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Identity Crisis

Prologue: Restless

Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke both grew up in a childhood filled with misery and loneliness. Naruto was orphaned on the day of his birth, becoming the hated demon vessel that the entire village feared and loathed. Since no one wanted to adopt him, he was sent to the shinobi Temple. He was raised and ignored by the monks until Sandaime himself came to fetch him from the Temple. He struggled at the Konoha Ninja Academy because his first language was Chinese, the language of the monks. After he fell behind, he became a goofball in order to try and get noticed. When that failed, he set his sights on becoming Hokage in order to get recognized.

Uchiha Sasuke grew up in his brother's shadow until the time that his brother killed off the rest of his clan leaving Sasuke scarred with the burned images of the grotesque butchering of his entire family. From then on, Sasuke's heart burned for revenge. Despite the number of fangirls that fawned over him, Sasuke felt even more alone because none of the people that wanted to be his friend could understand, nor did they try to understand, his deep loneliness.

Sasuke and Naruto seemed an unlikely pair to ever become friends. Naruto was loud and goofed off, desperately craving attention. Sasuke was a loner, wanting to be left alone by those that did not understand his pain. Naruto was last in the class, Sasuke the first. During the Academy, Sasuke saw Naruto as a horrible shinobi, and Naruto saw Sasuke as the smug shinobi to beat.

When they both finally graduated, they were placed on the same team. They grew to have a grudging respect and understanding of each other, and were closer to each other than they had been to anyone during their lonely childhoods. They were forced to co-operate with each other, forced to eat the same meals.

Most importantly, they were forced to sleep side by side.

As they slept side by side, it was Naruto's restless sleeping habits that inadvertently initiated a much deeper, and a much more intimate relationship between the two.

It all started when Naruto literally rolled on top of Sasuke, without managing to fully wake up. Sasuke tried to push his teammate back onto his own sleeping mat, but he failed. The next thing Sasuke knew, Naruto had pulled Sasuke back on top of him. Sasuke was trapped in a tangle of limbs now on top of a mostly sleeping Naruto, while Naruto meanwhile ground his clothed erection beneath a very frazzled Sasuke. And Sasuke let it happen. He let the feeling of contact take over him as he moved his own erection back against Naruto's. Naruto never woke up (at least not fully enough to recall everything) and Sasuke had to confront him about it later. In the end, the two came to a sort of understanding about what had happened; it sparked a different level of rivalry between them, a rivalry of who could best whom at dominance.

Kakashi knew what his two male subordinates were up to as they found some less than innocent ways to relieve their mutual loneliness through some grinding and hand jobs, but he did nothing to stop it. Neither of the boys wanted to be alone any more, and they had found a common connection to each other. In fact, because of this reason, Kakashi actually encouraged their relationship to a degree, knowing that they both needed someone else to keep themselves from being lonely.

As Sasuke's and Naruto's bond grew, it was at that time that Kakashi began to find out about his father's first love, and about a half-brother he hadn't known he was related to. This half-brother turned out to be none other than his now deceased teacher, Namikaze Minato, the Fourth Hokage. Later evidence began to present itself, making it seem as though Namikaze Minato had left behind a son. All the evidence pointed to Naruto as Minato's child, and Kakashi began to gather information to prove his theory. He hoped he could one day be a good uncle to Naruto if they were indeed related.

Kakashi had little time to gather more data before Sasuke betrayed Konoha leaving for the Sound. As Kakashi found the evidence of a chidori wound on Naruto's body that suggested that Sasuke had tried to kill Naruto, Kakashi vowed to protect his potential nephew from someone who would do something as despicable as betray his friends.

The cursed seal, and Sasuke's inability to comprehend its power had taken over him. He regretted his actions, but remained with Orochimaru in order to overcome the power of the curse seal that he believed Orochimaru controlled. Once he had killed Orochimaru, then he would be freed. He waited for three years, waited by planning Orochimaru's death, planning his revenge, planning how to make it up to Naruto. Sasuke befriended one of Orochimaru's snake summons, Dokueki, and used her and her knowledge of venoms to help begin his plans.

Naruto, in the meanwhile, had also left Konoha to train with Jiraiya. Jiraiya discovered that Naruto was lacking in some of his ninja abilities due to, of all things, poor eyesight. Once this was corrected, Naruto became an even more efficient ninja. His thoughts were always on becoming a better ninja in order to bring Sasuke back, and Sasuke mirrored similar sentiments.

On Naruto's sixteenth birthday, at Jiraiya's insistence, he went to a bar to "celebrate." Sasuke, in disguise, lured Naruto away from Jiraiya, made sure to make Naruto a man on his birthday, and then injected one of two vials of anti-venom into Naruto's blood stream to help him become immune to certain types of poisons. Naruto did not recall any of this, and instead woke-up in a hospital very confused. Jiraiya refused to tell Naruto that Sasuke had come to see him, pretending that Naruto had ended up having too much to drink.

Nevertheless, Sasuke's plans were finally being put into motion.

When Naruto and Sakura came to fetch Sasuke with Yamato (who was acting as jounin on the mission due to Kakashi's exhaustion from trying to save the kazekage on an unrelated mission) and Sai (a fill in for Sasuke), Sasuke's plans were almost ruined.

The anti-venom that ran through Naruto's veins took multiple months to take full effect, and the time had not yet come for Sasuke to be able to use Naruto. Sasuke thwarted Naruto's and the other Konoha ninja's attempts to take him back to Konoha before he was (at least, he believed he would be) free of the curse seal. Their clash was brief, but in that battle, Sasuke found out that Naruto housed the Kyuubi, and made a deal with Kyuubi. He knocked Naruto completely unconscious so Naruto had no knowledge of the deal.

Slipping the snake summon Dokueki into Naruto's backpack, Sasuke left the Konoha team, leaving them to think that he wanted nothing to do with them. In reality, he slipped Dokueki into Naruto's backpack so that he could trace her scent. He wished that he could have done that with Naruto's scent, but he had only trained tracking Dokueki's, and was therefore only familiar with how to trace her. Nonetheless, after Dokueki had appeared to tell Naruto that Sasuke was coming, Naruto and Sasuke met face to face.

Naruto was not happy to hear that Sasuke wanted him to stop trying to bring him back, but he was at least glad to hear that Sasuke wanted to come back at some point after he had finally killed Itachi. Naruto promised to help him. Sasuke told Naruto that he would come for him in the future, and to look for his sign. After letting their passions get away with them during their brief encounter, they both went their separate ways.

While Sasuke concentrated his efforts on killing Orochimaru, Naruto concentrated on training.

During Naruto's training, another plan came to pass, one that involved him, but one that he was very much unaware was going on. Kakashi's suspicions that Naruto was his nephew were ever constant in his mind, and only more so when Naruto was once again his to train. With the aid of the new jounin, Yamato, that had seen Naruto's abilities and kindness first hand, Kakashi used Yamato to help him gather data to prove that Naruto was the son of the Yondaime. His findings finally led him to one Sen Kyohaku, the eldest daughter of the retired daimyo.

In their youth, Sen Kyohaku and Kakashi's father had had a child born out of wedlock who was given up for adoption to the Namikaze: Namikaze Minato. Dragging Naruto along without telling him the reasons behind their mission, Kakashi, Yamato, and of course, Naruto, met up with the Sen family. Using DNA testing, he was able to prove that Kyohaku was indeed Minato's biological mother, and that his father had been Minato's biological father. Unfortunately, the council had forbidden him from testing Naruto to see if Kyohaku was Naruto's grandmother, and even sabotaged the DNA testing to shut down if they tried.

It didn't matter. Kakashi was sure that Naruto was his nephew even without the DNA proof, and Kyohaku was sure that Naruto was her grandson. Naruto was elated to finally have found family, and looked forward to being with the new, large hyperactive family that he had found. His great-grandfather, the retired daimyo, Sen-san, was an especially brilliant source of energy, and it made Kakashi wonder if Naruto's over enthusiasm stemmed from heritage rather than the Kyuubi as he had always thought.

Happy and content in more ways that he could ever have imagined, Naruto was suddenly thrust into making a difficult choice when Sasuke appeared, requesting his help. Naruto had to choose: Konoha or Sasuke?

But of course, Naruto had promised that he would help Sasuke fulfill his revenge, and he knew that he could always come back to Konoha, so he left with Sasuke. However, Sasuke was worried about his own friend, and he purposefully staged the way that Naruto departed with him to make it seem as though he had kidnapped Naruto.

Naruto turned Sasuke's four "man" cell, the other two being Dokueki and Kabuto (who was not there by his own volition, and was thus kept in check by having Dokueki wrapped around his neck, ready to strike him with her venom if he tried anything.) They traveled for a full day towards the area where Sasuke had been informed that Itachi would be, and planned to attack immediately the next day.

Sadly, what Sasuke had not realized was that by presenting this illusion of kidnapping Naruto that he now had to deal with an enraged family which included the current and retired daimyo, as well as one pissed off, over-protective, and very dangerous Uncle Kakashi.

With Naruto's kidnapping, and with the daimyo now involved, Tsunade sent out seven shinobi, Hinata, Shino, Kiba, Yamato, Sai, Sakura, and, of course, Kakashi. They set out to find and rescue Naruto, pushing themselves in order to get him back. No one was sure of what Sasuke's intentions with Naruto were, but Kakashi suspected the worst. He assumed that Sasuke would try to use Naruto to bait Itachi, or once again try and kill him like he had at the Valley of the End to obtain the mangekyou sharingan.

The seven Konoha shinobi finally found Naruto while he was already engaged in battle against both Itachi and Kisame. They began to fight, splitting into two groups, four Konoha ninjas against each Akatsuki member.

Meanwhile, Sasuke was busy extracting information from Kabuto so he was delayed in starting the fight. By the time he got there, Kisame had been defeated, but Itachi had captured Naruto within his mangekyou sharingan. Using Itachi's distraction with Naruto, Sasuke rammed a chidori and a kunai poisoned with Dokueki's venom through Naruto's chest, straight through to Itachi. Sasuke re-opened his eyes with his own mangekyou sharingan, seemingly to have killed Naruto. Though wounded, Itachi then engaged Sasuke in a battle of mangekyou vs. mangekyou. Sasuke won the battle of the minds because he had wounded and poisoned Itachi. He used Itachi's weakened state to attack. He beheaded Itachi and fulfilled his revenge.

Sasuke had planned this moment almost perfectly. Naruto was not dead because he had injected the anti-venom serum into Naruto months ago, and the anti-venom had finally fermented in his system. Naruto was not really dead. Dokueki's venom would have killed anyone within a matter of minutes if they had not been given the anti-venom to it. The venom would normally attack a person's internal organs (which would normally have killed a person quickly). Instead, the poison immediately shutdown Naruto's bodily functions and froze them. Naruto survived without a heartbeat for several minutes since his body was shutdown "properly" in a chilled state; his body was in a hypothermic-like state, a state where most can live for about two to three hours without a heartbeat without suffering any severe damage to the brain.

In order for Sasuke to gain the mangekyou sharingan, he had figured out a way to do so without actually killing Naruto. He knew that only those who stopped the beating of the heart of their most precious person and touched the stilled heart with their bare hands could gain the mangekyou sharingan. He got around actually killing Naruto by stopping his heart with venom and touching the stilled heart without actually killing Naruto.

The only problem in Sasuke's plan was that he had not accounted for others.

In Sasuke's moment of euphoria for killing Itachi, Kakashi, stricken with grief and still believing Naruto to be dead, killed Sasuke with his own raikiri.

Naruto awoke from his hypothermic-like state a few minutes later, only to find Sasuke dead. Kakashi watched his nephew weep over the body of his friend, horrified and more guilt-stricken than ever before in his life, raw emotions that he rarely let take over him filling him.

Although Naruto understood why Kakashi had done what he had, he couldn't face him. Naruto could not face him at Sasuke's funeral pyre. Everything was too numbing, too horrible for him to comprehend...

Identity Crisis

Chapter 1: Dead or Alive?

It seemed like years ago that he had woken in the middle of the night, the same night that he had found out about his heritage, with the Uchiha complex burning to the ground, Sasuke coming to take him away. Time seemed so unrealistic, so incomprehensible as he slipped through his open window upon his return home. He walked to the bathroom, where he went through the numb routine of getting ready for bed. As he washed his hands, he mechanically looked at himself in the mirror, only to jump in shock as he saw that his eyes were black, his whisker marks gone, and his hair dark. Naruto blinked his eyes, and the vision he had seen of Sasuke staring back at him rather than his reflection had vanished. Naruto look back down, his hands shaking as he finished washing them. Still, he couldn't help it as he glanced back up at the mirror again.

Again, he saw Sasuke's appearance reflecting at him from the mirror, but his own expression of surprise and shock were mimicked in the face in the mirror. Naruto's eyes widened as something even more shocking occurred. His mouth opened - his mouth that held Sasuke's facial features - and spoke - with Sasuke's voice.

"Looks like what I had planned didn't go so well. My soul got pushed out of my own body and into yours. It looks like we're going to be stuck with each other for a while until I figure out how to get another body for myself. If you hadn't been so succumbed with grief, you might have noticed I was trying to talk to you, and you could have gotten my body before it was burned. For now, we'll just have to share yours."

Naruto blinked once before promptly fainting.

"You took that really well," Sasuke's sarcastic voice seemed to draw Naruto back to reality, even if his reality didn't seem so real. He sat up, wincing as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked, his voice echoing slightly in his bathroom.

"Yes?" Sasuke's bemused voice also echoed slightly. This time, having been prepared for it, Naruto could feel his own lips moving when Sasuke's voice came from his own body.

"You're alive?" Naruto asked. Sasuke sighed. It was a strange feeling for Naruto, because he could hear Sasuke sighing, but he could feel his body making the sound. It was though his body switched to a sort of numb mode, only allowing him to feel but not control part of his body. It was like the feeling you get when your leg falls asleep but are unable to really feel the part that is asleep. In that situation, you can feel your finger touching your leg, but your leg can't feel the prod of the finger. It was as though he were in that kind of situation. Quite frankly it freaked him out.

"I suppose, for all intensive purposes, my soul is alive, but my body is dead. From what I can recall of Orochimaru's own transfer experiments, his body was dead, but his spirit was kept alive," Sasuke said.

"Do-does that mean you're going to take over my body like Orochimaru took over those other people's bodies?" Naruto asked mortified. Naruto could feel Sasuke frown slightly.

"No, nor do I think I can. Something definitely was off when I entered your body. For starters, I was only semiconscious of trying to move my own soul out of my own body. When you flung yourself onto my body after you found out that I had died, I felt as though I saw you from where I lay on the ground. Then, all of a sudden, I felt as though I were being pushed inside you. It was not a pleasant sensation."

"But, why do your facial features take over mine whenever you talk?" Naruto asked.

"I take over your facial features when I talk?" Sasuke asked surprised.

"C-can't you - can't you tell? Can't you feel it? Can't you see it?" Naruto asked.

"As far as I can tell, you and I are standing in what I can only describe as the place that must house where both of our souls reside. Right now, you and I are standing face to face."

"Be still for a moment," Naruto said, wanting to figure something out. His mind was only vaguely registering that Sasuke was somehow miraculously alive, or at least, not completely dead. Instead, his mind was set in a shinobi battle mode, and he had to first figure out his surroundings, even if that meant refiguring out his own body. Naruto's body was shaking, and he rubbed his head again from where he must have hit it when he passed out. He gripped the edges of his sink, using it as leverage to pull himself to his feet, cursing himself as he realized that his body and legs were shaking as he stood. He looked at himself in the mirror, glad to see that it was his own reflection looking back at him. "Okay, talk," Naruto said.

Naruto watched his reflection in the mirror change smoothly so that his features changed into Sasuke's seamlessly as Sasuke's voice once again came out of Naruto's mouth.

"Hn. Why?" Sasuke asked.

"Because my face looks like yours when you talk!"

"What do you mean by that?" Sasuke questioned.

"I mean, your face takes over my face," Naruto explained, feeling grateful that he sounded less panicked than he actually felt.

"What do you mean that I take over your face?" Sasuke asked while Naruto looked at Sasuke's soft features and dark eyes staring back at him from the mirror questioningly. He half expected Sasuke's facial features to look like Sasuke when he was immersed in the cursed seal like the time that Itachi had put him under a genjutsu back while he, Sakura, and Kakashi were trying to rescue Gaara.

"You may be seeing me face to face in my mind, or soul realm, or whatever it is you're seeing, but you're in my body, and when you speak, your face, your eyes, your lips, your hair, all appear on my head instead of my own. I'm looking in my bathroom mirror right now, and I'm seeing you face to face outside of my body," Naruto tried his best to explain.

"That's not possible," Sasuke said firmly.

"Well I didn't think it was possible that would decide to come into my body, but you are," Naruto grumbled.

"You haven't complained before when I've entered your body," Sasuke said, a hint of perversion in his voice, and Naruto watched Sasuke's face merge with his own as Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"How can you be making jokes right now? I thought you were dead! Now you're living in my body and you're taking over my face, and quite frankly I don't know what the hell to do right now!" Naruto said panicking.

"And you think this is easy for me?" Sasuke asked icily, and Naruto turned his body away from the mirror so he wouldn't have to see the way that Sasuke glared at him. "My body is gone. I died. Right now, if neither of us can keep our wits about us, then we will drive each other insane. It's obvious that this cannot be resolved immediately." Sasuke sighed, and Naruto felt breath leave his body even though his own breathing was on a different pattern.

"This is just too weird. You're breathing is different than mine, and not all of your actions are appearing on my body. You're breathing is not even in sync with mine. How can two of us be breathing at the same time through one pair of lungs?"

"You ask as though I know," Sasuke said airily. "Hmm...perhaps," Sasuke added thoughtfully.

"What?" Naruto asked eagerly.

"We're in your bathroom, correct?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes," Naruto said, slightly frustrated that he and Sasuke were seeing two different things.

"Is there anything in front of us?" Sasuke questioned.

"The sink," Naruto said.

"Okay, now, if I move my arm to the right, can you see it?" Sasuke asked, and as he did so, Naruto could feel his own arm moving to the right of its own accord.

"Gaaah. Stop that. That's too weird," Naruto said as he watched his arm as it seemed to flicker. His pajama top no longer covered his arm; it was naked, and he recognized the pale skin as Sasuke's. Sasuke placed his arm back down to his side, and Naruto's arm returned to its normal appearance.

"Hmmm. The sink is in front of us? If I were to reach out my arm, would I be able to touch it?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes," Naruto asked, slightly annoyed that he didn't know what Sasuke was thinking and desperately wishing that when Sasuke's soul had entered his body that it had given him the ability to also read Sasuke's thoughts.

"What happens when I do this?" Sasuke asked. Naruto's eyes widened in surprise when he saw his arm once again taking on the shape of Sasuke's arm. Sasuke promptly made a swift movement as though to chop the sink in half. However, Sasuke's hand seemed to disappear right through the hard surface as though it weren't there, not even touching the sink.

"Your hand went right through the sink like it's not there!" Naruto said.

"Move your hand," Sasuke instructed. Naruto did so, and noticed that Sasuke's "hand" stayed where it was, and Naruto's own arm appeared at his side, and he could move it freely, but he could still see Sasuke's arm, and even more strangely, he could feel what Sasuke's arm could feel.

"This is way too weird. My arm appeared back at my side when I moved it, but I still see yours," Naruto groaned.

"Interesting," Sasuke murmured thoughtfully.

"Mind sharing, because I'm at a loss as to what is going on," Naruto said, extremely frustrated.

"My guess is that when you see my arm or face "take-over" yours, you are in fact feeling my soul move. However, it appears that even though you can feel it, and perhaps even see it, you are the only one who can see my movements when my body is not centered."

"So, in other words, you see me and my actions face to face in the 'soul realm,' and I am feeling your reactions in my body but no one else can see it? So, you could talk, and I can feel and hear you talk, but no one else will be able to see or hear you?" Naruto asked.

"It is only a guess, but it seems the most likely option." Suddenly, Naruto felt as though his stomach turned, and he could tell that Sasuke was experimenting with something. "What do you see me doing?" Sasuke asked. Naruto turned to see his left arm move, but once again it was Sasuke's, "Your left arm is moving," Naruto said.

"Hn. Interesting," Sasuke mused.

"Will you stop saying that and tell me what the hell is interesting?" Naruto wondered.

"I turned around and moved forward. It seems that even if I move, my center stays aligned with your center. We are facing opposite directions, yet our body movements mimic each other."

"I see," Naruto said, finally feeling like he might understand what was happening with his body.

"Well, this looks like it will be quite an experience," Sasuke said. "Though, I wonder," Sasuke murmured again. Naruto saw Sasuke's hand reach out from his body as though trying to touch something. "Damn," Sasuke hissed.

"What?" Naruto asked curiously.

"I can see the form of your soul, but when I try and touch you, it seems to go right through you," Sasuke said. Naruto couldn't help but suppress an unpleasant shudder as he remembered the way that Sasuke's hand had gone through his chest at the Valley of the End and then again just recently when they had fought against Kisame and Itachi. "Naruto, I'm sorry I didn't tell you what I was doing before with Itachi," Sasuke said, obviously also thinking about the most recent time when he had put his hand through Naruto's chest.

Naruto felt anger well up within him. He had been so surprised to see Sasuke inside of his body that he hadn't been able to properly enjoy the fact that he was back, nor be angry at him for the emotional pain he had caused him.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Naruto asked angrily.

"I made a deal with the Nine-Tails-" Sasuke began.


"-and I didn't want to tell you about anything until I knew Kyuubi would follow through."

"When did you make this agreement? What happened? I don't remember this!" Naruto said furiously.

"When you first confronted me while I was still with Orochimaru. Do you remember when I entered your mind using the sharingan?"

"Actually, I think Kyuubi kind of lives more in my stomach, but yes I remember."

"Well, this is what I saw when I entered your...uh...stomach..."


Sasuke walked through some sort of corridor, and he could hear two voices. One was Naruto's, and the other was far more sinister. He heard Naruto yelling.

"I don't want to see your ugly muzzle anymore! I don't need your pathetic powers!" Naruto hollered. The other voice chuckled, a rolling sort of hideous laugh. Sasuke's eyes widened as he saw that enormous chakra materialize into the form of a beast as Sasuke walked forward, neither Naruto nor the beast noticing. The beast seemed to be saying that Naruto was weak without him, and that he was nothing without his strength. Sasuke noticed the seal on the large gates behind the thing, noticing that it seemed to have been peeled off slightly.

Though there was something sinister in the chakra, the shape that it had taken reminded Sasuke of something. No, it couldn't possibly be...

Sasuke put his hand out to touch the beast's materialized nose. It was then that they finally noticed that Sasuke was there.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto demanded. Sasuke looked over at Naruto. He placed his hand lightly on the top of Naruto's head. Naruto's eyes widened before they fluttered shut. Sasuke caught Naruto as he fell and laid him down gently. Sasuke had time to enjoy the dark amusement and irony of knocking Naruto unconscious in his own conscious before turning to face the mass of chakra before him.

"You're Kyuubi, aren't you?" Sasuke demanded.

"Ho! You must be an Uchiha to be able to see me inside Naruto," the Kyuubi demon chuckled.

"This is quite an interesting development. Let's talk."

"An Uchiha wants to speak with me? How very interesting," Kyuubi said, before baring his teeth and giving a malicious sounding chuckle.

"Why are you inside of Naruto?" Sasuke asked.

"So Naruto hasn't told anyone? Hmmm, interesting. Your Fourth Hokage sealed me inside of this brat."

"I see," Sasuke murmured. "So is that why my brother is after Naruto?"

"Uchiha, I do not know what goes on outside of Naruto unless he tells me," Kyuubi rumbled, his tails waving more ominously as his shape inside of Naruto became more defined. Sasuke could see Naruto lying unconscious. His body seemed to wave as Kyuubi appeared to become more solid and decided that he would have to make this quick as his keen mind formulated his plan.

"My brother wants to kill Naruto - to kill you. Perhaps you and Naruto together could defeat him, but I doubt it," Sasuke said, and Kyuubi's eyes narrowed dangerously at the idea of being inadvertently called weak. Sasuke hurried on. "My brother is strong, and battling him would take some time. I have seen what happens to Naruto when you and he fight together. Your chakra destroys his body before fixing it. Why take the chance of killing your own host when I can help you defeat a mutual enemy?" Kyuubi chuckled darkly, waging his tails excitedly.

"You want to kill your own brother? How exciting," Kyuubi hissed out. "So you don't want me to give Naruto aid if this Itachi comes around?"


"And why would I not want to kill when I get the chance?"

"Because I know of a way to put you into a body, into another host, that would be more willing to use your powers. He heals fast on his own. Using your chakra wouldn't hurt him as much, and he might be more willing to release all of your powers," Sasuke said. "The only thing is, in order to kill Itachi, I need the mangekyou sharingan. It's a form of sharingan that I can only get by stilling and then touching Naruto's dead heart-"

"Still his heart? No. If his heart is silenced, I am silenced. Without that connection, I can do nothing," Kyuubi rumbled angrily.

"It will not be permanent. There's a poison that will stop it for a moment. You will just need to be prepared to heal him immediately. I will have to use a chidori near his heart to make it look convincing. Naruto's heart will start again. Then I will transfer you out of Naruto. Naruto will no longer be hurt by your chakra, and you will be allowed to go into someone that is more likely to use that chakra," Sasuke said. What he wasn't saying was that he would likely kill the Kyuubi after placing him in the other body so that way no one, especially Naruto, would ever be hurt by the demon again.

"Interesting plan you've got there, gaki," the Kyuubi rumbled. Sasuke ignored the tone that Kyuubi taunted him with. Kyuubi was a formidable foe after all, and it was best to just let him talk as he pleased since he was trying to bargain with him. Sasuke waited, watching the nine-tailed demon before him. The way that the Kyuubi wasn't even looking at him, but rather staring at Naruto's limp "body" somehow put Sasuke on edge.

"And?" Sasuke prompted.

"And what?" Kyuubi spat back, still not looking at Sasuke.

"And will you agree?" Sasuke asked.

"Why should I?" Kyuubi asked unconcernedly, allowing his chakra body to move towards where Naruto lied. Sasuke had a strange urge to throw himself in between Kyuubi and Naruto but refrained.

"I thought I made those points quite obvious," Sasuke said through gritted teeth.

"You're like a little kid not getting his way. You should be more respectful," Kyuubi's deep voice rumbled, half amused as he finally allowed one large eye to peer back at Sasuke.

Kyuubi's tongue darted out to lick at Naruto, and this time, Sasuke moved, placing himself in between Naruto and Kyuubi. The Kyuubi redrew his tongue and laughed a deep, triumphant laugh.

"So you're the one!" Kyuubi laughed darkly still. Sasuke looked between Naruto and Kyuubi confused.

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke demanded.

"You see, little Uchiha, although I live within Naruto, I rarely know what is going on outside of his body. However, there are times when I am more aware, times when Naruto's, shall we say, trying to exert his dominance? Clearly you're the one who has been making him feel such interesting emotions. I can see it in the way you wanted to protect him," Sasuke's face remained passive, but he knew his rigid body language was giving everything away. "If I am not mistaken, he tends to be more especially unruly when trying out sexual games with you, am I right?" The slight blush on Sasuke's face spoke volumes to the Kyuubi.

"What are you getting at?" Sasuke asked, his voice dangerously low.

"I've no interest in what sex games you humans play, but I do enjoy it when I am able to feel more of the air outside. You see, every time Naruto gets riled up, I can come out a little bit. I can begin to feel more of the surroundings outside this cursed prison. Feeling fresh air is something I miss, as well as the joy of feeling water on my body. You get Naruto riled up so he is feeling dominant enough that I can feel the environment around me, as well as so that I can feel water again, then I will agree."

"Fine, but that doesn't mean I have to let him be dominant," Sasuke gritted out. The Kyuubi chuckled again.

"Dear little Uchiha, you don't know how animalistic our dear little Naruto can be. I'll agree, but I warn you, you better be careful yourself. Naruto can be dangerous when he wants to be."


"So that's why Kyuubi didn't offer his chakra to me. You made a sex deal with Kyuubi about me? And you tried to put Kyuubi into someone else? Were you talking about Kabuto?" Naruto wondered.

"Yes, but I don't think it worked," Sasuke said sighing.

"Well that's good! You were going to release a homicidal demon! Do you know how dangerous that could have been?" Naruto demanded. Sasuke nodded, and Naruto felt his head move. "Would you mind just saying yes? It's really weird to feel my head move but not have it move," Naruto said angrily.

"It's rather annoying to stay still like this," Sasuke gritted out. "I don't have a body for a shell any more, and I don't know how my movements affect yours. You may feel it, but didn't we determine that your own body does not really move when I my spiritual body moves?"

"Yes but it still feels weird," Naruto complained. Sasuke rolled his eyes, and Naruto hmphed. Sasuke had been uncharacteristically apologetic for his actions about leaving him in the dark about what he was doing before, but now he seemed to be quite unabashed with making Naruto feel uncomfortable. Of course, if their positions had been reversed, Naruto would have felt the same way.

Naruto sighed, suddenly feeling the exhaustion of the past few days' events catch up with him. The realization that he had much to answer for also struck him.

"My family," Naruto murmured. "I was so mean to them. They were worried about me, and I just ran off without letting them know I was okay."

"Talk to them," Sasuke suggested.

"It's close to 1:00 in the morning. I don't think that's a good idea right now," Naruto said grumpily.

"I didn't say that you had to right now, and I have no idea of what time it is in here," Sasuke said defensively. "If it's so late, perhaps you should rest," Sasuke suggested.

"Sounds like a good idea."

Sasuke remained silent as Naruto went about finishing getting ready for bed before Naruto spoke again.

"Hey, Sasuke," Naruto asked suddenly.


"How did you know that I didn't get your body from the funeral pyre if you can't see what I'm doing?" Naruto asked.

"I couldn't see what you see, but I could feel your soul. You were yelling at me, and I could feel your panic. I tried talking to you, but you didn't see me or hear me. I knew you were there in this spirit realm, but I didn't see a clear outline of you until you actually started talking back to me," Sasuke explained. Naruto paused before exploding.

"Why doesn't any of this make sense?!" Naruto asked frustrated pulling at his hair, but then calmed down. "I'm going to go to sleep. Tomorrow we'll talk to Tsunade-baa-chan and see what she thinks."

"Maybe she has a suggestion on how to get me out of your body. But then where would I go?" Sasuke asked, and Naruto could hear the ever so slight worry in Sasuke's voice.

"You're asking me? You're the one who always brags about being the genius," Naruto muttered, trying to sound jovial to relieve some of Sasuke's fears as he climbed into bed. Sasuke didn't respond and went silent.

Naruto lay in bed, staring at the ceiling of his bedroom for a while. His body was tired, but his mind was a whirl. He wanted to ask Sasuke so many questions, some of them he wasn't even sure if Sasuke knew the answer to. For instance, what had happened to Dokueki? What would they do if they couldn't get a body for Sasuke? What would his family think of him for actually being willing to run off with Sasuke when he had just found them? How would they take to him housing several different beings in his body? Was Kyuubi going to be upset when he found out Sasuke's promise hadn't worked? Would Sakura try and molest him now that Sasuke was in his body? Would he be able to molest Sasuke while Sasuke was in his body? Naruto decided he needed sleep, and willed the questions to go away until the morning.

Sasuke remained silent, but Naruto could tell from the strange shifts in his body, the way that he would feel Sasuke's arm of leg move every so often that Sasuke was very restless.

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked.


"I know I didn't take finding out you were stuck with me very well, but I'm glad you're not dead, at least, not really," Naruto said. It was a strange apology, and it did not express all the emotions that he felt, but Sasuke understood.

"I know." Sasuke smirked.

"Cocky bastard," Naruto smirked back.




"Good night."


Naruto woke up the next morning, feeling rather odd. The events of everything hit him right away, so he was not surprised to hear Sasuke greet him first thing in the morning, but it took him a minute to register what Sasuke had said because he felt so odd.

"What did you say?" Naruto asked groggily.

"I said we have a problem," Sasuke repeated.

"What's the matter?"

"For starters, it appears that when you fall asleep, my soul takes over consciousness, and I can see out of your body and control it. And just about five or so minutes ago before you woke up, as the sun finally reached the edge of your bed where your left arm is, I noticed something rather odd about it."

Naruto lifted his left arm and was glad that he could move it on his own. For a minute he was afraid that Sasuke was still in charge of his body because Sasuke said he had been in control of it. The relief he felt suddenly vanished when he saw his arm. His skin looked pale like Sasuke's. His left hand looked like Sasuke's, but his right hand looked like his own and he was controlling both of them.

"I also noticed something else a bit odd. Your body doesn't seem to be reacting well to having so many different chakras in it. Mine seems to be affecting your body, but Kyuubi's seems to be doing a number on your body as well-"

But before Sasuke could say any more, Naruto jumped up from his bed and ran into the bathroom. He practically shrieked at his appearance. He reached his hand up to grab the strange black hair - or was it fur - that was concentrated at the top of his, much higher than where his ears should normally be.

"What the hell happened to my ears?!"

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