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Chapter 4

When I went to the park yesterday, I never thought that I would come home with knowledge of having my son in my life. I know that Jude is in my life too in some way, but it'll take awhile to get her back in it always. For now though, being a father to my son is the most important thing.

Last night when I got home, I started thinking about all that has happened in these past three years. I looked everywhere for Jude and Lucas, and I couldn't find them. I asked Sadie and even her father! They told me they didn't know. They lied to me! They knew how much I loved Jude and they kept her whereabouts from me! When I see Sadie at work today she will be in for it.

Right now I'm sitting at the table in my kitchen eating breakfast. It's 8:30 AM and I have to be at G-Major by 9:00. Jude said yesterday that she would call today and I hope she does before I leave.

I sip the last drop of my coffee and I put the dishes I used in the sink. I grab my keys and open the front door, when I hear White Lines ringing in my pocket. I stand there frozen in my tracks. She still has the same number all these years. And she's calling me. When I had called her, trying to reach her years ago, it said the line was disconnected...strange...When my phone keeps ringing, I take it out of my pocket and press the 'talk' button.


"Hey Tommy, it's Jude..."


"You're still working at G-Major right?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"I wanted to bring Luke over there at noon or so, because I'm having lunch with Sadie. So I was hoping he could stay with you through lunch and you two could get to know each other better."

"That sounds great." I tried to not sound excited at the prospect of seeing my son today and spending time with him, but I don't think I hid it very well.

"Really? Ok, that's great. So I'm going to go now and I'll see you later." She sounded really nervous for some reason. And if I know Jude, if she weren't talking to me on the phone, she would be fiddling with her star ring right about now.

"Alright. Bye Jude."

"Bye Tommy and thanks."

Before I could reply, she hung up.

Now thanks to that conversation, a smile makes its way onto my face. I get to see my son today! (A/N: I mean come on! How awesome would it be to see a giddy Tommy on the show?)

I put my phone back in my pocket and I go out to my Viper to go to G-Major.

I park my car in the G-Major parking lot and I enter the G-Major lobby. Everybody is staring at me; well I have had a frown on my face and have had no emotions for the past three years, and now I'm smiling, so that's probably why.

I ignore them and walk towards my office, when a voice stops me.

It's Sadie.

Now that I think of Sadie, I start to scowl. I remember why I was angry with her. She has some answers for me that I'm going to get. I whip around and face her.

"What is it Sadie?" I say gruffly.

"Whoa, you were smiling just a minute ago and now you're mad. What's got you changing your mind so fast? And why were you smiling? You haven't smiled in three years and suddenly you come in here and are grinning. What's going on?" Sadie asks inquiringly. She's too inquisitive for her own good sometimes.

"That is none of your business Sadie. But what's making me mad is you." I respond semi-calmly, trying to control myself.

"What? Me? What did I do?" she asks incredulously.

I walk over to the front desk where she works and scowl at her.

"You've known where Jude has been for three years and you kept that from me! I asked you plenty of times as to where she was, but you always said you didn't know. To think, yesterday could've been the only chance I got to see Jude and our son in three years. When in actuality, I could've seen them a lot sooner than that if it wasn't for you!" I growled out. I knew if I didn't calm down, I'd regret what I could do later.

"I couldn't have told you Tom! I wanted to so many times but she swore me to secrecy! And wait a minute! You saw Jude?!" Sadie screeched. If I didn't know better, I'd say Sadie was a bird in disguise. When she's angry she screeches like she was a bird, it hurts your ears.

"Yes! I saw Jude and Luke! Yesterday! I went down to the docks an then across to the park next to them. Jude and Luke were at the fountain in the middle of the park. I found them there and that was the most precious scene that I have ever seen. I didn't think it was real, that is until Luke came up to me with her big blue eyes and my brown hair, and smiled at me. I will never forget what was said..."


"Hi!" he says excitedly at me.


"I'm Lucas!"

"I'm Tommy"

"Ooh, ooh, this is mommy! Have you met mommy?" he points to Jude.

I turn to Jude again and see that she has kept her eyes on me the whole time I was interacting with Lucas.

"Yeah Luke, he met me a long time ago. Um, actually, Luke do you remember the picture of your daddy that I gave you?" Jude kept looking at me.

"Yes, I gots it." Jude's eyes left me and turned to Lucas, who held a picture in his hands, crouching down to his level.

"That's good. Now Luke, honey, look at the picture and can you tell me who he looks like?"

Lucas looked at the picture, frowning in concentration. I'm surprised at how concentrated he is for a three-year-old.

He stopped looking at the picture, then looked up at me, and then looked back at Jude.

"Daddy look like…look like…Tommy!" Lucas exclaimed, pointing to me.

"That's right. So, who is Tommy?"

"Daddy?" he looked from Jude to me.

I'm shocked. What am I supposed to say? The truth? A lie? This is unbelievable. One minute I'm without Jude and my son, and the next minute they're right in front of me.

They're both looking at me expectantly to see what I'll say.


I bend down to my son's level, and I smile and nod. He jumps into my arms and I swing him around.

End Flashback

By now, I could feel tears form in my eyes. I didn't bother to wipe them away. Damn it! Being away from Jude has turned me into such a sap!

"He called me 'Daddy'. Do you have any idea how long I've waited to hear that?! No you don't! You couldn't possibly. Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do." I turn around and storm into my office, so I don't have to see the tears that I know are flowing down Sadie's cheeks.

After I compose myself, I go into the studio and finish mixing the album a band I work with has done.

Since I'm in the studio alone working on the album, I hadn't noticed how much time has passed, until someone taps me on my shoulder. I pause my work, turn around and take a headphone off my ear. Kwest is the one who tapped me on my shoulder.

"What is it Kwest?" I ask testily, not wanting any interruptions.

"Someone's out in the lobby to see you, man," Kwest says. My eyes widen as I realize who it could be.

"What time is it?"

"It's noon."

I put the headphones down and run a hand across my face.



"I'm not sure you're gonna like who's out there."

"I already know who it is Kwest. Thanks man. I'll talk to you later." I get out of my chair and walk out of the studio, leaving a confused Kwest in my wake.

When I get out to the lobby, my ears are shocked by the scream.

"Daddy!" Luke screamed, and ran to my legs and attached to them. I pick him up and smile.

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