Chapter One

How do you say good-bye to an Angel, one that you carried inside of you for nine whole months? You first find out when the doctor say's "Congratulations, you're going to be a mom." You run home to tell you husband and together you cry because you're both so happy. You carried this baby inside of you and then one day it moves and you cry because you know that it is really real.

You grow each month another size and have to buy more clothes, but you don't care because it's your baby inside of you and you'd do anything you can to make sure that it's healthy. You follow all the doctors' orders to a tee and never smoke or drink. And then one day you're sitting there and you feel your baby kick.

It's time right now you tell your husband and he hurries to get you to the hospital and then they tell you that it's false labor and for you to go home. You wait and wait and it seems forever and then one day in the grocery store your water breaks and you stand there not knowing what to do.

Your husband again takes you to the hospital and indeed you are in labor and six long and grueling hours later you give birth to a baby girl and both you and your husband begin to cry because you're both so happy, then you both hear "Some things wrong" and your heart stops to beat. The doctor rushes around and the Nurses says "She's not breathing."

Your world starts to crumble and your both began to pray that God will let your baby live but that's not what his plans are for your precious little angel. You're taken to another room and while you both continue to pray the doctor comes in and you see on his face the look you never wanted to see.

"Mr. & Mrs. Kaiba, I hate to tell you but your daughter didn't make it. She had something wrong with her heart and she died almost the same minute she was born. I'm terribly sorry for your loss and if I can do something then just let me know."

You lay there in your husband's arms tears streaming down your face and you scream at him "Bring my baby back to me; you're a doctor for heavens sake do something." Then your husband whispers "Honey, don't she's in heaven with God now we have to let her go."

You look into his tear filled eyes and know that what he's saying is true, but you can't seem to let her go, your baby that grew inside of you the very one that you talked to, sang to and even read stories from the Bible to and now she's gone.

Gone to heaven to be with her heavenly father and you close your eyes and begin to pray "Dear God up above, take care of our little angel and make sure that she's knows that her daddy and mommy loves her with all our hearts. Someday we will all be together again. Amen.

Seto and Tea Kaiba are lying to rest their daughter Belinda Marie Kaiba, born October 1, 2007, died October 2, 2007. She is the littlest angel in heaven and we will miss her with all our hearts. She was born with a rare genetic heart defect, she was only two hours old.