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Chapter 1

Kettleman City, California

"Did you hear that?" Tom looked back at Amy, wondering if he had only imagined it.

"Yeah…Please Tom, let's get out of here."

"Hold on a sec…" He crouched, looking closer to the darken area. He began to push a bush out of the way when the sound of horse hoofs flooded his ears. He paused, not completely registering the addition of the sound. He was just about to say something when he heard maniacal laughter coming from the distance.

He turned, grabbed Amy's hand, and began running back to the car. The sound of guns being shot into the air echoed off the mountains and rang throughout the area. They ran faster, looking everywhere for the culprit.

"TOM!!!!" Amy screamed as Tom's hand was ripped out from her own. She whipped around, only to see that nothing was there. "TOM!!!" She heard the maniacal laugh again, and began to run faster than ever. She pulled out her cell phone, just to see that it was not working. She turned her head to see if she was being followed, only to trip over a tree root.

She turned over on her back and found herself in front of it.

"God help me." It moved closer, raising its arm in the air.

"Ahora, Muchachos!!!" Amy looked into its face, a look of horror flashing before her.



A diner in Somewhere, USA

"God, I could marry these fries." Dean slowly lowered the fry into his mouth, allowing the ketchup to drip off of it and into his mouth.

"Can you please act a bit more civilized? Or at least older than an eight-year-old?" Sam looked at Dean in disgust.

"Sorry Sammy, no can do. I'm all kid." Dean wiped his mouth and gave Sam a wide grin before returning to the feast in front of him.

"Why me?" Sam muttered under his breath, earning him a glare from Dean. Sam looked up and gave his brother an innocent look before returning to the computer screen.

"Look, I think I've found something in Kettleman City, California." Sam turned the laptop towards Dean and continued speaking. "There were two deaths there a week ago. A couple passing through, headed back home to San Francisco from LA. Apparently they disappeared, and only their car was found. A Jaguar." Dean raised his eyebrows and let out a low whistle.

"They were rich. The odd thing is, nothing was stolen. The authorities thought it might have been a ransom. That is, until the bodies were found the next day." At this, Sam paused.

"Well, are you going to tell me or is this going to be twenty questions?" Dean looked at Sam for a moment before returning his gaze back to the screen to continue with the article. Dean looked back up a minute later.

"Well, that's definitely a new level of disgusting, even for us."

"You're telling me. Their hands, heads, and organs were removed before being left to hang in a tree. There was no evidence left behind. The town is pretty quiet, both criminally and demonically."

"Well, I'm sure this has destroyed their crime rate for the next 10 years." Dean jammed another fry into his mouth, just as the waitress came up to give them their check.

"Will that be all for you, folks?"

"Yes, thank you." Sam began to take the money out of his wallet as Dean glanced at the waitress's nametag.

"That's a pretty name you've got there, Amanda." Dean gave the waitress a wink as Sam rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, it is. And what's yours? 'Sloppy'?" Sam burst out laughing as he handed over the money and the waitress walked away.

"Seems like some women just don't know class when they see it." Dean said, trying to save face.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that would work better if you didn't have ketchup on your chin…" Dean brought his hand to his face, finding ketchup on his fingers when he pulled it away.

"Crap. You could have said something, Dude!"

"No. This was way better." Sam stood and headed out of the diner before Dean could say something else. Dean followed behind him, mumbling all the way out to the car.

Too low for Sam to hear, Dean whispered, "Well, let's just see who'll have the last laugh."

A few minutes later, the Impala was tearing up the highway towards California.


"So, where are we going to stop?" Dean had been driving for hours and it was already pitch-black outside.

"There's supposed to be a Super 8 Motel somewhere around here. I have the address." Sam rubbed his eyes, having just woken up from a long sleep, and focused them outside until he saw the motel they were looking for. "There it is." Dean pulling into the parking lot and the boys headed into the lobby.

"Hello. How may I help…?" The woman behind the counter faltered as she saw Sam enter the door behind Dean. "Is this some kind of joke?" Sam turned his confused face towards Dean, who kept a calm demeanor the entire time.

"I'm sorry miss, I don't think we know what you mean." The woman just gave Sam a weird look before speaking.

"Ummm…you're glowing. Like in the dark." Sam paused as he registered this.

"What?" The woman pointed towards the bathroom and Sam ran over. Dean leaned against the front desk, waiting for the angry yell from Sam.

"DEAN!!! WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?" Sam came charging out of the bathroom, parts of his body glowing a neon florescent color. Dean relished the moment before answering.

"It's called 'cyalume.' That stuff used in glow sticks. I must say, you are absolutely glowing this evening." Dean's face lit up with pure joy from the look on Sam's face.

"What the hell, Man?!?! What was that for?"

"Well Sammy, payback's a bitch. This is for the diner stint you pulled on me earlier."

"Dean, that was nothing compared to this!"

"Well, all's fair in love and war, and this is officially war." Sam paused, breathing heavily through his nostrils.

"You know what, fine. It's war. Jerk."

"Bitch," Was Dean's automatic response. They both turned back towards the woman behind the counter, who still seemed to be deciding if this was all for real.

"So, ummm…do you need a room for the night?"

"Yes, please. One room, two beds." Sam grew more and more embarrassed as he stood out in public as a walking glow stick. Dean kept on looking at him, soaking up the beauty of his prank.

"Here you go. Room 105. Enjoy your stay." The woman continued to look at the two of them as if they were crazy, but Sam dashed out of there as soon as possible. Dean followed slowly behind, getting some food from the near-by vending machine.

Dean reached the room and opened the door, just to find Sam heading for the bathroom.

"Hey, why'd you leave so fast? I didn't have my walking light to guide me to the room." Sam only rolled his eyes and entered the bathroom to take a very long shower.

Dean pulled out Sam's laptop and settled himself down on a bed to begin research on the latest case. After half an hour, he settled with the fact that he sucked at research and decided to get ready for bed. Sam was still in the shower, but Dean wasn't too worried. Sammy could never come up with anything too terrible…

Dean awoke to an odd sensation. The first thing he noticed was that he felt warm. Oddly warm. Like he was swimming in a warm pool. Only, he was supposed to be in bed…right? He then registered the fact that his left hand was place in water…warm water…the same type of feeling he seemed to have all over the rest of his body…what the hell is going on? Dean tried to clear his head. But then he noticed the abnormally loud laughing entering his left ear.

"Ssaammm…?" Dean mumbled, trying to wake up. He shifted in the bed when he first really felt it. The bed was wet. With a warm liquid. He had wet the bed.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!" Dean jumped out off the bed, pulling his left hand out of the bowl of warm water and dashing to the bathroom, listening to Sam howl with laughter the entire time. Ten minutes later, Dean walked out of the bathroom with a murderous look on his face.

"You. Are. A. Sick. Bastard." Dean was absolutely mortified. He had wet the bed. Only people under the age of 6 did that.

"Well man, like you said. You're all kid." Sam grinned with triumph, knowing that he had struck back well. "To be honest, I didn't even think that would really work. And then I decided that it wouldn't hurt to try. It came out better than I thought it would."

"I'm going to go so 'Home Alone' extreme version on your ass, you're not going to know what hit you." Dean grabbed his bag and went back into the bathroom, locking himself in there for protection.

This was not over. It had just begun.

There you have it: The first installment of this story. Please give me some feedback so I know if I should continue on with this story and the way it's going. The only thing I didn't like too much was the cussing, because I hate cussing in fan fiction, but it was the only way to keep Dean in character, so I sacrificed my own personal thoughts on the matter for the greater good of the story (longest sentence ever…).

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