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"Jack, the Pearl," protested Gibbs. Jack looked at him.

"She's only a ship, mate," he said quietly.

"He's right, we have to head for land," I said, my plan clear in my mind.

" S'a lot o' open water," said Pintel.

"A lot o' water," echoed Ragetti. I looked out to the island.

"We can get away as it takes down the Pearl," said Will. No, my love, I thought. We can get away when my plan succeeds...

Gibbs nodded. "Abandon ship. Abandon ship or abandon hope!" As they bustled to get supplies, I watched Jack walk slowly away from them, touching a rope here and there, like saying goodbye to an old friend.

I stepped up to him, heart pouding, willing myself to be calm and controlled despite what I was about to do.

"Thank you, Jack," I said, hoping I did not betray the mixed emotions inside me.

He gave a tiny shrug.

"We're not through yet, darling."

"You came back." I forced a tiny smile. "I always knew you were a good man."

We were so close, tension stretched taut between us.

I leaned in.

His lips were heaven.

I was so lost that I nearly forgot what I had told myself repeatedly I had to do.

I pushed him backwards, toward the mast, took my hand away from his back. His hand was at my side, his lips moving passionately in response to mine.

My fingers found the chain.


He stopped. I secured the handcuff and forced my hand to slip away from his.

His lips curved into a small smile. He knew what I had done, and yet he was smiling at me, almost as if he were proud of me, of the plot I had come up with.

"It's after you, not the ship." I said it in a pitch that was higher than usual.

"It's not us," I whispered, my voice shaking.

"This is the only way, don't you see?" I nearly screamed the last part at him, as a way of telling him to forgive me, that I had no other choice.

My last words were a lie, my voice breaking in the middle, trembling from unshed tears. I moved my mouth at first with no sound coming out, and at last I was able to speak.

"I'm not sorry."

I stood there for longer than I had wanted, searching his face. He grinned at me.


My whole body burned from his parting word.

I was a murderer, a plotter, a traitor.

A pirate.

I wanted to run back to Port Royal in my fear of what I had become. I stared at him, tears nearly spilling out, trying to steady my breathing.

I turned to go.

And he grabbed me at the last second.

I writhed and twisted but I could not break out of his grasp. And the way he stared at me--

He wants to keep holding on to me...

There was another handcuff on the mast. Despite my strugglings he managed to lock a wrist in it. I glared at him, knowing he had every right.

"Pirate," he repeated, grinning again.

I shook my head and tried to get my hand out of the iron ring.

"You're coming down with me, darling."