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She would come.

He new she would come. He hoped she would. It was only a matter of time. The girl hated him, still wanted to bring him down, but he still holds a soft spot in his heart for her no matter how much she despises him. After all he still loved her even though she hates the very ground he walks on. Nevertheless, he was a jerk, and he never denied that. He had to do what was necessary to keep her around and pumping her with hormones to make her believe she was pregnant was the very end of it. She found out who he was and went as far as faking her death to get away from him. And that told him something, she really did not want to have anything to do with him.

However, she had learned a lot from him, and to him she did not look like she was sorry for letting his bad side rub of on her. She loved it.

His security had told him that his former wife had invited herself through the gates and demanded to speak to him and he hastily told them to let her in. What did she want from him now? That was the question. He waited patiently for her to open the door and step into his office. He loved her; she was Lana Lang after all, which guy did not drool? But he let her go knowing his former friend, farm boy Clark would make her happier. Damn him. What was so special about him? He wondered, but that was another story.

And she was finally came. The doors flew apart hastily, and the pretty girl walked in. Her usual wear of black was expected but he like it, very much. Her face was determined with that look of anger and cunning. Jeez, maybe too much of Lex had rubbed of on her. She advanced steadily toward his desk, her head high, like she was above him.

"Who told you to tell Clark anything about our arrangement?" she said smoothly.

Lex leaned in his chair comfortably and closed him laptop like he always does around company. "You mean your arrangement?"

"Lex, you don't speak to Clark about anything."

"Lana, I haven't said anything that would make him suspicious of you." He said, his eyes glued on her.

"There is nothing to be suspicious about Lex."

"I've taught you well I see." He smirked.

"A little too well Lex."

He sighed happily and looked at her as if he was onto something. The truth was he had no idea what her big plan was. He knew she had made contact with some of his contacts but he did not really know what she was up to. "Now, what would Clark have to say about this?"

"You leave him alone." She snapped hastily, and Lex knew just how much Clark meant to her if she was protecting him like this. However, the reason is why?

"Lana I'm just saying that I'm not sure that Clark would be too happy if he knew what your plans were really." He said smoothly.

"I will bring you down before you even get the chance to say anything."

"Don't worry Lana, I'm not going to say anything, you might not believe this but I still love you and as long as I do I won't say anything."

She laughed at his words. "Lex stop fooling yourself."

"Yep, you got me."

"Just know one thing Lex, if you try something or say anything to Clark, the ten million I took will be put to good use."

"Is that a threat Lana?" He asked, and he even considered taking this seriously. But nobody can beat Lex at his own game, not even his current weakness.

"When it comes to you Lex, a threat is an understatement." She said coldly.

"Lana, it's only a matter of time before Clark realizes how much you have changed and what you have been up to, and when that time comes I'll be right here waiting."

"Goodbye Lex." She turned on her heal and headed for the door, just as calm as she came in but the coolness of Lex's words scared her. Was he at all worried?


He watched her leave, a satisfied look on his face.

She would be back.