's Okay." Troy and Gabriella smiled at their friends. "It's just like Gabriella said, 'almost makes you forget it shouldn't be worth that much money'."

"But you know, if Chad had used the money in playing something he actually had some decent shot at, then you'd probably would have a prize three times the size." The group turned to see where the Wildcat captain was looking.

Gabriella had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. Standing not too far away, but far enough to not be overheard a man with rather colorful uniform was standing underneath a sign that read 'The Guessing Game'. And there next to the man was a long piece of cardboard that had measuring numbers going up and down; with a small scale beside that.

Chad turned to glare at his captain/best friend. "What? With all that hair the guy would never be able to guess your real height. You have all that extra… Um… Baggage," Troy said trying to think of a good word to describe the amount of hair protruding from his friend's head.

"Hilarious. You're a real comedian hoops." Troy tired to hide his laughter, but looking at Chad's face he just couldn't keep quiet anymore.

"So what are we doing next?" Gabriella asked; changing the subject for fear that her boyfriend would soon become the receiving end of a not too friendly hand gesture from Chad.

"Didn't the rest of the team want to meet at the entrance of the roller coaster?" Taylor said.

"Alright let's go then." Troy said glad to have his attention diverted somewhere else before he got on Chad's nerves.

Sharpay cringed, as she looked at all the amusement park food. Turning away she placed her hands on her hips and looked around. 'What was she doing here again?' She had asked her self this question multiple times since parking her pink convertible Mercedes in the parking lot only a few yards away from where she was standing. She could distinctly remember stepping out for some much needed shoe shopping for the new school year, when her brother emerged from the dance studio. He was dressed head to toe in wildcat colors keys in hand.

"Where are you going?" Sharpay asked stopping at the foot of the stairs crossing her arms.

"I got a text from Martha saying there was a farewell bash going on at the amusement park for the seniors. So I figured I'd stop by and check it out." Ryan said pointing down to his blue iphone.

"Pardon?" she asked raising one eyebrow.

"Martha. She's in our homeroom. Sat next to Troy," Ryan added when he saw the lost expression on his twins face.

"Oh. The hippy hop dance one? Ew. And you're actually going?" Sharpay asked. Shock written all over her face.

'Yeah. I mean it's the last thing that's really happening before school starts again in three weeks so I thought. What the heck." Ryan shrugged his shoulders smiling as his sister's face slowly turned into disgust. "Do you want come?"

"Ha!" Flipping her hair she stepped down the last step and continued along toward the large double white doors of the house. "As much fun as that sounds, I have better things to do."

"Come on Sharpay. It's the last big 'party' before the school year. Plus when was the last time we went out that didn't involve the country club this whole summer?"

Sharpay stopped her hand on the door handle. But when was there ever a time that they did something together that didn't involve singing and dancing lessons? Sure there were times where they would be sitting by the pool, or having one of their many treatments at the spa. But Ryan would never stay long. His reasoning was the rest of the Wildcats. Ever since Ryan had become friends with Troy's gang she began to see less and less of her brother. And as much as she hated to admit she really missed him. They literally grew up being the others only real companion and Sharpay was really seeing just how much not having him around was a little boring.

"Plus, you can wear that new Zac Posen dress. Where else are you going to be able to wear that red and white pattern summer dress?"

Looking down at her self she smiled. Yes, this dress would only ever work and a school prep rally or game and when was she ever going to go to one of those? Never in her lifetime. Her attention was diverted when she heard someone call out to her.

"Yo, Evans." Lifting her head she saw no one near her. Turning she saw that Jason was walking over with Kelsi, Martha and Zeke; they were followed by some other members of both the basketball team and the cheer leading squad.

Ryan stood up and accepted the hug from Kelsi and Martha. He then turned to greet Zeke and Jason.

"Glad to see you made it. Chad was worried that your dance class wouldn't let you come, which is why he said he didn't mention it to you when he saw you yesterday." Kelsi said smiling up at the blond.

"Yeah, it's only a summer class and what with the talent show done there's really not much I can teach them till the fall," Ryan said smiling back at her.

"Did you come alone?" Martha asked.

"No. Sharpay came with me." Upon the mention of her name Sharpay could see many of them lifting their heads to see if they could spot the other musical twin. But it was Zeke who found her first, still standing next to the food stand. She hadn't moved since they began to talk. And she couldn't keep his gaze. Turning her head so that it was as if she was looking at her reflection in the popcorn maker she was really looking back at the group.


It was confusing to understand their relationship. She knew he liked her. She would be dumb if she didn't. He would be the only one besides her brother to really acknowledge her presence and there were the amazing non-fat cookies he would make her everyday. During the school year they began to share something even though Sharpay would deny it even now. He would come after practice to leave her the new cookies he made but would disappear right around the time that Gabriella and Troy would come in; which was fine with her because the less time with the Wildcat bunch, the better.

At the beginning of summer she was a little taken aback when she found him working in the kitchen with the others since it had been her plan to only bring in Troy. But she quickly got over it when she would find a little something extra with all her meals. Something Zeke. But everything changed. The wildcats were none too happy with Sharpay, what with trying to separate Troy and Gabriella and trying to prevent them from performing. Not that it matted much to her what they thought but Zeke had changed the most. His smiles and hellos were less frequent and there were hardly anymore special meals. She knew why, she had gone for his captain and not him. That's were the confusion was. And this was why she couldn't look him in the face. She wanted his attention even though she knew Troy was still number one for her.

"Oh," Kelsi said finally spotting the blond.

"Yeah, she caught me on the way out and tagged along. That's okay right?" The last part asked for Zeke; who turned his head once everyone found Sharpay.

He wasn't an idiot to everyone's staring but lucky Martha, the genius she was stepped in. "Yeah, no problem." Everyone turned to look back at Ryan nodding. Zeke gave Martha a small smile as a silent thank you. Martha smiled back.

"Cool. So where is Chad?" Ryan asked looking around.

"He's with Taylor, Troy and Gabriella. They split to go play some games while we went to go check out the haunted house." Zeke said.

"We're meeting them at the front of the roller coaster. We're trying to get the whole gang on all at once. It's gonna' make a sick picture," Jason said smiling. It was his grand plan since arriving at the amusement park and he was more than excited when Troy and Chad were game.

"That means you're also invited," Kelsi said looking in both Sharpay and Ryan's direction.

"Um?" Ryan looked over at his sister. She was now applying her lip-gloss using the popcorn stand in front of her as a mirror. The man handing out the popcorn had all but forgotten about his customers as he drooled over the blond standing a few inches from him, her Micheal Kors perfume filling his senses. "I'll join but I have to ask Sharpay. Do you guys mind if I meet you there?" Ryan wanted to go but it would be rude to ditch Sharpay after he invited her to come. Not that he doubted for a second that she would object to leaving if it came to that. He still had to ask her.

"It's going to be a one shot deal, so we won't wait if we have enough people," Jason said. It was plain to see he could live with Sharpay out of the picture.

"Sounds fair. Don't worry." Ryan nodded and said his good-byes. Moving away he saw Sharpay cap her lip-gloss and turn to meet him.

"Do you think that it was okay to invite Sharpay too?" Martha asked looking at Kelsi. They had to understand that she wasn't speaking only for Zeke but for Troy and Gabriella too. It had only been a month since the break up and it might be strange having Sharpay, the reason for their break up there.

"Well I know that Sharpay might not be the nicest person in the world but I still feel bad not inviting her. Plus Troy and Gabriella are so much closer now. I'm sure they'll be okay. It will be awkward, sure. But they're so much more mature then that."

"Yeah, Troy will be cool with it and so will everyone else."

The few members of the basketball team and cheer leading squad had headed off to the roller coaster while the gang had stopped to talk to Ryan, so they weren't afraid of being overheard. It was high school so gossip was hard to keep from going around, even more so when it was about a couple who single handily changed the status of the entire school. But only a few people knew the real reason behind what happened at Lava Springs and they wanted to keep it that why. Which was why Martha was concerned with having Sharpay there.

"Sweet!" Chad said looking down at his phone.

"What's going on?" Troy asked from behind, his arm slung around Gabriella's shoulders.

"Ryan says he wants in on plan coaster!"

"That's off the hook!" Troy said smiling.

"That must mean his dance class got out early," Gabriella said smiling.

"Yeah it did." Chad paused as he scrolled down the text. Stopping he glanced at Taylor before looked at his best friend and his girlfriend.

"What's wrong?" Taylor asked looking from Chad to Troy and Gabriella.

"He's coming with Sharpay." Both Gabriella and Troy felt the air around them go cold. Taylor ripped a piece of her cotton candy and chewed it so she could look like she was occupied. Chad lowered his phone understanding what was going through his captains' head.

"Well the more the merrier." All three pairs of eyes turned to the tiny math girl holding on to a stuffed wildcat. Had they heard that right? "It's Jason's plan to get everyone on the roller coaster, right?"

"Uh…yeah." Chad didn't know what else to say. "But what about…?"

"Just tell Ryan that they better hurry up. Jason isn't going to want to do this a second time and I would hate for him to miss it."

"So I guess I'll just text him and tell him to meet us inside on line then?" Gabriella nodded. "Cool." Holding up his phone again he began to walk in the path toward the roller coaster. Taylor watched Chad leave looking back at her best friend she saw Gabriella nod and smiled.

Troy watched as Taylor followed Chad. He knew that Gabriella wasn't fine about this. She was only trying not to spoil everyone else's fun. But that didn't mean she would have to sacrifice hers. He pulled Gabriella back as she tired to follow after Taylor.

Gabriella looked up into his blue eyes and she knew that her well-constructed wall came falling down every time she did. Her smile dropped and her eyes hit the floor. "I know what you're going to say and Ryan is my best friend so I really don't want him to miss this."


"I'm not happy she's going to be there." Emphasizing her distaste on the word she, "but I know it would break Ryan's heart if we tell him we don't want her there. Above everything else she is his sister."

"Yeah, I see your point. And it's not exactly all her fault. If I had hadn't gotten so caught up in everything none of that would have ever happened." It was true. Sharpay may have shoved the college scholarship and the new job under his nose, but it was Troy who ultimately made the decision to put his friends and relationship second.

"Hey." Touching his cheek Gabriella made Troy look at her. "We talked about this. I should have said something sooner too."

"Yo!" The couple stepped away from each other to see Chad waving and screaming in their direction. "Jason says he's already at the coaster! So let's move it!"

"Check it out. They're trying to get all of them together for a picture. How gay is that!" A group of guys were sitting on the benches in front of Hells Plummet. A few girls from the dance team were standing with them. The boys were from the Soccer team, there was about five of them. They were all dressed in jeans and black and red Addias jackets.

"Didn't I say naming Bolton for their captain was going to destroy them. First it's prancing on stage and now photo shoots. It's only a matter of time till Danforth starts showing up to practice in tights." David the captain pointed over to where Chad was walking with Taylor. The pair turned before passing the team and walked into the coasters entrance.

The grouped laughed as if they could picture Chad walking into the gym wearing a red tutu and white tights, ready for practice.

The soccer team wasn't thrilled with the Wildcats knew found popularity. Sure the basketball team always had the support of the community, but the soccer team was always right behind them. When the Wildcats would finish their season everyone's attention would be on the soccer field, to a team that had become three times state and regional champions. But all of that changed when captain Troy Bolton auditioned for the school's musical. Gaining a new crowd of devoted followers even when they weren't playing.

Where did that leave David and his team? How were they going to keep everyone's attention when all they wanted was to see the tall jocks dance in like N'Sync. For six months now David had been frustrated trying to figure out a plan to gain back his place in East High royalty. But every time he did something, Troy and his gang would come out and top them again. Take for example just a few weeks ago David had convinced the team to be waiters at the Lava Springs Country Club. They were holding their annual end of summer talent show and Albuquerque's rich and famous were to attend. It was the perfect opportunity for the team to be seen as good wholesome members of society. But last minute they were fired.

David and the team showed up anyway, they thought that perhaps they would still get some recognition if they were seen supporting their neighborhood. But it wasn't them everyone was talking about but of the Wildcats. During the very end of the performance Troy Bolton came up on stage and after a few versus the team, along with a few cheerleaders who were all serving. Danced up on stage like some big production. They won the crowd over, and stole their jobs. It was more than David could stand to watch. He needed to do something before everyone would forget about soccer, thus resulting in cutting them. If no one came to watch the games then what was the point in having them around.

"Speaking of the devil,' Mark said.

Troy Bolton emerged out of the crowd smiling and shaking hands as if he was some kind of celebrity. Shaking his head David stood from the bench. "Let's get out of here before they break out into 'thriller'."

"Hey! Troy!" Jason yelled waving him over. The whole team and the cheerleaders were already in the front of the line.

"Hey guys!" Troy said waving with his free hand, his other interlocked with Gabriella's.

"We've already decided on who is sitting where." Martha said. "And the guys said it would look better in the picture if you and Chad were in the front since both of you guys are captains."

"We were Captains. The team still hasn't been picked for the new season next year,"

"Come on Troy. After that win there's no way we wouldn't pick you as captain again. Plus what with having played with the Redhawks you might teach us some new moves." Rick said leaning on the railing.

"Any of you guys could have played with them."

"Come on Hoops. Technically we are captains at least until the new school year starts so…" Chad smiled as he saw the beauty in his logic.

"Actually..," Taylor began ready to correct her boyfriend. But she stopped when Gabriella gave her a look.

"Please! They're all too scared to go in the front anyway," one of the cheerleaders said laughing.

"I don't see you heading to the front Chelsea." Smiling Chad clapped hands with Zeke as Chelsea stuck out her tongue.

"We're touched guys, really," Troy said holding his heart. Laughing nervously the guys let them pass.

"We heard that it almost looks like it can take your legs off when you sit in the front," JC said rubbing his hands together.

Gabriella stopped in her tracks. Maybe she could sit this one out. She liked her legs just where they were, attached to her body. Plus doing the math in her head, the pain that would cause was most likely to be highly excruciating and could lead to death due to blood loss. Of course if it were even possible to lose your legs on a roller coaster that's why they were regularly checked for safety. Right?

"Now that I think about it. Troy does have a point. It isn't fair that we get the front. Didn't you tell me Zeke made most of the shots in the last game?" Gabriella said looking at Troy. "And didn't you say Alex did some amazing steals?" she asked looking at Chad.

"Gabriella you okay?" Kelsi asked noticing the change in Gabriella's mood.

"Yes. I just think that there are enough people who a more than qualified to sit in the front as well."

"You don't want to sit in the front, do you?" Troy asked trying to hide his smirk. Gabriella looked up at Troy and shook her head. Seeing his girlfriends face of horror Troy couldn't help but laugh. "It's just a roller coaster, plus JC likes freaking everybody else out so he can feel better."

"This is true," JC shrugged at Gabriella who still didn't look at all convinced. Biting her bottom lip she looked over at the ride as it came in ready for the wildcats to board.

Sharpay stopped at the entrance of the Hells Plummet. One cart was already leaving the platform. Looking up she couldn't spot any of the wildcats riding it so she pushed past the people in front her. Ryan looked around trying to see if he could see Jason or Chad. Pulling out his cell phone he read Chad's text.

"I think they might be inside already," Ryan said turning to see his sister was nowhere near him. Looking around he saw something blond moving fast toward the crowd of people waiting. Pocketing his phone he followed.

Ryan was still a bit confused as to why his sister agreed to go on the roller coaster so quickly. Sharpay wasn't the type to mess up her hair for fun. Not unless it was part of the act.

He knew Sharpay had reacted too harshly during the talent show a few weeks back. His sister always needed to be number one in everything she did. And while the spotlight was something Sharpay always got, he was part of the act. And since they both would have the stage it was enough for Ryan. He loved the limelight just as much as she did, but his means of getting there never matched his twin's. So when Sharpay kicked him out for Troy Ryan found his place with the wildcats.

Sadly having them reclaim their place in the talent show meant bringing down his sister. And while in the end Troy pulled her up on stage to join them, showing he forgave her and that everyone else should too. Ryan knew Sharpay was putting on an act. She couldn't take center stage unless she looked happy along with the wildcats; who had won the crowd over. Since then Sharpay kept her distance, so her actions now bothered him.

Reaching the front of the line Sharpay saw that almost all of the basketball team and the cheer leading squad were already sitting in their seats. Taking a closer look she saw Troy and Chad take the end seats in the front, while Gabriella and Taylor took the middle. This was her chance. While the guy who was working on the ride wasn't looking she ran past with Ryan not too far behind.

The gang looked up as Sharpay stood on the side of the ride.

"Hi," she said. Gabriella, Chad and Taylor looked at the playmaker.

"Hey," Troy said speaking first. He lowered the coasters bars onto his shoulders.

Martha who was sitting right behind Taylor tapped Kelsi on the shoulder and stopped Jason from fastening his seat belt. By now almost all the wildcats were looking toward the front of the ride. Some were now standing up in their seats to get a better look.

Sharpay's smile slowly faded as she turned to look at Gabriella and Taylor. "Do you mind if Ryan and I switch places with you?"

"Come again?" Taylor asked the drama queen. Martha and Kelsi both looked at each other.

"Well, it's just that Ryan and I have never been on a roller coaster before. And I heard it's only good if you sit in the front row."

"So why don't you wait for the next car to come in," Taylor said pulling her bar down too.

"Yeah, but the next car is going to be full of underclassmen, and we would hate it if they saw how scared we are. My reputation as role model for them will be crushed." Taylor and Chad couldn't help but have their jaws drop. It was simply amazing how much bull was coming out of her mouth. Ryan looked at the gang and shook his head. 'What was she doing?'

Martha and Kelsi looked at the line of people waiting for the ride. For what they could see none of them even went to East High.

The man operating the coaster looked up to see Sharpay and Ryan. "Hey, you need to find a seat or wait for the next cart. There are other people waiting. I need to get the ride out."

Ryan was about to apologize when everyone's mouth dropped next. "Okay," Gabriella said. Lifting up her bar she stepped out of her seat and off the ride. "You can take my spot."

"Gabriella, what are you doing?" Troy asked beginning to take off his seat belt.

"No it's okay Troy," she said turning around. "I really don't want to sit in the front and Sharpay wants to, so it all works out for everyone. I'll find a seat in the back. Taylor?" Shrugging Taylor took off her seat belt and safe bar and followed her best friend off the ride. Smiling Sharpay took her place next to Troy and Ryan next to Chad.

"Sorry. I knew she had something planned but I didn't know what." Shaking his head Chad kept quite and fastened his seat belt.

"Okay. Go take a seat in the back." The operator dropping in front of Sharpay and Ryan he began checking their seats belts. He was just finishing with Troy's when Troy looked back at Gabriella who gave him one last look.

"Gabriella! Wait!" Gabriella turned around as she heard her name being called. Troy took off his seat belt and bar, much to Sharpay's shock. "I'm sorry," he said looking at operator. Standing up he looked at her. "I want to ride next to you. Whether it's in the front or it's in the back. It doesn't matter, as long as you are with me." Gabriella couldn't help but smile.

"This is ridiculous." The operator walked off the ride.

Sharpay seemed to share his resentment. "Wait Troy," she yelled. Unbuckling her seat belt and lifting her bar she grabbed for Troy. Since he was in the process of getting off Troy had one foot still on the ride and the other in the air, so he wasn't ready for the pull on his arm. Turning too fast, his foot slipped on the ride causing the young basketball star to fall. It all happened very slowly when they think back on it now. The crowd on the ride, the Wildcats, the operator, Sharpay, Ryan and Gabriella watched as the captain fell. His head hit the side of the ride hard! Troy's body turned and a loud crunch was heard as he landed on his shoulder.


Gasps could be heard as Gabriella ran over to him. Everyone was rooted to the spot. Lifting his head Gabriella felt something wet on her finger tips. Looking down at her hand it was stained a deep red, Troy's blood.

"Quick! Get some help!" Taylor yelled at the operator. She was the first to react. The man shook his in shock upon seeing the blood. He ran over to the small phone by the controllers a dialed a number.

Ryan and Sharpay watched quietly. Shouts were over heard from the crowd.

"There's blood!"

"Is Troy dead?"

"Call an ambulance!"

Maybe there were kids from the school in the crowd waiting for the ride. Or were the screams coming from the wildcats around them? In any case the one thing the twins were sure of. That was way too much blood coming out of the East High playmaker.

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