Note: Here's all the other work I've created and was influenced by. As I've stated in the installment previous this one, please don't post my trailer and pic everywhere. The trailer will remain on Youtube. I'll keep it up always. You're able to download it from there. (if you don't know how, I'll be happy to explain ;-D) I'd like my pic to remain simply on my photobucket and only there.

Again, if you want to save the trailer and the pic to your computer, that's absolutely fine with me. I just ask that you don't spread it everywhere, that's all. I ask that it remain locked in my photobucket, or your hard drives. No more, possibly less, if you choose, lol.

Thank you! XXOO

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Cover I photoshopped for this story/fic. "Angel: Rise of the Fallen"

www . i89 . photobucket . com / albums / k207 / Shadow71689 / afterthefall2 . jpg

(btw, in the bottom right hand corner of the cover, I incorporated the upcoming comic for Angel Season 6. That particular clipping is from a special front for the comic. Only so many are going out like that. The comic comes out Nov. 28, I believe. You can get it on amazon, but I got it for like $5, I just can't remember where. I preordered it, lol. I hope it comes in the mail soon!)


Theme song for this fic:

"Bring on the Wonder" -by Susan Enan

Listen here:
www . myspace . com / susanenan


AND... the much anticipated (for some) TRAILER for "Angel: Rebellion"
That is to say -- what comes after this fic

www . youtube . com / watch ? v (equal sign) TTpRoZ0jce4

if this doesn't work, just search "angel rebellion". my username over there is Shadow71689.