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Maybe Wishes Do Come True


The sky is blue, the grass is green, and nobody in sight. You think, 'what's wrong with that, it's peaceful?' If only it were peaceful.

For me, the peacefulness symbolizes emptiness. There's nothing there, no feelings, no thoughts of my own. If only it were…before.


Before Jude and I split, I was happy and I felt…things. Now I'm just as unfeeling and uncaring as I was before I met her.

That was the biggest mistake of my life. I let her go. I never should have let her leave that day.

Jude and I were in one of our many fights again over something stupid like misplacing her hairdryer. And of course it wasn't my fault, but no she had to blame it on me. Stupid hormones and mood swings. Yeah she was pregnant.

She and I were so ecstatic when we found out. I told her we were going to get through it together, no matter what it took. But then the spats and the arguments followed months later. They were small and we would make up afterwards, so no big deal right? Wrong.

Jude and I, being the stubborn people we are, wouldn't let one thing or another go. So one day, Jude said she couldn't take it anymore, and left. Left me and with our son. I was going to have a son, a SON!

I should've stopped her that day, should've said that we could work it out, that we would be ok. But I knew that wouldn't have solved anything. We would've had more arguments along the way. So, I let her go, with our son.

That was three years ago. I haven't seen them since. For months I looked for her, but she left G-Major, left Toronto, left Canada. I looked all the places we've been before; yet knowing I wouldn't find her because those would be the first places she knew I'd look.

So I gave up looking for her, accepting that she didn't want to be found. But I kept going to the places we've been before just to get something of her, of what we had. I needed something to remind me of her to get through the day.

I loved her damn it! I still do and I miss her…so much.

That's why today I'm at the docks looking out at the water, remembering the first time we were here when she was fifteen, and I was helping her with her song.

I'm walking through the park next to the docks and I see a fountain in the middle. How did I not see that before?

I walk up to it and I see coins at the bottom of it, from people making wishes. I did that as a kid, but my wishes never came true. I bet you're thinking, 'why would Tom Quincy care?' Well I don't, not necessarily. It's just…Sigh

Maybe if I make one more wish, it'll come true, that I'll be lucky.


I take out a coin from my pocket hold it in my hand as I make my wish.

I wish I could see Jude and our son at least once, just to make sure they're doing ok.

I toss the coin in the fountain and hear a plop.


This was such a stupid idea. The stupid wish won't come true.

I start walking back from where I came, until I hear a familiar melodic voice. I stop and look around for the person the voice came from. I hear it again and a giggle.

I walk around the fountain and I see her. Jude. Jude and our son, they are both so beautiful and they are ok.

They don't see me but that's ok, because I know they're alright.

A tear glides down my cheek and for the first time in three years, I smile.

Maybe, when you really need for them to happen, wishes do come true.

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