Title: Unseen letters
Author: SimplyKelp
Rating: pg
Summary: Remus finds something that was intended for Sirius.
Author's note: I've always wondered what Sirius would have done if he heard what Reg did... Set about end of HBP

Remus had walked past the door a hundred times before, but this time he paused. The tarnished gold lettering said "Regulus Arcturus Black." He recalled all of the curses that Sirius had placed on that name when they were still young. Remus had never known Regulus that well, but he doubted the boy could have been as bad as Sirius had said.

He had sufficiently ignored the room while Sirius was alive, but now something in him wanted to enter it. The door was locked. Remus muttered a spell, and the door opened. It was Spartan to be sure. Nothing like he would have expected from the favourite child's room. There was a bed, with now greying linens, a nightstand, and a desk.

Remus walked over to the desk. A small leather bound book was laying there. Small gold lettering mirrored the outside door. He opened it to the first page, and read.

15 January 1971

My name is Regulus Arcturus Black. Today I am ten years old. Mum gave me this journal for my birthday. My older brother Sirius is my best friend. He isn't here though. He's at school. I really miss him. Next year I'll be going to Hogwarts too. Then I won't miss Sirius anymore.

A frown made its way to his lips. He wondered if Sirius had ever read it. Certainly, he had not. Remus had overheard Sirius making a scathing remark to Harry about his brother the summer before his death. He flipped through the pages. Sirius' name appeared a great many times.

…I wish that Sirius would not upset mum and dad…

…Sirius told them he did it, so I wouldn't be punished…

…I want to talk to Sirius, but I don't know what to say, I think he hates me…

…I really miss Sirius…

…Sirius told me that he didn't want to be my brother…

…Mum blasted Sirius off the wall; she told me that I'm an only child now…

…I wish Sirius would have taken me with him…

…Sirius would be so upset to hear that they made me become a Death Eater…

Remus remembered all the times Sirius said that Regulus was just like all of the other Blacks. Too many times to count, he had said that Regulus had become someone like Bellatrix. He had called his brother wrong, heartless, even evil. Remus flipped to the final page. It was a letter.

Dear Sirius,

When you find this I will already be dead. But I wanted you to know that you were right.

I left the Death Eaters several days ago. I'm not like them. I'm not like mum and dad, or Bella and Cissy. I hope that you will see that I want to be like you. I'm sorry for what they've had me do. I didn't have your courage to protest.

But now I've finally done something that you would be proud of. I know that you hate me, but please, Sirius, forgive me.



Remus wished that Sirius would have seen it. He hoped that wherever the dead went, Sirius knew that his brother had never stopped caring about him.