Hey everyone this is my first supernatural story so I am sorry if it isn't really good.

Summery: Supernatural is just a show right? Well that's what I thought anyway. That is until my 23 birthday when I woke in a hotel room with Sam and Dean pointing their guns at me.

OC's Profile:

Name: Maria Matthews

Nick Name: Ria

Age: 23

Race: African American

Description: Is about 5'8" has light brownish tan skin, weights 120, long curly brown hair, and has light brown eyes.

Chapter 1

Binghamton University around 11:30pm Maria's POV

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIA" Screamed my friends from inside my dorm as they brought in this huge birthday cake. They started singing happy birthday to me and when they were done I made a wish and blew out the candles.

"So what did you wish for Ria?" ask Sarah from my right

"Now if I told you it wouldn't come true" I said with a grin.

"Yeah Sarah I mean come on how stupid are you?! but then again you are a blonde" Katie said from my left as the rest of the girls just started laughing at her joke while Sarah pretended to pout but just couldn't keep the smirk off her face so she laughed with us.

"So Ria did you like your birthday?" asked Tammy

"Yes I loved it thanks so much you guys I loved all your presents especially the first whole season of supernatural you guys got me" I said as picked up the case and kissed it.

"We knew you would I mean after all you are so obsessed with that one character what's his name Dave?" asked Sarah

"No its Dean Winchester" I said with a duh face

"O K anyway I think I'm going to go. I have an early class in the morning so I will see you all later happy birthday sweetie" said Tammy as she kissed my head and left.

"Yea we have to go to so will see you tomorrow ok" said Katie as her and Sarah wish me a happy birthday and left.

After they left I cleaned up my dorm a little then settled down on my couch. I put in disk 2 of my supernatural season and played the Bloody Mary episode since it was that episode that I was currently on. As it started I started to rub the necklace that I received from my uncle. It's a cross made of bone from an animal and had some weird carvings. He said that if a person makes a wish while wearing it that it supposes to come true. But it's not true probably.


"Yea like anything I wished for would come true" I said to myself as I pulled the blanket from the back of the couch over me. And despite of what I said as I watched supernatural while drifting asleep I made a wish.

'I wished that I could meet Dean and Sam Winchester' was my last before falling asleep but if I had stayed awake I would have seen my necklace start to glow along with the TV.

Toledo, Ohio (end Maria's POV)

It's the day that Sam and Dean arrived at Ohio and they are currently in their hotel. Sam is asleep while Dean is sitting trying to figure out who Bloody Mary is. Sam was having his nightmare about jess.

"Why Sam" said Jessica from the ceiling above Sam as he rested on there bed on their bed lying down. Then he woke up with a gasp.

"Why'd you let me fall asleep" Sam asked Dean as if looked up at the ceiling

"Because I'm a great brother" "So what did you dream about" Dean said as he watched Sam.

"Lollipops and candy canes" said Sam

"Yeah sure" dean said shaking his head

"So did you find anything" asked Sam as he sat up on the side of the bed

"besides a hole new level of frustration no" dean said closing the book that he was reading

"I've looked through everything a few local women a Laura and a Catharine committed suicide in front of a mirror and a giant mirror fell on a guy named Dave but a no Mary.

"Ah maybe we just haven't found it yet" Sam said laying back down. Dean was about to go on but saw something start to glow on his bed.

"Sam" he said grabbing his gun out off of the table and pointing it at the bed while Sam got up off the bed grabbed a gun and pointed it at the bed to.

"What do you think it is?" ask Sam

"No idea" said dean then it got really bright to the point where they had to block there eyes. Then when it died down they saw a girl lying on the bed

"What the hell" said dean as he saw the girl Sam started to move closer to the girl till dean grabbed his arm.

"dude don't go near her she's a demon" said dean but Sam just ignored him and moved to get a closer look at her as he looked over her he notice that she was really pretty and also the fact the she didn't have much on. But what really caught his eye was the tattoo that she had on the lower part of her back.

"Dean Look is that what I think it is" Sam said looking at her back. Dean moved forward slowly and saw what Sam was looking at

"Well al be damn that's a devils trap" said dean then they heard her moan and start to wake up

'Hmm what the hell didn't I fall asleep on my couch' thought Maria as she felt around herself. When she realized it wasn't she slowly opened her eyes. At first it was a little fuzzy but when her vision cleared and she saw who was standing over her she screamed

"AHHHHHH" jumping up off the bed she ran to the wall and just stared at them

"Whoa there sweet heart mind not screaming like that again I need my hearing" said dean holding his ears.

"Where am I and who the hell are you?" Maria said

"My names Sam and this is dean and you're in Toledo Ohio" said Sam politely

"Wait your Sam and your dean as in Winchester" Maria said pointing to them.

"How do you know are last names" said a shocked dean

"Wait so it's true?" when they shook there heads yes Maria started to laugh "oh god I must be dreaming I mean cause you guys are just actors on a show yea that's it dreaming" Maria said then she pinched herself

"Ouch oh god that hurt I'm not dreaming I think I'm going to faint" then she started to fall be dean quickly ran and caught her.

"Easy there here sit down" said dean as he helped her over to the bed. Then Sam brought her over a glass of water


"Thanks" she said drinking some

"What's your name?" asked dean as he sat down next to her

"Maria…Maria Matthews oh god this isn't right you guys aren't real I'm going crazy" said Maria as she started to cry

"Hey its ok why don't you tell us what happened" said Sam as he pulled a chair over in front of her

"You guys wouldn't believe me it's too crazy"

"Trust me Maria were use to crazy" said dean with his sexy smirk. Wiping her face of her tears Maria shook her head ok

"Well for starters I'm not from here"

"What do you mean from here" Sam asked

"I mean from your world like I think I'm from a different dimension see where I'm from you guys are actors in show called Supernatural its based on your life like how you guys fight the creatures that go bump in the night searching for the demon that killed your guys mom when Sam was 6 months old."

"Wait so let me get this straight Sam and me are on a show based on our lives fighting the supernatural and finding the demon that killed our mom" said dean

"Looked I know it sounds crazy but…" Maria started but was cut of by dean

"Sounds crazy it is I mean I think I would know if I was being followed around by camera men" said dean as he got up off the bed. Sam just sat there being quite thinking

"Maria say we believe how did you end up in our hotel room?" Sam asked

"That's just it I don't know it was my birthday and I got your whole first season so I started to play this one episode umm I remember laying down on my couch in my dorm room and thinking about my necklace wait that's it" she said standing up

"What what are you talking about" asked Sam

"My necklace was a gift from my uncle it was made of some animals bones in the shape of a cross that he dug up in South Africa. It has some sort of weird writing on it he said, that if the person wearing it makes a wish then it's suppose to come true. Last night right before I fell asleep I wished that I could meet you guys" Maria said. She felt around her neck and felt it wasn't there. So she looked in the bed where she woke up and saw that it wasn't there either.

"It's gone" Maria said sitting down feeling defeated

"Sam can I talk to you in private" said Dean asked as he and Sam walked out side

"I say she's crazy" said Dean

"I don't know man I believe her" said Sam

"Ok say she isn't what are we suppose to do with her we are in the middle of a hunt" said Dean

"I know but we can't just leave her either" said Sam then her went back inside. Sighing Dean followed him back in when he got in he saw Maria had grabbed some of his clothes to wear.

"Hey Dean hope you don't mind that I borrow a pair of jeans and button up shirt I felt to naked in my tank and mini shorts" Maria smiled

"Not at all" Smiled Dean then Sam's cell started to ring

"Hello….yea ok Charlie will be right there" Sam said then he hung up "We got to go

something happened with Charlie"

"Ok well Maria you stay here and…" Dean started before he was cut off

"NO! You are not leaving me here in this smelly hotel I coming with you" said Maria

"Listen this is dangerous and I don't need to be babysitting anyone" said Dean as he put his hand on her shoulder to push her back into the hotel room. But before he could she flip him over her shoulder and straddled his waist pinning his legs her hers and his arms over his head.

"Now I don't know about you but I don't think I need a babysitter" said Maria smiling down at down Dean.

"Ok you can go" said Dean as Maria got off of him and helped him up. Then with that they set off for where Charlie was.

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