Come What May

By Soul Eyes

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Summary: A nasty fall causes Troy to forget everything up to his new year's trip, including Gabriella! Sharpay takes advantage and manages to convince the basketball star that it was her he sang with! Heartbroken Gabriella and the gang don't know what to do. Will Troy remember it was Gabriella all along or will Sharpay finally win! Tropay/Troyella!

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I find shelter in this way.
Undercover hideaway.
Can you hear when I say?
I have never felt this way.
Birdy - Shelter

Coach Jack Bolton had never run so many red lights in his life. His wife didn't know whether they would make it to the hospital in one piece, or be checking in themselves. The call form Chad's phone had turned their quiet evening of dinner and movies to a nightmare from which they both wanted to wake from. On any normal Saturday night Troy would be out until eleven fifteen, promptly after leaving Gabriella, his girlfriend home. While in the beginning Jack was not fond of the relationship due to the fact he was afraid it might hinder Troy's ability to play; Gabriella quickly won them all over. She was a very bright and a humble girl who brought out a side of Troy that even he didn't know existed. Skidding to a halt in front of the Emergency entrance he flew out of the car, Lucille not far behind him. Running passed a nurse pushing a wheelchair both parents stopped in front of the reception desk. The nurse behind the counter was looking over the computer when they appeared.

"May I help you?" She asked.

"Uh, yes. I'm here to see my son. Troy Bolton, he was brought in a few minutes ago by an ambulance," Jack said palms down on the table.

"Ok, let me check. Bolton right?" Just as the nurse began to search on the computer Chad came from around the corner.

"Coach!" Jack turned to see his son's best friend and one look at the curly boys head brought Jack back less than half an hour ago; when he saw his name on the caller ID.

Reaching over for the phone Jack was ready to cut this conversation short. "Danforth, I'm sure if you look hard enough you'll find Troy in the crow-."

"Coach Bolton?" It was Taylor's voice that answered him back. It was not normal for the decathlon captain to be calling the Bolton household at all. And it was the edge in her voice that also caught him off-guard. She sounded terrified.

"Miss McKessie? Is something wrong?" Lucille looked to her husband from her position next to him on the coach.

"No, Sir. I mean yes, uh it's Troy." Taylor placed her hand on her forehead looking at Chad who sat in front of the steering wheel to Troy's pick up truck. He shrugged his shoulders and glanced in the rearview mirror. Zeke was driving behind him and Chad had no doubt his teammates weren't far.

"What's wrong with Troy?" Jack Bolton sat upright and passed the bowl of popcorn to his wife. She sat up too, her attention fully on the one side of the conversation she could hear. Reaching for the remote she hit mute and placed the bowl on the table in front of them.

"There's been an accident and," Taylor took a deep breath. Her voice betraying the clam conversation she had practiced in her head before calling Troy's parents. Closing her eyes she counted to three quickly and opened them. Bright colored lights flickered in her vision before her. Nodding her had she spoke into Chad's cell phone. "He's on his way to the hospital right now."

Waving his hand to the nurse, he walked over. "Danforth, I'm excepting some answers. "What happened? Where's Troy?"

Chad looked from his Coach to Mrs. Bolton. Taking a deep breath he didn't want to alarm them since they themselves didn't know anything. Having arrived minutes after the ambulance Troy was already rushed inside before any question could have been asked. But he could at least fill them in on the details that Taylor couldn't over the phone. "Everything was going fine. Jason had texted us so we could get a group pic on the roller coaster. We were getting onto the ride and he fell. It happened so fast Coach. One second he was standing and the next he was on the ground. The doctor's haven't come out yet so we don't know how he is. But there was a lot of blood coach, we think he hit his head," Chad said, letting his hands fall.

"He fell?" Jack asked confused. Lucille threw her hands to cover her mouth. The image of her son falling from the ride lying in his own puddle of blood almost made her knees give out. Jack grabbed his wife's hand sensing her distress.

Nodding Chad said, "that's the best way I can describe what happened. We're all waiting for a doctor to come out."

"We?" Lucille asked.

"Like I said we were trying to get a picture with the whole team. Follow me." They walked down the hallway that Chad had emerged from. Turning another corner they entered one of the waiting rooms. The entire basketball team along with a few cheerleaders were scattered across the room. They all stood upon seeing Chad with Mr. and Mrs. Bolton. As they walked in further they saw some members of the drama club along with Kelsi. Jason and Kelsi were sitting close to the entrance; Taylor sat in the middle of the crowd. Jack looked to Taylor's right and saw his son's girlfriend sitting with her mother.

Gabriella looked up from her hands to see Jack starring right at her. Standing up Lucille gasped. Her dark blue jean skirt and Troy's wildcat sweatshirt were covered in a dark, almost back red stain. Her face was wet from tears and her eyes were red and puffy. Mrs. Montez stood at the same time Gabriella did. She didn't know whether to stay at her daughter's side or walk over and console a worried mother. Questioning the state she saw Gabriella in she opted for the later.

Lucille walked away from her husband's side toward Gabriella. The room was quiet as they watched both women stand in front of one another. While Mrs. Montez did not really believe Lucille would act out and cause Gabriella any harm she was reminded she did not know her well enough to assume she wouldn't lash out from desperation. A mother's worse fear is any harm ever befalling on their child. She herself lived with it everyday since the death of her husband. But instead of yelling or blaming Gabriella she grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her in for a hug. Bloody clothes be damned.

Sharpay screeched her pink convertible into the driveway of her family's mansion. Once set in park she rushed out; Ryan who had been holding on to his hat the entire ride home, watched in amazement as to how quickly his twin ran into the house. Opening the door she was just about to run up the stairs when her brother stopped her.

"Sharpay! Wait!"

Stopping a few steps up Sharpay turned. "What Ryan! "

"I really think we should have followed everyone to the hospital, you know. Just to make sure Troy's alright," he said still standing in the open doorway. Thinking back he felt a little guilty on leaving so quickly. There was so many people running around and shouting for help that no one even noticed Sharpay walk off. Ryan was so wrapped up in the scene and all the blood he didn't put up a fight when she pulled him along with her. It wasn't until they were riding along the highway back home that the fresh air knocked him back to reality.

"Why would we do that? I'm sure he's fine." She said throwing her hands in the air. Sharpay was never happier that her parents weren't home. During the summer they were either lost in a dinner conversation at the club, or drinking cocktails with the high and mighty of Southern, New Mexico. So fear of this conversation reaching their ears was hardly likely. Until word broke out from members of the club that would hear it from her younger working classmates, but she could always wave it off as a simple rumor.

"But he was bleeding from the head. I'm no doctor but that didn't look good."

"Exactly! You're not a doctor. I'm sure he just cut himself." Slapping her hands against her thighs, she really wanted to run up to her room and forget this night ever happened.

"But you saw Gabriella. And the MD's didn't even want to move him around too much. And if you think about it, this kind of is your fau-."

"Stop!" Cutting her twin off she walked down to stand in front of him. "Gabriella is simply trying to out shine me. Once word of this hits the rumor wheel she'll have everyone looking at me as the bad guy again. What does she think, just because she the won the lead to ONE school musical she can act?" Shaking her head she was about to turn away when she stopped. Shoving her finger in his face she said, "and in no way did this happen because of me. Who told Troy to go after Gabriella? If anything it's her fault." Shrugging she turned around and began to walk up the stairs. "When we go into school on Monday, it will be like it never happened," she said over her shoulder.

Ryan stood in shock as his younger twin headed up stairs. Looking back outside, he took a deep breath and closed the door. Hearing her door slam shut he pulled out his iphone and sent a quick text to Kelsi. Sighing he took his hat of and walked up to his room. By the time he turned the light on to get ready for bed he was met with a response. Looking down he read. 'Doctor's r still w/him. Will keep u updated.'

"I really am sorry Mrs. Bolton. This all my fault," Gabriella said through tears.

Pulling the young girl out of the hug she looked at her. "No sweetie. This is not your fault at all. No one knew this was going to happen." Pulling her back into a hug she felt the tears begin to fall. "Troy is going to be fine. You'll see." Mrs. Bolton didn't know if the last statement was meant for Gabriella, or for her. Feeling such a strong pull Mrs. Montez rubbed Lucille's back. Chad walked over to Taylor whose face betrayed her as she looked at her friend. At that moment a doctor walked in. The whole gang turned, a look of worry etched on all their faces.

"Hello, my name is doctor Harris. Are you Troy's family?" Doctor Harris was a tall man with rich brown hair. He was good looking and could pass for a twenty year old was it not for the small bits of grey in his hair.

"Yes, I'm his father," Jack said walking over to the doctor. "How is he?"

"Well, Troy's condition is a little more severe then we thought. I think it would be better to talk about this with only his family." Doctor Harris said looking down at his clipboard.

"Doctor," Lucille began, turning to stand next to Gabriella. "This is Troy's family," she said referring to everyone in the room.

Doctor Harris looked around the room at a three adults surrounded by a hand full of teenagers and finally landed back to Mr. Bolton. "Okay." Nodding his head he looked down at his clipboard again and sighed. "Just know that what I'm about to say is not all good news." Kelsi looked up from her phone, clutching it to her chest. Taylor grabbed onto Chad's arm and Gabriella's breath caught in her throat. "Upon his fall Troy damaged his right shoulder. He fractured it, but it should heal without any permanent damage."

"That's it?" Chad asked feeling his heart rate go back to normal.

"That's the good news." A heavy silence fell in the room. "The bad news is the fall caused heavy trauma to the brain. The blood lost caused him to go into a temporary coma. He should wake from it in a week." Lucille and Jack stayed silent as there faces went white. Gabriella on the other hand felt her legs getting weaker. "What's even worse is that when he does wake up, we fear he will suffer from memory loss." Gabriella fell on the coach that she was previously sitting on, her legs no longer able to support her. Tears once again fell as the doctor finished. "It's possible that everything that happened over the span of three years ago or longer might have left Troy's memory forever. Troy might not remember some of you."

Maybe I have said something that was wrong.
Can I make it better with the lights,
turned on?

"See you tomorrow," Zeke said hugging Taylor. Turning to Chad they did a complex handshake and patted each other on the back. Nodding the couple watched as he left with the rest of the team. Kelsi was hugging Ms. Montez while Martha waited near the entrance. Saying her good-byes she waved to them and also left. Turning back into the hospital, they walked in hand and hand.

Jack and Lucille Bolton were both inside Troy's room after doctor had given them permission only to enter. Passing the room Taylor saw Gabriella sitting outside against the wall. Her mother was speaking to a nurse at the desk. Looking at Chad she walked over to her best friend.

Kneeling down she saw the tear's still shimming down Gabriella's face. Even though she had tried so many times before, Gabriella attempted swallow the lump in her throat again. "Do mind convincing my mom I'm staying the night at your place. She won't leave me alone if I come home and I want to stay here a while longer. I know I won't be able to see him but I just want to be close."

"Gabriella, you heard the doctor. There's nothing you can do. Troy's going to be asleep for at least another week and then," Taylor said but Gabriella stopped her.

"Taylor. I need to be close to him. I'm going stay. Please, help me." Nodding her head Taylor hugged her friend. Standing up Taylor walked over and pulled Miss Montez aside. Turning her head so as to not see her mother's reaction Gabriella played with the T necklace hanging from her neck. Feeling someone near her she turned to see Chad.

Kneeling down in front of her Chad placed his hand on her shoulder. "Hey, Troy's been in way worse situations then this. The doctors are just saying what they see from all the blood. I'm sure when he wakes all he's going to do is complain about a bad headache. And ask for you too of course." The last part was meant to make her smile, and she knew that Chad was only trying to make her feel better. It was true that doctors made wrong diagnosis's most of the time. But Gabriella could agree that the impact to Troy's head would lead to something much worse then a bad migraine. With no energy to rebut his statement Gabriella could only nod as Taylor came back. Her mother was walking toward the exit, which Gabriella took as a good sign. Clearly she understood her daughter needed space at the moment.

"Alright. Your mom is going to drop off some clothes for you at my house. And I'm sure she won't be against you not going into school Monday. But it all depends on how you feel." Gabriella nodded her head in thanks. "Call or text me tomorrow, okay?" Hugging her friend one more time she stood to allow Chad to say his goodbyes. They just started to leave Jack come walking out. As they passed both friends got a glimpse of the basketball star, Taylor quickly looked away.

Jack watched as Chad and Taylor left. Sighing he looked down the hall. He stopped when he saw Gabriella sitting not even a foot away from him. "What are you still doing here Ms. Montez?" He said looking for her mother.

"Please don't send me home Mr. Bolton. I want to stay as long as I can with Troy."

Looking at his son's girlfriend all he saw was guilt. It was written all over her face. He was just about to tell her to leave and return tomorrow when she was better rested but he saw something shine light off in her hand. Clutched between her fingers was a navy blue T necklace that Troy had originally received from his great grandfather Tom. It was written in his will that Troy would get the necklace upon his death. The necklace was a gift he had given his wife before leaving for war. Troy had never let anyone touch it yet and there it was; wound up in Gabriella's fingers. It was then Jack knew just how much Gabriella meant to his son.

"That's fine Ms. Montez. But maybe we can find you somewhere more comfortable for you to sit?"

To say the least almost no one knew what to do the next morning. It was all so surreal for them. Troy had arranged one last baseball game to be played before school started the next day and as they all met around the parking lot a silence hovered between them. They all new that Troy wouldn't be there to greet them and a round of last minute basketball wouldn't ensue afterward either. Zeke looked up as Chad came walking over in full uniform, duffle bag slung across his back. He knew it was more for show then anything else. None of them felt up to playing a game, no matter how perfect the weather.

"Hey," Chad said, not at all like his perky self. The gang replied back with a heavier greeting. "Where's Ryan?" Chad took a look around to see the musical twin had not shown up yet.

"We haven't seen him," Jason said. It was rare not to see Ryan fully dressed and raring to go before any of them showed up. While Sharpay would arrive fashionably late, he could always be counted upon to be working in the studio or jamming away in the choir room. One could only assume that Troy's accident must have affected them too. But how could they have known, come to think of it Chad did not even remember seeing either of the twins when the medics came or even at the hospital. What could have happened?

"Did you hear anything about Troy?" Zeke asked. They all didn't want to talk about what happened the night before, but they knew they had to. There was nothing else to talk about.

Putting thoughts of Ryan aside Chad shook his head. Ryan could wait. "My mom called the hospital to see if his condition changed and nothing. The only thing they told her was that if he stays stable they could move him to his own room as early as tomorrow."

"That's good right?" Everyone's eyes shifted to Jason. Good? If you consider a condition of stable coma a good thing then Troy was close to great. But what else could be said. No one, not even the doctor's could know how bad everything was until Troy woke up.

He would never admit it out loud but Chad secretly wished Troy would stay asleep a little while longer. He didn't share the same enthusiasm as everyone else did on a speedy recovery. Emotions were at an all on time high and a tip in any direction could throw someone over. The last thing Troy would need is someone hysterical when he finally came to. Plus last night when coach Bolton walked out of Troy's room he got a glimpse of his best friend and it did not look pretty.

"What about Gabriella? Heard anything from Taylor?" Zeke asked. He had heard from Martha upon arriving that Taylor and Chad were the last ones to leave along with Gabriella.

'Danger of hysterics number one,' Chad thought. All Chad could think about last night was the image of Gabriella holding Troy in her arms. She had been calm until she saw her hand was covered in blood. The sweater did nothing to stop the bleeding while they all waited for paramedics. The blood would never wash out, not fully anyway. Chad could remember the many times he was sent to the ER for broken bones and cuts. Whatever he had been wearing thrown in the trash by his mother who simply wouldn't waste the detergent. At one point she even joked to keep a whole outfit for their next visit since she knew it was only a matter of time until Chad would have another accident. "No. Taylor says if she doesn't hear from her by lunch she'll walk over to her house to check up on her. She needs to give her time to go home since she lied and told her that Gabriella stayed the night at her place."

"She stayed at the hospital? They allow that?" JC asked. Chad shrugged. "I wonder how she's taking everything?"

Gabriella eyes opened to find the sun beginning to rise. Sitting up she found herself lying on an old faded blue coach near an empty nurse's desk. Rubbing her eyes she was met with the cruel reality that was all too clear. Everything that she thought was a nightmare turned out to be true. Looking down at Troy's sweatshirt her eyes began to fill up with tears again. Gabriella slowly watched as the image of Troy's head hitting the edge of the roller coaster flashed behind her closed eyelids. His body continued it's decent until it finally connected with the floor. A crack could be heard and then he was still. She dropped her head in her hands as her body was racked with tears. The hospital was quiet and there weren't that many people which left Gabriella alone with her tears. She had tired her best to not cry in front of her friends. They would only tell her it wasn't her fault when Gabriella knew better. If she had simply had put her foot down and not gone on the ride then Troy would have never fallen off. He would be safe and sitting on the field beside her for a planned final summer picnic.

Her tears finally died down. Hiccupping, Gabriella watched as a middle-aged nurse came up to her. "It kind of looked like you've been holding that in for a while so I didn't want to bother you," she said kneeling down so that she was eye level with Gabriella. Reaching in the pocket of her scrubs she took out a handkerchief that Gabriella gladly accepted. Dabbing her eyes with it Gabriella thanked the nurse. She was simply afraid to say another word incase more tears would come out. Seeing she needed a bit more time to herself the nurse stood up and walked back over to her desk.

It wasn't long afterward that Gabriella could hear voices coming from down the hall. She recognized them to be Troy's parents. "It's fine. I'll stay here with Troy and you go home. Call principle Matsui, I'm sure word of this is flying around already and it's better we don't let it get out of hand. I'll call you the moment something happens." Looking back into the room his son occupied Jack nodded his head.

"All right, but the slightest thing happens and you call," Jack said looking back at his wife.

"When the monitor does the slightest jump, I'll be on the phone. Now go." Kissing him softly on the lips she turned back into the room and closed the door.

Gabriella turned away from the hallway as Mr. Bolton came down. As his footsteps got closer she saw him walk to front desk where the middle-aged nurse was stationed. "Can I leave you my cell just incase anything happens with my son?" Nodding her head she passed Mr. Bolton a piece of paper and pen.

As Mr. Bolton was writing the nurse turned to Gabriella. "Do you need to call some one to get you? Or would you like me to do it?" The nurse said looking at Gabriella.

Jack looked up at the nurse thinking she was talking to him, turning his head to follow her gaze he saw Gabriella sitting on the couch. "Mrs. Montez, what are you still doing here? I thought you left last night?"

"I couldn't go home sir. It didn't feel right."

"You two know each other?" The nurse asked looking at Mr. Bolton.

"Yes. My son is in room 233. The slightest change, call me." Nodding her head, Jack could see the nurse was still a bit confused as to how they knew one another. "She's my son's girlfriend."

"Oh." The nurse said fully understanding the fit of tears she had found the girl in earlier. She did not need an explanation, but for what he was about to do, he doubted she would have allowed it until she knew their connection.

Jack had to breath really hard as he looked at Gabriella. He was exhausted and stung so tight that taking one look at her still wearing Troy's bloody sweatshirt brought along emotions he was not quite ready to handle. He had this strange feeling that he should be mad at her. But he knew that this was the girl that Troy cared the most about in the world and he knew in his heart that she felt the same way about him. If she could turn back time Jack knew she would switch places with Troy, as they all would. "I'm heading home, do you need a ride?" He asked passing the paper and pen back to the nurse.

"I was actually going to stay here sir," Gabriella said standing up so as not to be rude.

Last night everything happened so fast he never got a good look at the stain until now. It went down the left side of her body from the elbow and from there it spread all throughout the front of the sweatshirt. Jack could almost see the picture of Gabriella cradling Troy's head in her left arm, shaking him to wake up. "You know I was thinking the same thing until I realized that if I stay here, whose going to tell everyone how he's doing?" Gabriella looked down at her hands. "Plus when he wakes up we can't be falling asleep on him, wouldn't be right."

Gabriella looked away from Jack. Having nothing to really look at her gaze wandered over the sweatshirt. Jack could almost feel the tears reaching her eyes, but he didn't know what to say. Thankfully the nurse saved him. "He has a point. Once your boyfriend wakes up he'll want to see you. You have to have your strength up."

Around ten am a pink convertible pulled up to the country club and Sharpay and Ryan stepped out to see everything was normal. Last minute club members were taking in their last day by the pool. Some of their classmates who were at the amusement park the night before were going on with their jobs as if nothing ever happened. Grabbing her bag she shut her door and walked toward the entrance Ryan was close behind her looking equally if not, more confused.

Sharpay was about to say 'I told you so." As she swayed inside since Ryan had walked into her room late last night stating that Kelsi would not tell him about Troy until she saw him in person. This had set him in to full panic mode. That had to mean he was either dying or dead but Sharpay called her a liar and demanded Ryan leave until she had finished her beauty sleep.

They were close to the locker room when a tiny, completely accessorized, red headed girl came running over to them. "Is it true?" She asked when she reached the two blond twins.

"Is what true?" Sharpay asked, clearly annoyed that she did not know what the tiny girl was talking about.

"About, Troy?"

Sharpay turned to look at her brother. She gave him a look that clearly showed she was enjoying this. "Yes. It was all blown way out of proportion, but as you can see everything is normal. Is he in the kitchen? I'm thinking about walking in and demanding an apology for last night. It totally interfered with my beauty rest."

"Normal? Troy's not working. He's still in the hospital." Sharpay gave another quick look to her brother. "Don't tell you me you guys didn't know about it?" The girl asked shocked.

"Of course we do! We were there last night. When it all happened," Sharpay said pulling down her sunglasses.

"Well I was just asking I mean it looked like you guys didn't know he was in the hospital." Looking at both twins she had a feeling she wasn't going to get any good gossip from them.

"Well we thought he would have gotten out by now. I mean I it wasn't that big of all fall." Pushing her glasses up her nose she walked around the girl.

"Wasn't that big?" The girl said turning when Ryan walked around her. "Troy's in a coma." Those words made the two blonds stop.

Turning around Sharpay totally took of her glasses. "WHAT!"

And I'll cross oceans like never before,
So you can feel the way I feel it too.
And I'll send images back at you,
So you can see the way I feel it too.
Maybe I have said something that was wrong?
Can I make it better with the lights…
Turned on.

Maybe I have said something that was wrong?
Can I make it better with the lights…..

Turned on…