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Nine figures stood over a pile of rubble, all in a circle looking at one another and one said "So do you all agree to what I have proposed? If you accept there is no backing out of this deal and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. Do you accept?"

Each figure looked around and spoke in unison "We accept the honor and duty you have asked of us."

The leader said "Good. Welcome Sisters." The next moment a blinding light was seen and then they had vanished.

Naruto Uzumaki was a normal seven year old child living in the leaf village and was currently in his second year at the academy, having failed the first year's final exam already once and this year was about halfway through. To be honest normal was the one word that one should not associate with him. He has no knowledge of being the vessel for the great Kyubi no Kitsune that attacked Konoha seven years ago on the day of his birth and is ignorant of the reason for the hatred and absence of friends in his life although this is about to change.

Naruto awoke to an alarm clock going off in his room and he blinked and sleepily looked at it and asked himself "since when do I have an alarm clock." He could not believe his eyes since the room had virtually changed overnight and he had to reassure himself that this was truly his room.

His fell upon the clock again and sighed and exclaimed "Weird." as he got out of bed and went to the bathroom to do his usual routine. When he reentered the room he was shocked again. His orange jumpsuit had been exchanged for black ones. He looked around trying to figure out what else had changed in his apartment and discovered that his fridge had been stocked as well as his cabinets. There were also some scrolls and books on his table and one scroll laid on the coffee table that had his name in bold letters written on it.

Curiosity getting the better of him he took the scroll and began to read.

Dear Naruto-kun,

We know you hate people for breaking into your apartment (those stupid villagers) but this time is different. My friends and I have decided that we care for you and want to see you happy so we are going to do all we can to make it happen! The first thing we did was getting rid of that orange jumpsuit that screams "kill me". I know you may say orange is your favorite color but we know that this is because that is all they would sell you and you needed something to wear. We also restocked your food supplies so that you can grow big and strong. I know you claim to love ramen but we know that this is because it is all you can afford to get and is the reason for your love of the ramen restaurant. We will not make you quit eating ramen but please eat at least one other meal a day and we call that even. The books are to help you with your choice as being a ninja. We want to see you grow big and strong and those will help with that. I know they are boring to read but in the long run each and every of these books will help. I promise. The scrolls have a few Jutsu and training equipment to help you. Do not train where people can see you. There is a training ground a half mile behind the Hokage monument with a waterfall that should be perfect for you to exercise on.

There have been seals placed on your doors and windows so that no one can enter your apartment and take your stuff again unless you let them add their blood to the seal next to the picture of the Yondaime and his wife on your wall. We gave you the picture so you can imagine that they are watching over you and are proud of the fine young man you are becoming. To get in you have to bite your thumb and wipe it across the door knob before it will unlock the door and it only will stay unlocked for ten seconds so you have to open it quickly before those ten seconds are up or you will have to repeat the process.

I know you want to know who we are but we cannot tell you yet. It is not that we do not want to it is just that you have to wear that mask to protect yourself from the villagers. We too have to wear a mask to make people think we are not helping you so they will not try to stop us. Do not under any circumstances tell anyone about us, not even the Hokage or the people at the ramen stand. They may think that we are first making you think that we are nice to you and then later hurt you which we are not going to do. Please say you received them from a blond-haired woman with a diamond on her forehead who said she was repaying your father but refused to tell you who she was. The Hokage will think it is one of his trusted students who has not been in the village for a long time. The person we are referring to knows about this and is okay with it so that way everything will be okay.

We know who your parents were and we will tell you in time so trust us. When you learn who we are please do not hate us because of our mask because we may have to say something that may sound hateful but it hurts us to say it because we care for you so please trust us and do not be mad at us. I know it is not easy for you to trust but it is worth it. When we tell you who your parents are we will also tell you why you are hated by the village when they should be praising you as their hero. You will understand later. This is not charity. Think of these as late birthday presents since we have not been able to give them to you before and you will get more in the future when we think you are ready. If you have anything special you might like just think about it and we will try to get it for you but this does not mean just anything. It would have to be either something you honestly need or really want badly.

Sincerely yours

Sisters of the Circle

Naruto read the note again and smiled thinking of what he read and smiled his first true smile in his life. He walked back into his room and got dressed in the new clothes and discovered a partial face mask and a bandana to cover his hair with. He smiled as he put it on and then went into the kitchen and fixed himself a bowl of cereal.

As he is eating it he looks at the scrolls and books and saw one that said do first in bold letters.

He opens it and reads "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu". Kage Bunshin is a Jonin rank forbidden technique that allows the user to create corporal copies of the user and is used for many different abilities. It can be used for spying and fighting as well as training. Anything a Kage Bunshin learns before it is dispelled or gets destroyed returns to the original and they gain the knowledge the clone possessed. It is great for helping with paperwork and homework. Note: It will not make the user physically stronger and they can only take one direct hit before dispelled but they can work on chakra control exercises and that will transfer to you. The technique splits chakra evenly between host and clones. More chakra equals more clones but do not force a lot of chakra into one or two clones because they will explode. Spread the chakra out."

Naruto smiled and looked at the books and thought "This will help me learn all these books faster as well as other techniques and since I don't have school today I can start now." and he proceeded to try the hand signs but failed the first time.

A few hours later Naruto was panting but he had a smile on his face as he looked at the 3 perfect Kage Bunshins in front of him. He asked "So how do we do this."

One clone said "I'm hungry."

Another clone said "Let's try more Jutsu."

The last clone looked around and said "I think we should read those books."

Naruto and the other two clones looked at him and the real Naruto said "Your right. Whoever these sisters are that gave this to us must have wanted for us to actually read them. Let's get started." and then fell flat on his face.

The clones looked at each other and the first clone said "You heard him." and walked over to start reading and looked at the title "Human Anatomy." and then he vanished due to chakra depletion.

The other two clones blinked and moved to help Naruto but when they picked him up they ran out chakra as well and caused him to fall again.

A few hours later Naruto awoke and looked around and saw he was in his bed again and thought it was some kind of dream but when he looked beside his bed he saw the new alarm clock and it read 3:30 in the afternoon and there was a note "Remember what we told you about it. It splits your chakra evenly. Good job on getting the hang of it so fast and you should know what they learned even though you passed out. Try and eat this apple and then try again but start with reading before you work on your body because you will find some equipment to help in your scrolls. Note: Do not just read the books. Read them until you have them memorized. SOC"

Naruto sighed and got out of bed and grabbed the apple and smiled since this was his first apple he ever ate. He walked back into the living room and walked over to the scrolls and did the Kage Bunshin jutsu again and created three clones and said "Okay, I want one of you to work on that Human Anatomy. One of you to start organizing these books on my new bookshelf over there while reading the titles so I will know what they are and I want the other one to look through the scrolls and see if you can find the equipment they talked about."

Each one said "Yes." and got busy working on it while the real Naruto picked up a book and read the title "Chakra control and why it is important." and started to read.

Nine figures smiled a few moments later knowing that everything was working out great.