"How do you get your hair all wavy like that, dude?"

Chuckling softly around the joint in his mouth; Bullets leaned his head back against the couch and closed his eyes as slender fingers began to run through his soft and wavy locks.

"Dude, I'm totally serious! Tell me how ya do that!" Pickles insisted, leaning forward to let his dull nails graze over Bullets' scalp.

"It's all natural, Red." Bullets said, taking out the joint and handing it back to the red-head for a few puffs.

"Lucky son of a bitch…" Pickles muttered jealously, taking a lock of hair to look at it closely. Even separated from the rest of the guitarist's hair; the lock was still wavy and soft like the rest.

"What are you talking about?" Bullets asked, taking back the joint and turning around to face him now.

"You and Candynose…you fuckers get the awesome wavy hair thing goin'!" Pickles explained with a huff, pouting slightly as he fingered a lock of his own wild red hair.

"All I got is this wild red mess goin' on!"

Rolling his eyes, Bullets laid down on his back and grabbed Pickles by his arms, dragging him over the side of the couch and onto him in a playful hug.

Huffing once more, Pickles tossed his head back to get his hair out of his face and he looked at Bullets with smoldering and heavily made up green eyes as he took the joint out of his mouth and gave him a kiss to replace the rolled up drug.

"Brown and yellow hair is common, Red." Bullets explained simply, wrapping his arms around Pickles' middle and giving it a loving squeeze.

"It's the red hair that drives the women wild at the shows. It's rarer and a lot sexier in my opinion." He added with a smile.

Blushing, Pickles buried his face in Bullets' chest and gave him a light swat.

"Liar…" he muttered. "You're just saying that because you're high."

"Seriously though! S'true." Bullets swore; taking his chin between his fingers and forcing him to lift his head back up to give him a deep kiss.

"I still wish I had wavy hair." Pickles insisted.

"Do I need to screw this pissy mood out of you?" Bullets asked, cocking one slender eyebrow.

"Maybe…" Pickles teased, grinding against his crotch as he slowly sat up and rested his hands on his chest.

Bullets winced and growled as the hair on his chest was pulled playfully and he soon grabbed him and rolled over so that he was on top of him now.

Pickles smiled as Bullets' hair fell and covered his face and he kissed the man, their tongues caressing tenderly as Bullets' soft hair touched and almost seemed to soothe his face.

"God I love ya, Bullets…"

"Love you too, Red."

Tilting his head to one side, Pickles stared at Toki's hair as Charles rambled on about not trying to buy Cinabon or any other food franchise during the band meeting.

Pickles was too interested in Toki's hair to listen properly to their manager however and he made the younger man flinch slightly when he suddenly reached out and took a lock of hair into his hand.

"Pickle?" he asked, blushing a little at the sudden touch.

"You ever think of making your hair wavy, Toki?" Pickles asked, quietly noting how Toki's hair was the same exact shade of brown as Bullets' had been.

"No, not reallys." Toki said, wondering why Pickles asked. "Why yous asking?"

"No reason." Pickles answered with a shrug, giving him a kiss on the cheek before turning his attention back to Charles.