Chapter III

"Hinata-san... Are you okay?" It was sasuke, she looked up at the clouded figure and wondered if it really was him.

"Sasuke-san?" She immediately snapped back to real life and gained her composure, ready to fight.

Sasuke rose his hands in front of him defensively, "N-No Hinata-san, you have it all wrong, im not here to harm anyone"

"You hurt Naruto-kun! You left him here, what were you thinking!" She went to attack the Uchiha but before she could land a hit she was submerged into Naruto's chest.

"Hinata-chan... He means what he says, he's here to help" He looked down to her and cupped her cheek with his hand, slowly running his fingers along her jaw.

Eventually, someone paid attention to poor Neji who had been lying on the ground in pain, hinata rushed over to him to check if he was okay. The long haired boy simply shrugged the pain off and got up to his feet.

"Why did you do that Neji-nii-san?" whispered Hinata.

"I am supposed to look after you, yeah?" He smiled up at her, "You and Naruto deserve happiness, you shouldn't let that prick get in the way." Neji looked over to Sasuke, "Welcome back Sasuka-san"

"Thank you Neji, It's nice to be back"

"I have a question though, Won't the ANBU be tracking you down? You are in the Bingo book after all?"

A cloud of smoke covered Sasuke, and when it dispersed, a young black haired boy with slightly different features that were more towards Naruto's facial structure appeared. "Until I have proven my help to Konoha, Tsunade has instructed I act as Naruto's long lost cousin... So I will be living with Naruto for a while. My name is Sake Uzumaki... as you can tell, I don't particularly like it..."

As Sasuke finished Naruto started, "First, we need to find a bigger apartment haha"

there was a ruffling to the side of the room, Hiashi had shifted his position into the fetal one, cowering on the ground like a young child. "Hinata-sama... I think its time we left this house, we are both older now, making our own living, I suggest we move out also?"

Just as Neji said this Sasuke got a brilliant idea, "How about we all find a place? It will be easier to find a place for four then for two?"

"Ah Sasuke-san, good idea...Sorry, I mean, Sake-san"

I know this is incredibly short, but I haven;t added to this story in so long, I thought I'd start off short. (:

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